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ARI Colorbox ModulePlugin

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ARI Colorbox has been updated. New version is compatible with Joomla! 3.0.

ARI Colorbox is Joomla! lightbox module which provides ability to display image galleries, Flickr and Picasa galleries, external pages, HTML content, Joomla! articles and modules in attractive popup.

Main features:

* User friendly interface;
* Can display external pages and inline content;
* Provides ability to create image galleries based on images from specific folder(s). Can generate thumbnails and cache data for decreasing server loading. Supports gallery mode (shows all image on page) and single image mode (shows the first thumbnail and provides ability for navigations between gallery images);
* Can display Flickr photos based on Flickr photoset ID(s), collection ID(s), group ID(s) and user ID(s);
* Can show Picasa albums;
* Provides ability to show private Picasa and Flickr photos;
* Can display images and content in slideshow mode;
* Supports 5 themes;
* Highly customizable;
* Can attach lightbox to specific links. For example to display menu items in colorbox;
* Can be used in any Joomla! content;
* Supports possibility for showing additional image parameters (such as description, title and other) which you can define in CSV file;
* You can change gallery layout. It requires minimum HTML knowledge;
* Provides different gallery themes;
* Can rotate thumbnails and apply grayscale filter;
* Provides the following methods for generating thumbnails:

* resize - resize an original image to necessary size with saving aspect ratio;
* crop - get part of an original image with necessary size and offset;
* crop and resize - get part of an original image with necessary size and offset and resize it to necessary size.

* Can display module in Joomla! articles with help ARI Colorbox plugin;
* Supports possibility to create thumbnails and popup for inline images in any Joomla! content. Only wrap necessary content with {aricolorbox} tag;
* The following extensions support integration with ARI Colorbox:

   ARI Image Slider -
   ARI Cloud Carousel -
   ARI Slick Gallery -
   ARI Orbit Slider -
   ARI Magnifier -
   ARI Zoom -

* Works in modern browsers: IE6+, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and other;
* It is open source and under GNU/GPL license.

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Reviews: 1
Really quick support, accompanied to the final solution.
Great add-ons! I use a long time, glad that the project alive and continue.
Thanks and good luck to you!
Reviews: 3
I used this extension for an article popup. It works great! Compared to some other simular Joomla plugins, they have the best support.. it's fast and clear!
Reviews: 23
This extension is all you will ever need if you want to show images.

The support is FAST and the team does not stop until your issue if fixed.

A* product and support.
Reviews: 5
I was a little skeptical after reading reviews for other ARI components, but I'll have to echo the comments about very good support. I posted a question about how to add both titles/captions and descriptions for each photo and the next day there was a change to the component to incorporate that feature. Am using it on one site and it's working great.
Reviews: 3
I played around with gallery extensions for weeks and always were some parameters for customization missing. When you look the screenshots you will notice that almost all of the original ColorBox parameters can be adjusted within an easy GUI.

3 times I made suggestions how to make the extension even better and the support responded immediately and the new improved versions were available within hours.

The support is unbeatable. When I had trouble with my website I gave them access to the backend and they fixed the problem within minutes.

I suggest it for all.
Reviews: 1
My fellow Joomlitians,
i tried so many commercial components wasted so much time with crap and non-existing support, that this is the first review is write EVER!

I gave this a try, cause it has been exactly was i needed to finish a job.
Okay - for the normal things it works right out of the box, easy and awesome, no script conflicts - just good right out of box.

Now i wanted to link some images from an image map, and the syntax varies from normal HTML for displaying images, so the plugin did not work. I wrote the support and - guess what? - a few hours later there has been an updatet version which i could use with image maps without any problems.

Always kind and competent - if you need something like this - go for it here!