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HTML 2 Articles Component

Have you built a Joomla site? Do you now want to import content to it, but don't want to spend hours and hours copying over all your old pages? Use HTML 2 Articles to import all your HTML page content to Joomla - in just seconds per page.

HTML 2 Articles was designed to import HTML pages to Joomla as easily and as painlessly as possible.

You can import HTML sites from 1 page to 10,000 pages with just a few clicks. Just queue the HTML pages for import, sit back, and let it work.

HTML 2 Articles will import the content from HTML pages to Joomla almost instantly. Each individual HTML page creates a new Joomla article. The new article is saved to your Joomla article manager and can be used exactly as a normal article.

As far as is possible, all of your configurations, metatags, keywords, content structures, titles, images and links are preserved and imported, converted to UTF-8 format for optimal Joomla integration, and saved to your Joomla system.

Each article takes an average of just 20 seconds to import and process - which includes import of your images, W3C validation, and conversion of your HTML content to UTF-8 encoding.

Imported pages take on your Joomla template structure and stylesheets, and you can specify the category to which you wish to import the new articles.

You can even queue hundreds of HTML files at a time for import, and leave it running until import is complete. During import, each file's content is automatically processed and fully integrated with your Joomla install.

There is extensive documentation to help you if you need it during the import process - but the HTML 2 Articles import wizard is very intuitive and easy to use. Just click through the wizard, change settings where needed, and then queue your HTML files for upload.

Additionally, HTML 2 Articles is backed with a full guarantee and support, so if you do hit any problems at all during import of your HTML files, please send us an email and we'll be more than happy to help.

Please read some of our users' rave reviews to find out more!


* Near instant import of HTML files to your Joomla! installation
* Powerful HTML clean up & tag stripping options
* Inbuilt W3C Validation engine to repair and validate all imported pages
* HTML tidying, repair and validation of imported pages 'on the fly'
* Automatic import and integration of your images and documents
* Support for all charsets, encoding types and language sets
* Automatic conversion to UTF-8 encoding for optimal Joomla integration
* Full documentation
* Automated import process logging
* Automated import error logging
* Queue 100s of HTML files at a time for import
* Automatically import your article title, alias, keywords and description from your imported HTML file's metatags or content
* Define your new imported Joomla article parameters such as category, author, access level

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Reviews: 1
I needed a way of very quickly importing tabular HTML data into Joomla articles, with control over the resulting publishing status and category, and HTML 2 Articles proved to be the perfect solution. I did have a few teething problems with my config, but the level of support from Barnaby was probably the best I have ever had from a Joomla developer. He is clearly very proud of his work and quite rightly so. Top marks!
Reviews: 7
I have to give 5 stars for the software and support. At first, I tested it with the most consistent HTML pages with no images or links and oddly, it only saved about 20% of them.

I wondered I bought the wrong package, but I alerted the author who said he'd never seen anything quite like it. He surmised that software was moving too fast for my MySQL dB. He said he'd have a solution in 24 hrs. In 36 hrs it was all solved. He put a throttle on the import.

I'd give 6 stars if it can convert the imported links to joomla!
Reviews: 1
I didn't fully read the description and the software was not what I needed, nothing wrong mind you, I just didn't order the right stuff. I spoke with Barnaby and he refunded my money no questions asked. This guy is truly honorable, please buy from him with confidence.
Reviews: 3
This is an excellent extension for converting sites created in HTML into Joomla. If you have small or large sites which you want to convert to Joomla then this does practically everything. It may be necessary to clean up a few minor points after conversion, or perhaps you may need to tweak the parameters to suit the pages. I found that trialling a few pages before doing any extensive conversion is a good way of getting these parameters to an optimum configuration. And it is FAST!

I found a bug in the software a few days ago, and Barnaby sent me an updated version within a couple of days which resolved the problem. So support is great, and Barnaby is very helpful.

All in all, I am very pleased with this extension and have hundreds of pages to convert. With this it will be really easy.
Reviews: 3
This is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review of a Joomla extension. I researched high and low for a tool to help convert static sites to Joomla articles and this is the only fit I found. The only worry I had was that a review hadn't been posted recently so I was unsure whether it worked with Joomla 3.1. It does! Further when I mentioned to the developer I needed specific tags removed he added it to the script for me. Saved me days of work. at least. Excellent product. Excellent support. Very worthwhile investment.
Reviews: 4
I have a very large Joomla site that holds help articles. We have to convert 1000's of articles from our old Robohelp files and because we have so many articles, this is a huge undertaking. I found this component and it has been great. It does convert many files at a time... and it is fast. Although we have some cleanup, it eliminates much of the work. I was concerned it would crash the database if there was too much work based on this component but that has not happened. Fast, efficient, and it is worth the money!
Reviews: 1
We purchased the professional version of Html2Articles because we wished to import a large number of html files that had been created by a software help authoring package (HelpnDoc). Html2Articles provides lots of useful functionality for this task including lots of switches and filters. Because our Joomla site is quite customized and has additional security features we ran into some initial problems. We contacted Barnaby directly by skype and found him to be very responsive and helpful. With some input from him we were able to get Html2Articles working correctly. We were also able to adapt his module ourselves to add additional functionality whereby imported articles can be automatically associated with existing menu items. This lets us edit our help documentation as needed and then reimport in batch mode very efficiently. Without Html2Articles we would have needed to do a huge amount of manual editing and configuration on the Joomla side. It would have been nearly impossible to maintain concurrent edits of our base documentation and our website. The only other alternative would have been to link to the raw html, which would have serious security flaws.

