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Migrate your old Joomla! sites with the best, most popular, used on thousands of sites already, by thousands of satisfied users, component and keep your Google Rank safe.

SP Upgrade supports transferring between the various Joomla! versions as below:

1.5 -> 2.5
1.5 -> 3.x
1.6 -> 2.5
1.6 -> 3.x
1.7 -> 2.5
1.7 -> 3.x
2.5 -> 3.x
3.x -> 3.x

The simple process

- Install a new version of Joomla (2.5 or 3), anywhere,
(your live server, or a remote server, or even on your PC)
- Install SP Upgrade,
- Connect to the source 1.5 database,
- Click the transfer button,
- Enjoy your new site.

Migrate everything with with no exceptions.

Core Data:
- Users
- Articles (along with their Sections and Categories)
- Contacts
- Web Links
- News Feeds
- Banners
- Menus ability to transfer all menu items, and not - only of the core components
- Modules ability to transfer all modules, and not only the core
- Tags
- All other extensions data!

- K2
- Kunena
- AcyMailing
- VirtueMart
- BreezingForms
- sh404sef
- JComments
- JEvents
- Community Builder
- Phoca Download
- Phoca Gallery
- Phoca Guestbook
- Phoca Maps
- jNews

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Reviews: 3
I thought I was going to have to pay a developer to do the migration but with this tool I managed to do it myself. Thank you so much.
(I use SP Thumbnail as well. Simple and elegant like this).
Reviews: 1
This is a brilliant Extension. And support ist very very fast. Buy it!
Reviews: 1
I'm the webmaster of 15 school websites which were based on Joomla 1.5 and I wanted to migrate the sites to Joomla 3. I already tested other migration scripts, but in SP Upgrade, I found finally the script of my needs. After 5 migrations I had a problem with the user transfer of one site, but the question I sent to the support was answered in 5 minutes (!) and solved the problem. Excellent work!!!
Reviews: 1
I downloaded SP Upgrade to migrate a 2.5-3x site, but that didn't work.

I send an email to SP CYEND and they told me I choose and paid for the wrong extensions...I needed SP Transfer. For me that wasn't clear in the download page. They send me the in their reaction mail. Excellent service!

The extension worked great, thanks to the manual, step by step
Reviews: 4
I migrated more then 10 Jommla! 1.5 to 3.x using SP Upgrade and it is just a great tools.

Usually, I'm making the migrations locally with xampp or mamp pro, and install locally the old DB as well. That is the way it work the best for me.

The templates are also prepared for Joomla! 3 (templateDetails.xml) and put in /tmp, so it is easy the control, correct and install them.

I just had lately a tiny problem with Joomla! 3.3.1 and the support was fast and good.
Reviews: 1
I used it to upgrade my Joomla 1.5.x to 3.2. I had given up on another migration & conversion progrm. So it was a real relief to find one that worked and wasn't over my head.

I am very grateful for the professional support and the very fast reples I received.
Reviews: 1
All 5 star reviews? Hate to be a spanner in the works, but this extension is a mess.

Joomla 1.5 to 3.3.1. Only articles got migrated. No menus. No extensions (Phoca guestbook among other things). No template. Everything had to be done by hand later. Or with custom-built scripts.

What a mess.
Owner's reply

We are really sorry to see this review. We always support users because migration sometimes can be complicated.

To do that you must first contact us at: and we will be able to assist you to resolve any issue.

Reviews: 2
This product was a breeze to use and the support was fantastic. I'm not a Joomla pro - just an amateur working for a non-profit. Our site was all the way back on Joomla 1.5 and we had delayed upgrade way too long for lack of expertise. I tried using jUpgrade, but the product didn't work on our site and the support reply was essentially "sometimes it doesn't work."
SPUpgrade worked well right out of the box. In minutes, I was far enough along to be very encouraged. And when I hit my first roadblock - a quirk in my website that even the gurus at Joomla Forum had never seen - the support at SP Cyend worked w/ me until all was well. Well worth every penny and more!
Reviews: 2
I couldn't really be any happier with this extension! I was able to transfer hundreds of articles and even K2 content with a few clicks. Saved me what I thought might be a ton of hand work copying and pasting. You don't need to be a developer to use this extension, it's very easy. I even had an email exchange with the extension creator and he replied quickly, helping me because I had purchased the wrong one! If you're reading this review and trying to make a decision I'm telling you that you've found something that works, just get it!
Reviews: 1
I used it to upgrade my Joomla 1.5.x to 2.5.x and all its ok.

This tool works perfectly.

Very nice Support and very fast reply.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent extension, which eventually was the only solution for upgrading from 2.5.x to 3.x due to issues with the old site. The support team gave excellent support when I needed it. I would recommend this extension to everyone that's need to migrate a Joomla site.
Reviews: 7
I run a Joomla development company and have used this tool to migrate over 50 of our demo sites. It works great. Very happy with the product and support.
Reviews: 1
I used it to upgrade my Joomla 1.5.x to 3.x.x and all its ok.

This tool works perfectly.

Very nice Support and very fast reply.
Reviews: 12
So far I usually rebuilt 1.5 sites, as they bwere usually quite small, but the latest upgrade was for a very large site. First tried Jupgradepro, which more or less managed to transfer everything, but the categorie structure was lost, so I decided to give SPupgrade a try. Very smooth upgrade, in just a few minutes!
Reviews: 6
I used this extension for more than 5 websites and not a single fail till now! Great job by extension developers.

It looks unfair only when you have to spend similar amount for SP-transfer when you are trying to switch between post versions than 1.5. Either it should be included or should have small fee for those who bought SP upgrade.
Reviews: 1
I needed to import a large amount of articles into a new website. this software worked like a charm. I only wanted articles and menus to be imported, so I had to create new menu modules for the ones I wanted to use.This software is a good alternative for spending days cutting and pasting articles.
Reviews: 1
Had problems with the software to no fault of the software but received prompt replies and help.Customer service above and beyond the norm. Thank You SP.
Reviews: 3
I bought this extension and tried to upgrade multiple sites, on different hosts, from 1.5 to 2.5 with absolutely no luck.

Not only is it complicated but you are also required to have the same version of each extension on both sites, and I couldn't find a lot of the versions that were listed in their documentation to download for 1.5, they are simply too outdated. In addition, not every extension is support, even if they are available for both versions.

Not even the users would update on 2 of the sites, and yes I had the settings setup correctly. The few extensions in which I could get on both sites also didn't migrate.

It was a waste of my time and a waste of my money. I would not recommend going this route for upgrades.

I am giving a 'Fair' rating as their support team is fast to answer emails.
Reviews: 2
I bought this extension last week. Very easy to setup, upgrade was done in a few minutes.

I had an issue with some menu links to article's (turned out to be the J1.5 overrides) and contacted Customer services friday night; had an answer saturday morning.
Reviews: 3
I have upgraded a lot of sites, and it's always a big pain. Most recently, I'm upgrading a *really* old site from 1.0x to 2.5. Once getting things into 1.5 for the transition, I tried using several packages, including JUpgrade and RedMigrator. Two days later, no joy, and I had re-installed the 2.5 5 times.

Once I purchased, installed and upgraded using SP Upgrade, the entire process from purchase to all data transferred took a grand total of 30 minutes. Very nice!!

After spending 3+ days wrestling with the other programs, I can't recommend this enough. Well worth the price. I just wish I'd found it first!!
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