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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
The official solution featured by Longtail Video to embed JW Player 6.10, The best Responsive HTML5 Player, in Joomla 3.x, 2.5 and 1.5.
JoomlaRuleZ is an official reseller of JW.
Subscription for Commercial website (License/unbranded Player) and non-commercial website (No License/Branded Player)

JW Player Advanced Features
* All parameters can be set by default using the backend settings or can be override by a specific trigger in a article
* All parameters of JW Player, even not yet implement in our plugin, can be used

New features: JW Player 6.10, Google Chromecast Upgrade, Schedule ads per playlist, Waterfalling between ad tags, Update Googima IMA API...

Device Support >>
* iOS, Android 2.x to 4.x
* Support for Flash/HTML5 on desktops (auto-detected), HTML5 on devices

Playlists >>
* RSS Link (RSS-Media,SMIL,Youtube SD-HD)
* Support Video/Audio Files (MP4,WEBM,FLV,MP3,AAC,OGG,Youtube HTML5 SD-HD)
* Multiple Playlist
* Playlist Editor, up to 50 items; description, Title, Captions, HD Quality, Thumbnails in slider, Chapter markers points
* AutoGenerate Playlist, Scan files in a directory and generate a playlist
* JSON Playlist (Field/File)
* Multiple Player with different Playlist on same page

JavaScript API >>
Inline Javascript Functions

Layout >>
Listbar, Controls, Size, Height, Width, Aspectratio (Responsive Player), Displaytitle, Stretching, Logo (Link,position,margin,hide), about(text,link)

Behaviours >>
AutoStart, Repeat, Mute, Fallback, Primary, Stagevideo, Android HLS, Debug

Streaming >>
Apple HLS (iOS, Android, Flash), HLS AES Encryption, RTMP, Flash pseudo-streaming, HLS DVR, Live Streaming
Several Server and CDN support (Amazon Cloudfront, Wowza, Adobe Media Server, Akamai, FMS, Microsoft Azure)

Player >>
Cloud-Hosted (CDN) or Self-Hosted Player

Plugins >>
* Social Sharing: Video link/embed code, Shortcuts for posting video link to Facebook, Twitter, Email
* Google Chromecast: Cast mp4 content to a JW Player Chromecast Receiver application with a seamless integration
* Related Videos: List of related videos (RSS feed), Displayed on complete and/or button click
* HD: Display Multiple qualities sources 720p,1080p
* Captions: Support for multiple caption tracks (file/label) per playlist item (WebVTT,SRT,DFXP),FCC
* Google Analytics: Tracking plays and completes per video
* Adobe SiteCatalyst: Advanced video analytics
* JW Player Analytics: Tracking plays per day across all embeds
* Ads Plugin (ads in your player): VAST/VPAID/VMAP, Google IMA
* Extra Plugin (Add plugins not yet implement)

Skin >>
XML Skinning

Extra >>
Add parameters not yet implement, Module Class Suffix, Cache Parameters, Keyboard shortcuts

Pop-Up Player >>
height,width; Override (or not) Player with image, Text or both link; Highslide, Lightbox, Windows

Need Storage? We propose also our Online Streaming Video Platform based on "JWPlatform" server

Current Version:
Plugin 2.10.0,Module 3.10.0

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Reviews: 1
I went ahead and bought the license to remove the water mark. This plugin required some work to make it do what I wanted, but with the excellent support from JoomlaRulez it was easier than I thought. Money well spent! It's easily the best video player for Joomla with the most functionality.
Reviews: 1
It is excellent module and plugin, I feel very sorry, to wrote before, it is not good, but now I saw it very very good software.
Reviews: 1
The quality and professionalism
of the support is just excellent. Even if the issue doesn't affect the product of
Joomlarulez exclusively, there's a high amount of willingness to get things to work. I always got an answer in a short time.

Also the communication is very friendly and patiently.

So best ratings from me, hoping the developer keeps up his good work!
Reviews: 3
I was looking for a player that I could run in mute, but in a popup play the original or another video. I had issues at the start, I think more of not knowing the potential of the player. But will a lot of emails back and forth with support, they were able to help me with the inline and popup &parameters. If you want a video player that is awesome out of the box. Do not hesitate to purchase it, well well worth the money !
Reviews: 1
JW Player Advanced for Joomla is a high quality and superb extension for anybody who needs a player for their website.

While the quality of the extension and ease of use are fantastic but where JoomlaRuleZ really stands out is their customer service. They have what I would regard as some of the most willing customer support representatives I have seen.

For example; I had an issue with the player needing to perform a complex procedure before and after a live stream. I was unable to solve the problem myself so I contacted JoomlaRuleZ. Not only did they at first work with me to solve the issue, they actually -with my persmission- logged into my website and completely resolved the issue within twenty-four hours.

When you buy JW Player Advanced from JoomlaRuleZ you are not just getting a product. You are getting an amazing support team to take you through every problem that you may encounter!

This is a service and product worth purchasing!
Reviews: 6
JW Player Advanced is a great video tool for Joomla. I have used other ones video components and things but none were this good to me.

