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Music Collection is an easy-to-use, highly configurable and intuitive Music Management System for Joomla! to list all your albums, artists and bands, songs, lyrics, play mp3 songs online, make reports and more in your web site, under your classification preferences and with all sort of details
Music Collection is your mp3 Jukebox, use it to listen to your music wherever you are and to share your music with your users.
Create your music community, let your users upload their content and populate your site's collection! Create great artist profiles with the highly-customizable layouts!
Native for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 & 3.x

- HTML5 player, compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod... etc
- Automatic folder importing reading ID3 tag metadata, import all your library in just 1 click
- ID3 tag metadata reading to avoid entering information manually
- Statistics
- Front-end users can add content
- EasySocial integration
- JomSocial integration
- Community Builder integration
- Komento integration
- Social Bookmarking and sharing options
- Discogs integration: import album and song data from the Discogs databse
- Folder auto-scaning for quickly creating new albums from your organized folders
- Comment plugin system: compatible with Facebook comments, Disqus, Komento and more
- Tag albums, songs and artists

-Add albums, artists and songs
-Add all sort of details into your albums or music items
-Videos for songs. Built-in integration with YouTube videos
-JW Player 6.8, HTML5 first and Flash fallback, plays MP3, AAC, MP4, FLV...
-PLAYLISTS: let your users create their own playlists on-the-go and store, comment them.
-Write reviews on your albums, artists or songs
-Add mp3 files to your songs and let registered users to listen them online or download
-Add lyrics, chords and other details to your songs
-Make associative relations between artists
-Define your own music formats, types of record and more and stablish relationships between them
-Define your own music genre tree, associating multiple "parent genres" and "children genres" to every genre
-Add your own tags to every item
-Add special keywords to be associed to your albums or artists
-Group diferent types of albums in Box Sets and decide to display them separately or in group
-Easily manage compilations of various artists
-Export your lists of albums to PDF
-Integrate album information into Joomla! articles
-Search artits, albums and songs through your collection.
Music Collection also provides modules and plugins to include features

-Completely integrad into Joomla! distribution, no extern components or plugins needed
-SEF (Search Engine Friendly). Music Collection is prepared for install extra plugins to work with the most common SEF components distributed for Joomla!, such as Artio JoomSEF system or sh404sef.
-Complet separation of programming logic and content display. Easily change the look and feel

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Reviews: 2
You can't go wrong with this component. It works great and support is excellent. The response time is great. They go the extra mile for you and hold you by the hand if you are new to this.
Germinal Camps is the best support person I ever interact with.
Reviews: 1
I use Music Collection to run in my music hosting site. It really is an excellent, bug free, very workable piece of software. And really best of all, I have to ability to contract directly with Germinal Camps - chief developer - to fine tune the extension to meet my exact standards. Think about that. How many Joomla plug-ins offer you the ability to work directly with a team that wrote the code? Germinal knows his stuff and works towards creating any work orders I put to him in a timely, cost effective manner. I hope Music Collection remains in the industry and constantly strives for perfection. So far, we are very please with Music Collection!!
Reviews: 3
Mr. Camps is a fine example of a Joomla Extension Developer. His Music Collection Extension is powerful and robust and he has even customized it to fit our very specific needs. I can highly recommend this extension, and his work in general. Great job!
Reviews: 1
Hello! Long had the idea of creating music collection, but since I'm not good programming, you had to look for third-party extensions - all attempts were in vain, until I came across the Music Collection. Question about buying even got - acquired on the same day. And never once regretted. All the functions needed to create a music site, this component is!

A support (in particular Germi) is simply gorgeous. Professionals with a capital letter. Helped to resolve all issues to configure the component. Big thanks to them for that!
Reviews: 3
hello to all, very great extension, very happy, with support it´s excellent, every time quickly answer mail. . really top 100 %
Reviews: 1
This is a VERY cool plugin!
It works like a charm, and is highly customizable.
And support is nothing less than incredible!
Fast, reliable and kind support.
This plugin - and this developer - was a lifesaver for me.
I have had my share of problems with crossbrowser mp3 players, but this one is absolutely the BEST!
Reviews: 33
Having used Music Collection for some years and seen it develop, it is clear that it sets the standard and there is nothing else that comes even close. Support is excellent (as it always was) and now Joomla 3 seems to have finally settled for a while, I'm happy to make the investment in an excellent extension that is second to none. Just a word of advice to anyone considering it - take time to learn what this extension can do. It is powerful and versatile. Then plan your collection and organize your system for adding to the collection because it is too tempting to simple add music without proper regard for artist, type, genre and tags- not to mention the extensive facilities for adding text, descriptions and even lyrics. If your music files have MP3 tags, MC will even add much of the information for you but please learn what it can do. For me it is a very worthwhile investment and I recommend it without reservation.
Reviews: 1
I love it and it does so many things that other softwares are not capable of doing. Thank you for Joomla Music Collection, the best application in this category.
Reviews: 5
I've used this component in two web projects so far and can't be more satisfied with both the product quality and support, both worth every penny.

This is a must for music communities, end users love the layout (great by default and customizable) and the possibility of interacting with social plugins and creating their own playlists.

The component is full of features, these are the ones I like the most:
- Great looking, customizable music collection layout and modules.
- HTML5 player, compatible with mobile devices.
- Not just songs in the album, but reviews, comments, videos, lyrics, chords and more!
- Advanced Statistics
- Integration with both Community Builder and Jomsocial
- Playlists, which users can save and share!
- Great support!!

