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MooAccordion Plugin

MooAccordion makes it very easy to add MooTools accordion slides (show/hide blocks) to any article, which can be used to organize and display content more effectively (like in a FAQ page). The syntax is simple and easy to use.

Features include:

• adds minimal markup (and intelligently strips unnecessary markup added by editors like tinyMCE and JCE, if present) to keep the html clean and valid
• uses Joomla core MooTools library, which means this plugin adds no HTTP requests, minimizes dependencies, prevents JS conflicts, and makes it very lightweight
• adds CSS class for active block title, allowing you to toggle it's icon (for ex, from a + to a - icon— visit for a tutorial on how to do so); more generally, the markup is fully CSS customizable
• very easy for anyone to use (without technical knowledge) and very flexible
• the show/hide effects and other settings are easily customizable from the plugin's configuration
• compatible with IE 6-9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

The plugin is similar to JoomlaWork’s Tabs & Slides (in content items) Plugin, the plugin I originally used before being inspired to write this one. My biggest problem with the JW plugin was that when I added the plugin syntax into an article, the plugin would create invalid markup from it, because the WYSIWIG editor automatically wrapped it in an element. Also, it seemed foolish to use an old accordion script rather than the built-in accordion plugin that Joomla already comes with. This plugin solves those issues, and does so efficiently and robustly.

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Reviews: 8
Could use a better option to put "According to al According" but it's functional and easy to extend.

Reviews: 10
Dead easy to install, dead easy to configure.

A perfect example of a great Joomla extension.
Reviews: 1
Hi! This plugin fulfilled my need. Thank you for your perfect plugin! I need to know where am I supposed to edit the CSS of the mooaccordion in order to change the color and font of the title and contents!

Reviews: 19
Works pretty good. Easy to set up, a few options to change the appearance.

One small bug, doesn't work in IE7. No support from developer on this.

For a non-commercial cost of free, I give it 4.9 out of 5
Reviews: 15
I have used other extensions that provide similar accordion solution in a similar fashion but what differentiates this one from the rest of the pack is its beauty and the lack of unnecessary bars that stretch from one end-to-end.
I wish the developer would implement a vertical accordion in a similar fashion!
Reviews: 5
Had a little problem with the default joomla page slider. These sliders collapse in IE when using a form (even with AJAX) and submitting it. Errors would not be visible since the slider collapsed.

Not this slider. No conflicts, stays open even if you put a form in it en submits...
Slides beautiful.
Reviews: 1
Thank you so much for this extension. This is exactly what I needed and couldn't find any simple plugin like this.
I had some problems in the beginning, but Andrew helped me to solve them really quickly.
Reviews: 7
Excellent extension, that's what i need.

The only bug i found is that they don't have a class name when it's open or active when i use it whit the class.

Thank you very much for this.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review! Perhaps this is not what you are looking for, but the title and content block elements both get the CSS class .expanded when they are open/active, and that class is removed when they are collapsed/inactive.

Thanks again for the friendly review and rating. I’m glad you found the plugin useful.

Reviews: 9
This plugin has everything I was looking for! All the other plugins I tested for this purpose before trying this one had some kinds of problems in them. Either they didn't work with earlier versions of PHP or they didn't close the other slides automatically when a new one was opened. This plugin works, and it's simple and easy to use. Recommended!
Reviews: 5
The module is simple but works well. I wanted to take it a bit further, and I sent two queries to Andrew to help me with my customisation. He almost immediately implemented my request in a much better way, which was not my request or expectation, so I was delighted. He's smart and helpful. Clearly a very strong Joomla & MooTools developer.
Reviews: 6
This is brilliant and the developer is really helpful too. I had been using the mootools accordion using javascript and it was OK but not easy for me as my editor kept stripping the code. This plugin is very simple to use and very easy to customise the CSS for the look and feel you want. If you are looking for a slick accordion look here. This is the sort of work that makes me proud to part of such a great community. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 2
Great plugin!!! Very useful for me. Support very quick and clear.
Reviews: 2
This is one of the best of this type of extension that I've tried (& I've tried several). And the developer has been very helpful in responding to support requests - & providing assistance in styling! Thanks much!
Reviews: 2
This plugin works great for me except for getting the expanded/contracted icons to show up. I've added the additional css code to my .css file, made sure the url is pointed to the right template directory, downloaded the .png files to the right images folder, but they just don't show up. I've tried Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and IE browsers but no workie. I've looked at the source code results of the web page one it's rendered and the class="mooblock-title and class="mooblock-el shows up where they are supposed to.

When I view the page in the Firefox developer tools they show up though. I'm going to send the author an email to ask if he's experienced this.

Works great otherwise.
Reviews: 2
This plugin takes 30 seconds to install and get working on your site. It works right out of the box exactly as it says it will. No fiddling. Fantastic - many thanks!
Reviews: 5
This plugin is perfect. It gives totally new dimension and functionality to articles .
Reviews: 3
This plugin do what it say. It´s very easy to configure and use and the support is great.
Reviews: 20
This is a beautiful plugin. Works right out of the box. But there is one issue: For me, it doesn't work in Internet Explorer. I'm not faulting the plugin 'cause it may just by my template, but I did switch to Purity and it still didn't work. Maybe there's a conflict somewhere along the line on my side.

Never-the-less, the plugin works fantastic in everything except for IE. But honestly, I'm tired of spending SO MUCH TIME fixing every little thing just for Internet Explorer that I don't care anymore.

I'm using this great plugin anyway! Great job devs!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks so much for the feedback! You were correct about it being broken in Internet Explorer (I also feel similarly to you about fixing stuff for IE, which is probably why I neglected to test the plugin with it). However, I bring good tidings: MooAccordion 1.0.3 fixes that problem by reworking the javascript that was causing the accordions to break. Enjoy!

Reviews: 8
Exactly what I needed. It allows you to open a module in an accordian via a link & a lot more.
Reviews: 1
Roll downs work great, and he just fixed it to let you include multiple sliders on the same page.

Tip: You have to include a "." between mooblocks for them to work right. To hide the "." I simply wrapped it in a span and set the opacity to 0. Its a quick fix, but it works.