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metaudio is a simple way to publish a folder with MP3 and MP4 (MPEG-4) music and audio recordings on a Joomla website. The extension extracts ID3v2 and Apple-style metadata from individual files, creates a listing featuring an audio player and showing the most important metadata (e.g. title, artist, album), and lets visitors view (and authenticated logged-in users edit) all other metadata. Supported metadata include title, artist, album, album artist, grouping, year, track and disk number, composer, comment, genre, tempo, encoder, copyright, JPEG or PNG cover art, description and lyrics. Metadata are cached in the database to improve performance and re-read automatically when files are updated either via the extension interface or the file system.

The primary goal of metaudio is to provide a non-commercial Joomla component that offers an intuitive yet versatile user interface to manage metadata of audio recordings. The current version supports viewing as well as editing Apple-style metadata in m4a (MPEG-4 audio) files, and ID3v2.2 (read only), ID3v2.3 (read and write) and (partially) ID3v2.4 metadata in mp3 files but future versions will support additional container formats.

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Reviews: 8
Many congrats on this product. It was so easy to download and install. The instructions are invaluable..thank you.

The tracks were uploaded and the link placed on the page...and away we went.

If you can develop this further to where a user can preview a track and then purchase online it would be fantastic.

Very well done. Great product.!!!
Reviews: 2
Thanks for the free product. I've been searching quite some time for an extension that can very simply read all MP3's from one folder and give me the option on the frontend to choose which song to play. Not only does the extension do exactly that, it also shows the track name, loads MP's fast, and also has an edit option for users to edit their file details which was definitely a bonus since I need composers on my site to do exactly that! So this is really an all-in-one extension for me. You can choose the folder from which it reads the files as well.

It was easy to install and instructions are clear on how to use it.

Also, a BIG thanks to the developer who not only gave a reply VERY quickly compared to other developers - some don't answer at all! He was also kind enough to assist me with editing the files when I got stuck wanting to change something.

So excellent product + excellent service!!
Reviews: 18
It does what is says. Easy install, and no brainer configuration. I like the fact that it generates a folder with the demo file for you so you don't have to think where to put your audio files. One thing I'm missing though is back end metadata editing, play/stop/pause button. It would be nice if I could have some flexibility as far as layout of the audio links on the page.

I do recommend this extension !
Reviews: 1
Tried this extension on my website for a few days but had to look for another solution. It does not work at all on Fire Fox and it is very slow on Internet Explorer.
Although it has a lot of features and looks promising i'm a bit disappointed in compatibility and design.
Owner's reply

metaudio comes with integrated third-party software. For client-side audio playback, it either uses SoundManager 2, or its own audio player implementation, written explicitly to improve upon the sluggishness of SoundManager 2 and address some of its robustness issues. From the review, it is not clear which browser interface is to be meant; the metaudio demo site uses metaudio's own player implementation. Furthermore, compatibility is a complex issue, often involving aspects not related directly to the extension. It is best to get in touch with the developer, where there is a possibility of mutual interaction.

Reviews: 1
Does exactly what you expect.
No need to type playlists (huge pro)
Reviews: 3
works as it is written. Excellent!
Reviews: 1
This audio tool works fine J! 1.6, and developer helpful to create new feature. Download and use! :)
Reviews: 1
Hi there,cool exetension. Non-registered user can play & download (download if choosen) but my registered users can not play the file,& they get acces to edit file. & they can not play the file,when click on the file it's just poppup the sound to download. i dont want to let users download this files.only play. can you help me, i want to keep use this exetension.
Owner's reply

Please do not forget that the purpose of a review is to inform other users about your experiences with the extension. It is not suitable for asking for support: the developer of the extension cannot see your e-mail address to inquire about specifics regarding your issue. For example, it is not clear which version of Joomla or of the extension you use, which is crucial as regards the matter. As the JED encourages you, contact the developer directly before you submit a review, they might be able to help you solve the problem.

Reviews: 2
I tested many players extensions, and this component is as far as I know, the best one. Very easy to use, just drag the audio files in the directory. Thus the component design is classy, Metaudio is also easily customizable without putting a lot of fingers in the code. Thank you Levente.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for excellent component. Works as written.