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Lab5 Mobile Videos Module

A Videoplayer Module that uses flexible content-delivery to seamlessly reach mobile devices ( more than just iPhones/iPads btw !!!) as well as browsers without flash. Can also display a neat visual playlist ( optional; on/off-able feature ).

This Module is built to deliver videos to:

- Normal desktop browsers
- iPhones, iPads, iWhatsoevers
- Mobile browsers with Flash
- Mobile browsers without Flash, but HTML5

Lab5 Mobile Videos - Player Module for Mobile Devices, Flash enabled and HTML5 no-Flash Browsers in particular.

For Joomla! 1.5 - 3.x

New : Added 1-Klick-Update-Support !
New : Play-Button path is now adjustable via backend.

Enjoy!... Don't forget to rate it ;-)

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Reviews: 1
Good Module but bad support. In ipad & mobile video not play. Very disappoint the support.
Reviews: 2
Thank you for the great work. I have come a very looong way until I finally found your video player. I tried several paid players and was not happy at all. Yours looks nice - toolbar, background color adjustable (now fits the corporate design of the website perfectly), I can use my own play-Button and other stuff I find just all I need. The more the set-up is very easy.

Great work, looks great, works easy.
Reviews: 1
I was having trouble with most of the video modules, often not working properly.Fortunately, lab 5 has made my quest to find the best player for my site successful. It is simple to use great video player
Reviews: 1
After hours seraching video plugin, module for joomla website, this is the best!! Simple!
Reviews: 1
This works beautiful in every browser and mobile device I could get my hands on. Setup was simple and intuitive. I'm having trouble with one small thing on the iPad - where normally you'd click a video from the playlist, and that video would begin to play while the playlist would remain, for some reason it doesn't work that way on the iPad - for the first video it works properly, but then I click another video from the playlist and the video goes very large (almost fullscreen), the playlist disappears and the only way to get back is to hit the browser's back button. Hopefully I can figure this out, aside from that one little issue this works perfectly!!
Reviews: 4
Plain, simple, resizes correctly! I downloaded 4 different modules but none of them would resize the mp4 movie correctly. Controlbuttons are simple and look very good.
Reviews: 3
I had tried different modules before this one, and none was behaving the way I needed. Great module, easily adaptable, works like a charm.
Reviews: 2
I was having a minor issue with the extension on a Joomla! 3.0.2 site so I emailed Dennis who got back in touch straight away with some ideas for a DIY fix, these didn't work, but after another email or two he released an update that did the job. Fantastic service and now the extension does exactly what I require. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
I had the problem of making visible the video on my site (highlights of a basketball team) from all mobile devices and this module has solved everything. Tested on Android, iOS, Symbian .. works and also looks very attractive.
Excellent support, I was given a response to my question within a few hours. I felt compelled to make a donation, there are fewer free extensions so useful and well-made!
Reviews: 12
Over the next couple of days I'll be shifting all my video players on three media heavy sites to Lab5 Mobile Videos Module.
This extension works well and the tech support is exemplary - quick, polite and knowledgeable. After guiding me to resolve some minor settings, I was still having a display issue. Dennis suggested reencoding the mp4s which was the perfect solution. And all of this with in just a few email exchanges.
I was happy to make a donation in support of this efficient module and great tech support.
Reviews: 4
Knowing that Flash is going away ( and it doesn't work with many mobile apps, anyway) I had been looking for a way to get Joomla video content into an iPhone or iPad. This module fit's the bill perfectly and the prompt service given by Dennis in ironing out some difficulties, makes the module the one for you, if you're looking to extend Joomla's native capabilities to an entire new audience. I have made a donation so Dennis can continue his work in other areas.
Reviews: 3
Been looking for a good video gallery module for ages and preferably free AND iPad/iPhone compatible and this fits the bill. Only slight tweek I had to do was to insert my splash image in the module itself otherwise the play button would keep top vertical aligning but that could well be unique to me!
Owner's reply

Actually you can set the splashimage to wherever you want, but you HAD to keep the trailing slash, just like in the given example (defaultvalue).
But I see that's a common pitfall: So I updated the module.

In the current version / from now on, this is done automatically by the module, if necessary ;-)
Just update your module -> problem solved.

Reviews: 8
The installation and notes with the extension are great. The product performs well and using the recommended video converts works well. One problem I'm having is to get the play list to scroll in Joomla!1.5.25. Otherwise, really nice extension.
Owner's reply

Hi there.
First please try the latest version. Some JS has changed and might solve your issue.

Normal case: reinstall the module.
Alternatively, if you already have a lot of settings made, i recomend to NOT use the installer in this certain case, but rather un-zip the new version's package and then manualy overwrite the modues files on the server ( found in /modules/mod_lab5_mobile_videos/ ).

2.Clean cache:
The next step is also important : clean the modules cache. For this, in the backend goto
"Tools" -> "Clean Cache" -> mark them all and press "Delete". After that reload the (front)page and check back about wether the probs have now gone.