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n3t Coming Soon Plugin

This plugin when published will block displaying live site. Instead of it is displayed Coming Soon page, with title, some text, autosize background image, and javascript countdown, if applicable.

Newsletter components are supported (currently AcyMailing and jNews), so visitors could leave their email to get news about the website.

It is possible to exclude IP addresses, specify the date and time when the site should go online, or specify secret URL parameter to display the site.

Instead if built-in coming soon page could be displayed any other HTML or PHP file.

Since version 2.0.0 Google Analytics code could be included in the Coming soon page.

Since version 2.0.1 links to social networks profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube) could be included in the Coming soon page.

Since version 2.0.2 jNews is supported.

Since version 2.5.0 Joomla 3.0 is supported and Joomla 1.5 support is dropped. If you still use Joomla 1.5, download version 2.0.x

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Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin, very easy to use and has lots of features that can be configured easily
Reviews: 1
thank you for your best plugin for offline page in joomla,it's very usefull and easy.
Reviews: 23
this is an absolute perfect extension. I did use other extension to show my site is offline for maintenance, but all had their down sides. This one is absolutely perfect, with a css file (under de media map) which can be adjusted, or you can add specific css rules in the plugin admin. you can even add you own specific file to be shown as offline page; although the basic offline page is already very well fit-for-purpose. Thanx to the developer.
Reviews: 18
Useful for so many needs... Complete solution for absolute perfect Landing-Pages, Offline-Pages, Client-Prelaunch-Pages. Includes everything that you may want to use. You can use it in minutes or built a very complex page on it.
Reviews: 1
I was so impressed with this extension that I had to register and leave a review for the first time ever.

Really easy to set up, even for a newby like me. Activate module, click to configure plugin, assign live date, point background and logo, add some custom text - job done. You can even create a totally bespoke page and css - better than most commercial ones.
Reviews: 16
Tried getting a template just to have say coming soon. This plug in made everything so much easier, I like the option of adding an IP so the site will be accessible from there while everybody just gets the coming soon. It works excellent and easy to configure. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, works as designed, customizable! Suggesting a few more templates as a choice but this is not by any means shows toper, thank you developer!
Reviews: 3
This is a great plugin for offline /manteinace sites... I used it in development, and I am testing and it's so perfect. Thanks for your work
Reviews: 2
in one word: GREAT!
easy and simple plugin that make the front page to "coming soon" page and yet the Admin can still see his site and work on it! well-done!
Reviews: 1
This extension is simple, but offers enough for what it is. For a free extension, you have strikingly freedom in customizing. You can add your own logo, favicon and background image. Fine, that you can add social media.

In short, nothing wrong with that!
Reviews: 8
Besides been very simple to install and configure, this extension is superb at creating a beautiful looking "temporary" landing page for your soon to be launched site. It's easy to configure with your own logo and CSS. I highly recommend installing AcyMailer too so you can take advantage of the excellent newsletter subscription facility built in to this plugin. An excellent plugin that offers even more functionality than commercial plugins that do the same job. Many thanks!
Reviews: 30
I needed to hide everything on my client's development site. Including the template.

This worked in 5 seconds. Installed it. Enabled the plugin.

Choose a "Get" word and then the site is hidden to everyone except those who know the "Get" word. Can have multiple Get words for different people. Or can use a static ip as access to the development site. These are just a few of the features. You can have a custom HTML page -- but I chose the default page.

Reviews: 1
Very useful plugin, i'll use in every new Joomla site.

Reviews: 32
This is a wonderful extension, and a 'must have' for any serious Joomla site.

I'm using the plug-in for 'Under Maintenance' rather than 'Coming Soon' but it works just as well with a little bit of configuration, had something up and running, including installation, within 5 minutes and makes my site look very professional - so much better than the 'built-in' option!

The only thing I found a problem with (and it's NOT a major one!) is that HTML codes () are not supported in the 'Text' box in the 'Display Settings' tab (or i couldn't get them to work) so any text you enter is all on one line.
Owner's reply

thank you for your review. Even, there is not allowed HTML in the text, still you can use plugin codes there, so you can include for example code to load article, where you can have already any HTML.

Reviews: 1
I was so pleased to see that this extension was free and easy to use. I had a very small issue (due to my own lack of knowledge) so I emailed the developer with a question and was delighted to get a response and solution within minutes! I'll be keeping an eye out for Pavel's future works. Thanks again!
Reviews: 7
Thank you for your n3tComingSoon plugin. It is just what I was looking for.

1 - I think Joomla should make this a standard!
2 - I am going to use this in every new website in the future.
3 - I had a little issue with my server, because they did not had the correct time.
4 - I emailed Pavel and he gave me a quick respons explaining me.
5 - What can I say; Thanks for the free plugin and quick support! :-)
Reviews: 1
Well I can't say I'm adding much insight here but it's true this extension works so easily it's almost not worth mentioning. I am brand new to Joomla, too. Also installed the free version of AcyMailer and that integration was seamless as well. Wanted to remove the "name" field wihtout breaking anything, couldn't find any answers online so sent an email to Pavel who not only responded right away but with an attached modified file for me as well. Who does that?
Reviews: 6
I must say this is the absolute best extension for Joomla. It is really very easy to use. I was a little confused how to make a text change to the basic installed verbiage. I figured out a much harder way to do it but I also emailed the developer. He responded very quickly and explained how to do it. This taught me about a feature in Joomla I knew nothing about. I reverted the difficult changes I made and followed his instructions.. wow, so much easier.

Personally, I think Joomla! should use this as a built in option to Joomla. I tried using the fairly new option in global configuration for offline installs but it didnt look anywhere nearly as nice as the Coming Soon extension.

Thank you Pavel for a great extension and the great support. A rare thing to see with a non-commercial version.
Reviews: 14
1. For free
2. Wonderful design
3. Mega Functionality
4. Very Easy
5. 5/5 :)
Reviews: 5
This is just what I was looking for. It gave my site a professional look and was easy to set up. I'm very happy with this plug-in
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