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What? Nothing! Plugin

What? Nothing! does nothing... just nothing!

Are you just like me and sometimes just want to do nothing, nothing at all?

Well, that brought me to this revolutionary plugin for Joomla! All these plugins that are available do all sorts of stuff. All busy doing their thing. Adding functionality here. Manipulating html output there. Making your website better and better.

Well, that's all good and nice, but it's so much activity!
That's where this plugin comes in...

What it does? Absolutely nothing!

PS: Check out the What? Nothing! system plugin settings. You might want to tweak them to fit your needs.

How to use it:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
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Reviews: 7
I'm sorry but I can not give it 5 stars. This extension is able to make people laugh... You do not smile, but laugh a lot.
So this extension does something and something enormously helpful.
In addition to this also my site is laughing. It is a site very very serious, gray, with black and white photos. It never laughed before.
Reviews: 10
Finally, the one and only, true plugin that does exactly what it promises. fantastic!!!
Reviews: 16
It should really be implemented in Jommla core, such a work for nothing should not be wasted. I hope you will keep it updated forever (and ever).

For 5€ I would definitely go pro (seriously)...
Reviews: 1
I have installed most of the NoNumber extensions and have been so pleased with all of them. Truly one of the best of the best.

Keep up the great and creative work.
Reviews: 2
I would give this 5 stars, but I almost lost my job when my boss asked me what I was doing and I told him that finally I had Nothing set up.

Given the proclivity of this product to change the eye color of certain users, please do not cut off the heads of any Jedi using this product, as they are NOT White Walkers.

White Walkers have been using this product though, as they've been doing Nothing for centuries. Personally I think they have the patent, and you will soon get a very large bill payable in male babies.
Reviews: 13
Wondering why there's still a unicorn in my garden?!

WTF? I went pro man!
Reviews: 9
Dont install this extension if you are a Jedi. When installed it i have lose 24% of my force. My eyes turning to red and i'm becoming a sith. If you are just a human dont be afraid, it will do nothing to you. May the force be with Peter!
Owner's reply

Hmmm, I was kinda aware of this and have been trying to fix it for a while. I have a Sith friend that had pretty much the opposite reaction. Nearly didn't recognize him with those baby blue eyes.
I will continue my quest to get this fixed asap. I'll let my Sith friend test it again when he is fully recovered.

Reviews: 3
oh myyyy...just what I need it after almost all night long starring in monitor. It works! I don't even installed it yet...
Reviews: 7
So amazing, I use so much extension for Joomla, but I do not meet any of them to do more precise, than this.
First of all, you need to reed documentation, to understand, how to set-up and use it (is simple and clear - thanks goes to author), there is also video which clearly explain functionality.
I read also posts from forum and support is precise, quick and helpful.
...and What I want say - Nothing! :)
Reviews: 6
I'm so glad I purchased this extension; it does exactly what it says on the tin... nothing. What? Nothing!

The real beauty is that it does nothing soooo well! In this instance, I was quite happy to give something for nothing. What? Nothing!
Reviews: 8
I have been using this for years! It still does Nothing! A must have!
Reviews: 2
I didn't even have to download or install this extension to have it function perfectly on my site.
It's even fully compatible on responsive design. Now I can fully rest knowing this extension took over for me.
Reviews: 3
That's one of the strangest and funniest modules that i've ever used! What can i say? Keep up the good work ?
Reviews: 13
Fastest and lightest extension ever.
The least useful extension from NoNumber...
There is an hidden feature somewhere...
The video says it all.
Reviews: 4
After reading the instructions and downloading, there's a large gap of time that I can't account for. Highly recommended!
Owner's reply

Hmm, yet another report of this extension deleting time. If you experience any loss in space too, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.

Reviews: 5
Here I am, cruising JED looking for that great extension for my project like a junkie looking for her next fix. I will never get a better fix than I did with What? Nothing! and my website never looked better. Considering purchasing the pro version. Thanks!
Owner's reply

That's why junkies are more positive people than developers. A developer look for a bug. A junkie looks for a fix.

Reviews: 1
This product could stand some enhancments. I would like to see some statistics/reports around the success of doing nothing. Of course that may change the whole concept of the extension. But my clients always ask for an ROI. I would like to show my clients the benefit of doing nothing. Nothing better than useless statistics for this purpose. As it stands right now I have to pull these statistics out of the air. And the cost of this extension, free, makes it even tougher to quantify the ROI. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Owner's reply

I don't see a direct need for statistics at the moment. I have experimented with stats, but they all seem to return empty.
I would advise you to just make your clients try out the extension themselves. Experience speaks louder than statistics.

Reviews: 3
No, I haven't set 5 stars to his extension !

Let me explain why...It's supposed to do nothing...but it's relative.

When someone asks you 'What are you doing?', you sometimes reply 'Nothing' but you really do something. You reply this because you feel guilty or you think what you do is useless or has no impact...

So 'nothing' is really relative to a context, a person.

In this case, the owner of this extension has chosen to implement his nothing, what he thinks nothing is...

He chose a nothing in our place, so we have nothing to do.

I'm ready to subscribe to the pro version but only if we can choose which nothing this extension will do : either by some parameters or by an override.

Wouldn't it be good if we could implement our own empty php code or select 'Nothing 1', 'Nothing 2', 'A huge nothing' ?

Please, respect the users of this extension! Let us be free of our choice, of our nothing!

A user who had almost nothing to do for 10 mins...
Owner's reply

Have you even looked at the settings?
There are all sorts of settings to define how (and how many times) you want it to do nothing.
And even more in the Pro version.

I hope you'll reconsider your rating...

Reviews: 4
I laught so much with all the nonsense comments and also this magnificent extension that does nothing, but I can see its been made with alot of passion,sense of humor and imagination, just like all of your extensions. Thanks Peter for all the contribution you have made to the community. Excellent kharma.
Owner's reply

Thanks. You laughed: mission accomplished!

Reviews: 1
Seriously, by the time I realised this very techy app did not actually do anything, it was too late. It was already doing something. Like making me laugh and my son - and that‘s something - and cutting into my web development time. So now as it seems I cannot get it to do what it is supposed to do – nothing, in fairness I need to get a refund. Trouble is I got the free version one so what to do about the refund. What? Nothng?
Owner's reply

I am so sorry about this. I have my team of Leprechauns working as hard as possible on this issue. I think you will find that you won't be laughing at all when the next version is released. If so, I will refund your free version in full.

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