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boxplus is an ultimate lightweight pop-up window implementation (commonly known as lightbox) that can show images, video and other multimedia content including Picasa web albums, YouTube and Vimeo videos, Flash, QuickTime, PDF as well as custom HTML content. boxplus exhibits a high degree of personalization with features like thumbnail bar of images inside the lightbox for fast navigation between items, image captions supporting HTML, auto-fit content and auto-center as well as several themes mimicking various popular lightbox implementations.

boxplus for Joomla adds a thin layer around boxplus client-side JavaScript code to expose its functionality in the Joomla framework. Since boxplus is written entirely using the Joomla-native MooTools framework, it incurs virtually no extra overhead and you should not expect script conflicts, which are likely to arise with other plug-ins built on top of different JavaScript libraries.


Organize the content on the page as you normally would but add a "rel" attribute that starts with "boxplus" to any links you would like to bind a boxplus lightbox pop-up window to. When a visitor clicks any of these links, a boxplus window showing the linked content will be displayed let it be an image, a video or other content. Alternatively, use the activation tag syntax {boxplus}Link text{/boxplus}, which will automatically convert into a pop-up window activating link with the specified text.


Joomla 2.5 or later
Joomla 1.5.19 or later with MooTools Upgrade system plug-in enabled.

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Reviews: 1
First of all, the simplicity and flexibility of this plugin is outstanding, so I recommend this plugin. But I encounter conflicting problems with other image gallery plugins:

On the same page as my boxplus-plugin, I have an sbox-module, which is a phoca image gallery.

The problem now is, that when clicking on a thumbnail of the phoca module, I get an overlay with the actual size of the image, but TWICE. Because on one way or another, the boxplus plugin is also activated, which doesn't make sense because I only can trigger the boxplus plugin when I add "rel=boxplus" in my HTML code. And of course, phoca doesn't have that trigger in its code...

When I disable the boxplus-plugin, my phoca gallery works fine... But the problem is, that I need the boxplus plugin in my html code :(

I also tried RIE (random image extender) instead of phoca, but encounter the same problem. So there's a conflict in boxplus that I don't know how to solve...
Reviews: 1
Flexible, powerful, economic light box solution. Fantastic author commitment. Thanks.
Reviews: 9
Just want to let people know this is not a good plugin for Youtube videos. It might work fine for the videos in their demo (quicktime videos), but not Youtube. I'm rating them poorly for not mentioning this important fact about their plugin.
Reviews: 5
Great plugin. Works perfectly and just what I was looking for. I really like the way the gallery feature was integrated, it's very useful for what I needed.

A future feature suggestion:
It would be nice to have the option in the backend to turn on and off whether visitors can see the next and previous navigation before hovering. I added that manually with css by adding the buttons to the element and using opacity pretty easily, but thought I would offer the suggestion for possible improvements. if you wanted to
Reviews: 1
I installed it but had some problems configuring it as it conflicted with another extension. I got great support within a day fixing the problem and even explaining why it happened. Nothing better than great support
Reviews: 1
Just download install activate and run. Perfect. Thanks for this tool.

Danke funktioniert einfach klasse und keine Probleme.

Reviews: 16
This plugin work perfectly, no conflicts, easy to customize... and free!
Reviews: 2
great extension. best extension so far, pretty much flexible
Reviews: 1
Great work with great support. I'm positively impressed with the developer quick answers to my questions. The component does exactly what I expect.

Thank you very much.
Reviews: 5
Appreciation to author for this free extension.

Straightforward documentation, clean setup.

If you're using the JCH_Optimize plugin, you'll have to exclude either the extension or specific .js files for the lightbox to work.
Reviews: 2
Works Perfect, simple and configureable, does exactly what is suppose to do, very nice. the docs could be a little better, had to play around a little to get the gallery to work. I like it! keep up the good work, you will be richly rewarded in Heaven.
Reviews: 1
It was so easy to get a external page to show up in this extension.
-Activate plugin and select prefered settings
-Use {boxplus href=linktoURL}Link text/image{/boxplus} in a article.
-That's it, it just works with so little effort :)

Thank you for this great extension, it made me create a account to review it :)
Reviews: 1
English is not my mother tongue, so excuse my mistakes, please...

This extension is simple and does its job.
Even though it ins't still marked for Joomla! 2.5, I used it with J 2.5.3 and VirtueMart 2.0.2.
It works well!
I used only the single image function by now. In the future I'll try it with videos.
Two little matters:
1. when the image popped up image is larger than the screen, the rounded right corners (for example Light Rounded Theme) hare cut
2. in the popup window the alt="alternate description" of the thumbnail is visible. I think it shouldn't.
Anyway, a very good job.
To speed up my work, I created a text template containing the text code to insert in the articles (in HTML mode), so I have just to set the correct parameters.
Thanks for your effort.
Reviews: 1
I cannot get it to work, I guess a conflict with other mootools plugin, theme, or something I cannot figure out for now.
Joomla 1.5.23, VM 1.1.6, MooTools Upgrade is present.
Reviews: 17
Not only it is easy to install and use but support is fantastic.
I had an issue (NOT caused by the extension) but that affected it and the developer was kind enough to give me a hand with it.
Recommended ++!
Reviews: 2
Hi. Looks cool and works fine for a stand alone image.
Only thing I can't seem to figure out is how to use it on a folder with multiple images in it..
Can some one tell me?
Reviews: 2
This extension has been seriously underrated by voters so far. It is an effective tool for getting a pop-up window integrated with your site, definitely on par with several commercial products in the category while being absolutely free. The documentation is simple, clear and to the point, and comes with several examples. The code is clean, well-structured, and easy customize, should you need to make changes to how the pop-up window works or looks.
Reviews: 2
This is so great!!

A Lightbox gallery, shadowbox gallery with the PLUS of thumbs navigation....

Just what I need!!
Reviews: 3
Reviews: 1
Good plug-in no complaints. Didn't see a forum on the developer site so I'll post my question here. How can I have specific galleries for each picture being displayed? Meaning can I have more than one activation tag to display pictures with the gallery feature?
Owner's reply

There is no limit to the number of activation tags you can have in a single article or on a single page. Images and/or activation tags that have the same "rel" attribute are grouped into the same gallery, which implies that you will have as many separate galleries as unique "rel" attribute values. Moreover, not every image that is part of a gallery has to be directly visible on the page: you can have activation tags that are not shown, yet will be picked up and arranged into galleries by boxplus based on their "rel" attribute value.

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