We agree with other reviewers that Html2Articles fills an important functional need in the Joomla software ecosystem. It somewhat surprises us that this functionality is not part of the core.
Reviews: 1
If you have a current website that is html based, and were afraid to startt up a joomla site because of all the extra work required to re-do your pages, then fear not. This extension will enable you to transfer in all your existing html stuff and you need not lose a thing. A terrific time saver and when I had an issue with my windows browser the tech support was excellent.
Reviews: 1
This is a well thought out and user friendly component. We used it to upload over 3,000 individual articles to our website.

During the process we ran into a few server related snags and received first rate customer support from Barnaby.

Highly recommended and a giant time saver.
Reviews: 7
This is the best extension I have ever used, I highly recommend it. Don't stress if it doesn't work immediately, I needed a little help due to server permissions and the response was quick and helpful, the speed at which articles import is unbelieveable. Thanks so much for this extension.
Reviews: 5
I used this product to transfer some 1000 pages from a HTML website, and it saved me many many hours. The author was very supportive and came up with a new version that included all features from my wishlist. So my rating of this product and its author is just one word: perfect.
Reviews: 8
I am creating a new website from an old html site. Much of the content needs to be imported. After painstakingly importing several articles I found this extension. It is now really easy and saves loads of time - the new version installed without any problems recently and a query about installation was answered promptly.
Reviews: 3
This component is the most useful extension I have ever used. Easy to use and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Saved me weeks of work. Well done Barnaby!
Reviews: 2
I've used many extensions and modules for Joomla, and some deliver ... and many don't.

I am so happy to report this one delivers just as promised! This has to be the best investment we've made thus far in the website redesign. It's going to save me and my associate hundreds of man-hours to convert our association's HTML-based web pages to Joomla. We're looking at more than a decade of magazine archives and years of press releases ...

I was able to convert a year and a half's worth of press releases in just a few hours, including the minor cleanup after import.

Barnaby was also very helpful in smoothing over the purchase problems we had. If you have a large HTML-based site to convert, make the investment in HTML 2 Articles; I give this TWO thumbs up!
Reviews: 2
I've used this extension to upload articles to my sites. Really easy, saves a lot of time, and helps me keep organized!
Reviews: 3
Anyone who has html pages to import needs this. I used the 1.5 version.

It is slick. Once I was going to India to hire people to do this. I imported over 1000 pages with 45 minutes prep. I just wish I had this program to do the other 3000 pages that were done by hand. It would have saved me years of sweat and toil. I also found Barnaby to be very responsive to questions.

If you can get your html pages in order for import this is definitly the crown jewel of joomla extensions. Barnaby deserves to be knighted by the Queen.
Reviews: 2
after so many hard toils in building large sites I wanna say a big thankyou to Barnaby.

had few hickups on way but that was server side and once we ironed em out wow i cant say how much im stoked to have come across such an awesome component.

thanks again dude.
favour on all ya put ya hand too

Reviews: 1
I have been working with Joomla for many years with many installations. Now with 1.6 I have always watched for an extension that would allow me to upload html pages as articles. Thank you so much to the developer, it was easy to set up and the speed in which it works is really amazing. I have a site that has 377 pages and it worked FAST and it worked perfectly. My only big wish is that it would automatically create a menu item as it uploads - that truly would be a dream come true.

HTML 2 Articles was worth every penny and has saved me hours. Thank you so much for making this available!
Reviews: 1
I've been visiting the extension directory for years and like a kid at a comicbook rack could easily spend the day here yet I never actually registered with Joomla till now and my at my first attempt to write this review my session expired leaving me to do this again at breakneck speed.

So here goes... I just joined Joomla for one reason to write this review I normally do not give my two cents every time someone asks yet this component just upload an old yet well maintained html site in a matter a seconds 309 files to be exact and I'd be lying if I said it took longer than 15 seconds. I know this is suppose to go commercial and I don't even know what he'll ask somehow whatever that price may be I'd be hard pressed to pass this one up, keep it affordable and the world will pounce on it. Dudes (& dudettes) imagine putting together a sample demo site to entice a prospective client yet instead of quickly filling it with K2 samples or (how many times have you had to explain Lorem Ipsum)text only to watch minds wander when instead you can fill their much beloved menus with their own content (not fully formatted it may be) however it is their content and it's in your sample. Mind you this is no K2 and outside software such as Advanced Find and Replace will be of great assistance because well face it it's reading html and producing articles so anything that can be done to clean up the mirrored files will prove itself 10fold especially in cases of converting 100's or 1000's of files but even with that in mind I could have uploaded 20000 files by the time it took me to write this (twice).
Crazy Crazy Awesome Component Well Done Barnaby!
Reviews: 2
This component is a must for everyone that has lots of html pages and quickly wants to import them into Joomla. The support is exceptional as well! I was one of the first persons that downloaded the component for J1.6 and found a couple of bugs (UTF8 characters not supported & Javascript tags not imported into articles). I talked to Barnaby through Skype and in a few hours he sent me an updated version of the component with everything I asked for fixed! Try the component and you won't get disappointed, either by it or by the support. A huge 'thumbs up' from me!
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