For one, it uses the very well developed JW Player. All by using simple plugin code so it can be plugged into articles or where ever you need to put it. The module version which is included also allows you to put it into any module position. Another thing that makes this great also is that it allows me to use the pro version of the JW Player if I choose with JW Player Advanced, not just the free version, I need an unbranded player.

If you need a very powerful unbranded video player for your website, with flash, streaming, and HTML5 fall back then this is simply the best.

I did find this a little difficult to figure out, the manual is long, but as usual this is because the plugin and module is extremely flexible and powerful.

I mean the things I can with this is unbelievable. Like a full fledged professionally developed video website by a team of developers. But rather simply built by me… I can, and am using full RTMP and HLS Streaming for IOS devices that do not support flash RTMP streaming. With HTML5 fallback.

I also intend to use the captions for multi language videos. It also has HD support, multi bit rate switching, and really nice looking and functional skins, with full playlist functionality. It supports all major protocols and you can use video sites if you want to use them like YouTube and Vemo.

Again as I said above, since it is so powerful it was a little difficult for me to figure out how to set it up. But WOW, it was well worth the time.

I suggest this to anyone who wants a truly powerful video plugin. If you can think of it, JW Advanced probably does it. If you are looking for something totally simple for a video or two, then JW Advanced may not be for you. You could find something more suitable and easier to use.

Tech support has been amazing, I usually sent him an example of the plugin syntax and asked if I did it correctly (knowing it wasn’t.. lol) With the idea that he would show me by sending a corrected example.

I did this with a few different scenarios and now I am good to go.

So again this is fantastic, the developer is great. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
Wooooow I love jwplayer and in my opinion the support is the best I have had for joomla.

I love your work
Reviews: 1
Why is it so hard to find a quality, simple to use video plug-in, that works with playlists... and if you need help writing a RSS file for a playlist you get quick professional assistance... I tried a lot of what's out there... Only JW PLAYER met all the above needs and much more, to the detail... THANK YOU - I REALLY NEEDED QUALITY AND YOU GAVE IT.
Reviews: 2
I am using this extension for a year. I can see lot of improvements in the player.
Reviews: 4
This is the unique player which satisfied my needs, and the support is excellent too, thank you very much!
Reviews: 14
I've been using JWAdvanced for awhile now, and never had any problem until a week ago. I contacted support and literally within 10 minutes, they sent a patch to solve the issue. It worked beautifully! The support from JoomlaRuelz is first-class!

The plugin itself is excellent! It is so worth the subscription for all it does. You can control everything with for the JW Player from a single point, including your Bits on the Run ads and extra flashvars. An it works flawlessly!

If you're using JW Player, you HAVE TO GET THIS PLUGIN! BIG thumbs up to JoomlaRuelz!!!
Reviews: 1
This is a good player to work with. Easily customizable. Looks pretty good in our website.
Reviews: 18
I finally purchased JW Player and a years support, I must say the support is second to none, I cannot praise the admin staff enough, I got complete commitment and resolved my set-up problems.

I must also say, that it is not an easy software package to set-up, although this is off-set by the support given.

I think that I made the right decision, and I am sure that my website visitors will have a good experience, thanks to the capability of this product and how well it interfaces with Joomla.

One very, very pleased customer.
Reviews: 6
After looking for a good extension for my website,I finally found advanced jwplayer, which is very fast for streaming audio and video, this ext in conjunction with all the plugins that can be used on it, make it a powerful and robust extension for multimedia, and in addition the guys from joomlarulez offer the best customer service ever ever,it's doesn't matter how silly your question is, your always get a professional answer from a professional team (even in holidays and weekends). Highly recommended. Manuel Cubilette
Reviews: 1
I had this up and running in a matter of minutes. I ran into a snag since we had already purchased a license for LongTail. The support at JoomlaRulez was available on a Sunday to walk me through the process of adding our existing license to the site.
Reviews: 6
I am absolutely loving this player! Also, the support has been fantastic: I've been trying some pretty complex stuff via adaptive bitrate streaming with fallback from Flash to HTML5 (and vice versa) and my questions have been answered even on the weekend. That's class!!! They have done an excellent job creating this module.
Reviews: 5
I don't know why I hesitated before I purchased this extensions and associated plugins...I have no regrets, everything works from the first minute I installed it and the forum has offered some answers. The support has been excellent, and I mean exceptional!
Reviews: 1
I've been looking around everywhere for a simple plugin to embed my YouTube playlists in a sleek way.. It seemed almost impossible to find. Then I found this!
Had a little trouble setting it up due to my own template, but support was great and dealt with my problem in no time.

Very pleased - well worth the price. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
It is painful trying to get your site to go mobile, especially if you have alot of media. This product is great, it took a little bit time in the forum for admin to help me out. But he took his time and didn't seem to get frustrated with me with my lack of knowing what I was doing. This product has alot to it and for the beginner it could be a bit overwhelming, but with the help of the admin in forum, it made things much better.
Thanks for the awesome player with a playlist!!!!
Reviews: 4
for an uncommercial website check before you're subscribtion to be on right way and becarreful that you'rs choice match with you're website statut. So, the support is really good ..if like me you dont't select exactly the stuff what you nedd...admin can help you vey quickly.
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