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ARI Pretty Photo ModulePlugin

Editor's Note
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New version of ARI Pretty Photo has been released. It is compatible with Joomla! 3.0.

ARI Pretty Photo is Joomla! lightbox module and plugin which provide possibility for displaying image galleries, Flickr photos, external pages, YouTube videos, QuickTime movies, Flash objects, FLV and Vimeo videos, HTML content, Joomla! modules and articles in pretty popup.

Main features:

* User friendly interface;
* Can display external pages, videos from YouTube and Vimeo, QuickTime movies, Flash objects and inline content;
* Provides ability to create image galleries based on images from specific folder(s). Can generate thumbnails and cache data for decreasing server loading. Supports gallery mode (shows all image on page) and single image mode (shows the first thumbnail and provides ability for navigations between gallery images);
* Can display Flickr photos based on Flickr collection ID(s), photoset ID(s), group ID(s), user ID(s) or recently added photos by user ID(s);
* Can display Picasa photos based on Picasa user and album name;
* Supports overlay thumbnails gallery for easy navigation between photos;
* Can be used with image maps;
* Supports 6 lightbox themes;
* Provides several layout themes;
* Highly customizable;
* Can show Joomla! modules and articles in popup;
* Supports possibility for showing additional image parameters (such as description, title and other) which you can define in CSV file;
* You can change gallery layout. It requires minimum HTML knowledge;
* Can display module in Joomla! articles with help ARI Pretty Photo plugin;
* Supports ability of creating thumbnails and popup for inline images in Joomla! content. Only wrap necessary content with {ariprettyphoto} tag. You can use this ability for any Joomla! content. For example in VirtueMart product description;
* The following extensions support integration with ARI Pretty Photo:

   ARI Image Slider -
   ARI Cloud Carousel -
   ARI Slick Gallery -
   ARI Orbit Slider -
   ARI Magnifier -
   ARI Zoom -

* Works in modern browsers: IE6+, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and other;
* It is open source and under GNU/GPL license.

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Reviews: 1
I'm working with prettyphoto and cloud carousel and just had a display problem with prettyphoto in IE 7+ (I guess that's the reason for the new version out today ;)
Not even that ARI soft provides excellent modules for a good price (or for free) the SUPPORT IS REALLY AWESOME!!!
thanks guys, great work :)
Reviews: 7
This gallery is so much better and prettier than many other. I love it and my customers too. It looks simple and gives the gallery the certain something, but it's highly configurable.

I had a special wish from a customer to combine the ARI Pretty Photo Gallery with another addon (not from ARI) and the support helps me very quick and very professionally.
ARI Soft: highly recommended!
Reviews: 4
Does everything I needed. This takes hi-res photos and re-sizes automatically depending on the browser window size, which is the most important feature for me.

The package comes with a set of files and I found it a little confusing at first which part I needed, and it would be useful to have ONE file with all documentation.

I shall definitely use this extension again (and the many others from this developer).
Reviews: 1
First and foremost, Thank You!
I've used several slideshow extensions with lightbox features, but this one really goes the extra yard by providing a thumbnail scroller in the lightbox modal, and the fact that it intigrates with so many other ARI slideshow extensions as well as the most common slideshow extensions out there really makes it a valuable bang for your buck.

The module and plugin are really easy to implement.
I used with both ARI Image Slider and ARI Orbit Slider for showing (rather large) images within a clients portfolio.

I was really impressed with the nearly instant support (given the time difference) and the practical and concise solutions provided. I did require some help with an issue (Firefox) that he promptly provided a solution for in one bit of CSS for my template. I did have to do some CSS adjustments to get the INFO pane (image numbers and CLOSE button) to show over the frame.

Given my experience level (or lack thereof) with Joomla as a designer, I'd have to say the Pros definitely out weigh the Cons (if any). And the only reason for the Good vs. Excellent rating... there's alway room for improvement! And for the minimal price, it's like getting 3 for 1.

Simply said, a super extension and plugin!
Reviews: 1
All questions send by email are replied within 24hrs, and solve my problem immediately.

My English is not good, but ARI always reply with patience!

Reviews: 31
Well, I decided to spend a little bit of money and get the best of these tools.

Easy to buy, download and install but then my problems starts. I couldn't make it work even with all the patient help of the support.

I confess I wasn't very persistent so I asked them very soon to refund the money. They agreed after some unsuccessful attempts to help me.

So I say that this is a very professional company and a good support.

For the documentation I would like to have a separate document with all informations not spread around over 3 components.

Rudolf Aigner
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a joomla extension that would allow me to display screenshots of my application in a pretty way on my website.

After visitting the demo site of ARI Pretty Photo Joomla extension, I decided to buy it and test it on my website.

With my poor knowledge in HTML, I encountered some difficulties linking this module with my website content. I posted a message on the forum and received clear and personnalised instructions within minutes from ARI admin.

After having completed my website with this module, I discovered a small bug whithin this module. I posted a new message on the forum and received a patch within only a few hours.

I now have a very nice tool for displaying my pictures, which gives a very pretty look and feel to my web site.

But a very good product is not enough without an efficient support to allow you using it properly. And, in this domain, ARI is just outstanding.

I highly recommend this product.
Reviews: 2
Downloaded Pretty Photo last night. Really liked the product. Very easy to install and use and I really like the functionality of the product.

But I had a problem -- this extension conflicted with another one we were using (standard JQuery type conflict.) Bummer.

BUT -- Ari-Soft replied with very fast support, helped me quickly resolve this problem, and now life is good! So we are using this Ari-Soft product and will now look to make sure of others as well.

Bottom line: GREAT product, GREAT support, and we are very pleased on our early experience. I highly recommend this.
Reviews: 2
This extension is exactly what I needed to please a client. An automatic lightbox popup on the homepage of my joomla site.

I created a AriPrettyPhoto module and adjusted the parameter settings including the one that set it to 'open on load.' It asked me to create text for the popup to link from even though I didn't want text on my page so I used a period . as the link. And because I wanted this to basically be an invisible popup, I created a new module position and inserted it at the end of one of my articles as a {loadposition myposition}. My lightbox popup automatically appears whenever my homepage is loaded.

I had a couple issues with my site and thought it was something to do with this extension. So I sent in a support ticket with ARI Soft and got a QUICK response back. They helped me realize that the error I was getting was with a different extension. Then they immediately fixed an issue with the 'close' image in the lightbox not appearing. Definitely went out of their way to help out and solve the problem.

A+ service and support!
Reviews: 1
I had been using rokbox as a lightbox for my website for a long time. I recently needed to find a new lightbox with additional themes and one that followed the scroll bar on the screen. ARI's Pretty Photo looked to be exactly what I was looking for.

After downloading this extension I ran into a small snag. The "Height" and "Width" required a fixed number in pixels. I wanted the ability to have the display as a percentage of the screen for example 90% so it would adjust to anyone's screen resolution instead of a fixed size.

To my surprise the support at ARI was outstanding, they not only addressed my problem but made this custom request as part of the program! WOW, best $15 I have ever spent these guys are top notch! Keep up the good work.