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ARI Sexy Lightbox Lite Plugin

ARI Sexy Lightbox Lite has been updated. It is compatible with Joomla! 3.0.

ARI Sexy Lightbox Lite is simple Joomla! popup plugin which provides ability to show images, external pages and HTML content in sexy lightbox.

Main features:

* Can display external pages and HTML content;
* Supports 4 themes: white and black, Spanish black and white;
* Customizable;
* Works in all modern browsers.

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Reviews: 3
This is a great plugin! Easy to install. Very clear instructions are included right in the plugin itself. It has a number of great options to choose from such as color schemes and load effects.
It loads the document fast. I tested it in firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari - works on a PC and a MAC. (I have joomla 1.5) Perfect solution for external links.
Can't say enough good things. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
I needed a pop up module that included text. This is one of the only ones that has this feature and is especially easy to use. It's my first review and I registered on this site just so I could make this review for ARI sexy lightbox lite version.
Reviews: 9
I have Googled everywhere for something like this for the past few days.
Then I stumbled on this one, and it does exactly what I want, simple and easy.

I found stacks of Popup Modules, but all I needed was for a housing area, a small popup message system for certain articles.
I also found other plugs, that either didn't work, or didn't download... amazing!
A Module is just way too much bother for a Popup message which (in the old days) was a simple html code.

So I am really glad to find this!
PS, it worked easy on 2.5, just make sure you download the correct version, cause even the 1.5 version actually installs on Joomla 2.5 (it just doesn't work, obviously).
Reviews: 3
As mentioned in a previous review, the efficiency of the Support at ARI Soft is unbelievable! I had received a reply to my problem in less time than mentioned above! The Plug In itself is pretty self-explanatory, being very easy to install and implement. After my initial problem (which was simply me panicking, and nothing to do with the product itself!), I had fully working lightbox functionality on my site.

Many thanks ARI!
Reviews: 3
Thanks to the developers, it's easy yo install, simple to use and gives a very modern and professional look to the site.

Five stars!
Reviews: 10
After initial problems obviously due to JS conflict, the guys from ARI Soft helped my out until the problem was solved - even for the non-commercial version. Thank you and I recommend this lightbox really ! Different from module versions, this one allows you to have several modal window links on one page, exactly what I was looking for.
Reviews: 3
I am a Joomla beginner. I found this easy to install and use. This has made a very good lightbox feature to 2 of my websites already.

Many Thanks
Reviews: 5
believe me, i tried a lot, maybe all available through the JED. But this one ? it's my taste, nice setings/options, it rulez!
Reviews: 1
it is really very good
but if it can show videos also
i will get rid of rokbox
nice work :)
Reviews: 1
Unparalleled support.

We couldn't figure out how to link an external page from an image to the ARI Sexy Lightbox.

Contacted their support team and Alex, was top class helped us through it and we got it working in no time.

Check out their other commercial plugins - have some great ones.

Brilliant plugin...
Reviews: 2
Looks great, works great.

I was playing around with it and messed something up so I contacted support - they got back to me within minutes and had me sorted out, gallery up and running correctly, two minutes later.

Support like that is hard to come by - thanks guys!
Reviews: 2
Works perfectly !
Install and configure this in few minutes !
Reviews: 7
i use copy & paste to use the same example of the developer and NOT WORK

go dirrectly to google with errors