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Asikart QuickContent Generator Component

Asikart QuickContent Generator can auto generate Joomla! content and menus VERY QUICKLY by writing HTML "< ul >" list.

You can choice "Blog" or "Category list" as menu view type, and setting params of generated menu.


* Use < ul > tag to generate multi-level content.
* Auto translate alias by Google Translate API.
* Category, blog and article params same as menu manager.
* Restore latest generated content.
* Clear whole site content.
* Save every list to manager or restore content.

AQC runs a very complex process to parse HTML list and generate content. Some Joomla! setting or host setting may cause AQI not working.

So we suggest you use it in a empty joomla site to test your list, when everything OK, then you can use the final list in more important site.

If you have to generate content in a running site, please backup first.

AQC only support default TinyMCE now, it because the html render format between different editors are not same. So we only use TinyMCE as the ul list editor. Please make sure you enabled TinyMCE plugin first.


# Fix JFile bug in Joomla!3.1.4 later
# Bug fixed.

+ Now can work on PHP5.4 context.
# Edit some wrong words in en-GB language files.

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Reviews: 3
Just understand basic html, create the menu efficiency, reduce the time doubled. For engineers, really great!
Reviews: 5
This is a great importer tool. Just be patient with it, and follow the detailed instructions to the 'T', it does work, and it works well!