Furthermore, you can contact the Chief Developer, Germinal Champs, to get any advanced/specific/unique modification you may need for your site (in a rare case that it's not already included out-of-the-box) via their Custom Service. I've done so and can't be happier with the speed, business alignment and results!

To sum up: a must for music communities, so great that by itself is a strong reason for choosing Joomla.

Long live Music Collection :)
Reviews: 38
Very flexible component. A lot of flexible modules. I've seen unbeliveble sites with Music Collection.
And the most important thing:
Great support! Yes, I'm impressed about support.
Maybe I have some experience, but still, I enjoyed it.
Reviews: 1
Having purchased this very capable extension, I quickly realised that certain modifications would be needed for the particular nature of what we needed to do. Speaking with Germinal, the developer, we found him very helpful and responsive to our requests. He quickly made the changes our installation required, and accommodated the various further changes our client requested, professionally, successfully, and always with good spirit and a willing attitude. Highly recommended! Robert Barker, Quest Graphics
Reviews: 8
Thanks a lot! Keep improving it and we will keep supporting you guys. Joomla community owes good developers like you.
Reviews: 7
Wanted to take the time out to give credit to this great product and the support that comes with it. This product allowed me to not only add music to my website with a purposeful, intelligent and very user friendly interface but it also comes with many configurable and intelligent modules covering things like statistics for current song or for all songs....and so many different ways to advertise your artists or you can use one a website with one artist and monetize your website with options to sell songs or entire albums.....and lastly but not leastly...This developer stands by his can expect quick and enthusiastic support. Thanks for this rare and powerful contribution to the joomla community.
Reviews: 14
Sincerely, I don't really know where to begin with how great this extension is and how useful it is for my site. I run an online independent art and talent community and the foundation of it is split about 50/50 between Music Collection and Jomsocial. Music Collection provides a simple, very easily modified means of promoting and distributing music created by our artists. Germi, the developer is responsive in the forums (and via email) any time a customer (like myself) runs into an issue, even when creating custom modifications. The one thing the component lacks is "native" commercial (to sell music) capabilities however, all songs/albums can be easily linked to purchase pages from within the component. I, however, am working on adding music sell options directly to Music Collection and the structure of the extension make that quite possible. I would recommend this software 100% to anyone wishing to run a Joomla-based music portal.
Reviews: 1
This is by far the best Music Management System for Joomla and I like to say that very loud :-). Easy to install, easy to use, and it works! In fact, it works beyond my imagination. I have being using music collection for nearly 2years for Artists promotions. The features are sensational, value for money, support has been top notch. Simply put, this is a great product, offered by a company that practices a level of service rarely seen today. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This extension is exceptional, highly configurable, simple to use and the customer service is outstanding. Our team members have varying experience levels with Joomla extensions but even the most novice users have found using this extension easy. We also required a few customisations for added functionality and the developer has been first class. Response times have generally been within 24 hours and the customisations are usually complete within a few days - which is great considering we are located on the other side of the world in Australia.

Our site is designed to showcase our Production Music library and allow registered members to easily listen to and download tracks. We have thousands of tracks and hundreds of albums and this software is perfect for our needs. In fact it can do a lot more than we will ever need. Absolutely worth the money and the cost of customisations was very reasonable.

If you have a music site and are thinking about which extension will be best for your needs. Stop looking. This is it.
Reviews: 1
Excellent package, with super support, very happy with it
Reviews: 3
I started using Music Collection a little over 2 years ago as a complete noob to Joomla and in fact, HTML, PHP, MySQL & Javascript.

Speaking as a beginner, it was dead simple to install and get up and running with no issues! This has been largely due to good documentation & well developed software with an intuitive and logical user/admin interface. Unfortunately, this could not be said about all of the extensions I use on my site.

The only time I've ever really needed help to do anything inside MC, has been a matter of customising it as opposed to having any issues. On that note, the MC forums are incredibly active with lots of user input as well as awesome help from Germi (Mr. Music Collection) whenever required. Furthermore, Germi has always gone the extra mile to help with queries relating to customising the component/modules to suit my needs - despite this being outside of the scope of traditional support!!!

Over the course of the last 2 years I've become quite proficient in Joomla, custom coding and alike which can be attributed to the unparalleled level of support!

Joomla Music Collection is QUITE SIMPLY the ONLY media manager you'll ever need to manage music and video inside your Joomla community - however large or small!

Best of all, you don't need to break the bank to get it!

To sum up, MC is;
Robust, Well-developed, Well-supported, Highly-customisable & EASY TO USE!!!

Want to serve music & video in your site? Look no further than Music Collection!
Reviews: 1
First of all i needed a solution for a component that used html5 audio players. I found it here.
Then ever since i have had any problems or hurdles difficult to jump, the jms team have been overwhelmingly helpful!
I actually emailed them saying "i wish the whole world was full of helpful people like yourselves!"
Reviews: 8
We did a lot of research, compared many products, and even tested a few, but none really compare to the features available in Music Collection. It is by far the most comprehensive product of its kind out there that we could find, especially for the money. It also allows for the addition of items through the front-end, which many extension do not.

We had some customization work done to adjust the layout to fit our specific needs, and the developer was very professional, created exactly what we needed, and the cost was reasonable.

There is documentation available on the developer's site and an active forum, which helped us out on several occasions. The developer is friendly and provides assistance as soon as possible. If you are using the extension "out of the box," no programming knowledge is necessary and it should only take a few minutes to get your extension up and running, otherwise it is helpful to have some experience/understanding of the basics used in most Joomla extensions (PHP, Javascript, CSS, etc).
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