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AutoAnchor Menu ModulePlugin

Long article? Automatically generated menu to article sections will improve user experience.

The menu is being composed from the header tags present in article (H1..H9) and links to the top
and the bottom of the page and scrolls the user to relevant section.

Extension is page-based so will work with any component (including K2).

- Configure which headers to include in the menu (for example, only H2 and H3 tags can be configured to be included);
- Flat or tree-like (for example, H2 and H3 could be merged into single menu level or be on different levels);
- Can have links to top and to bottom at the beginning of the menu and/or at the end.
- Smooth scrolling to anchors
- Configurable axis for scrolling

For best experience, AutoAnchor Menu can be used together with Absolute Floating Menu module or Fixed'n'Sticky, which will help AutoAnchor Menu stay onscreen.

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Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says, and took about 30 seconds to set up. Decent set of customisation options. I'm not the most experienced Joomla developer, so happy to find such a simple extension that works so well.

Am using it for a site I'm putting together for a charity, and some of the pages hold quite a lot of information about their services, so this is a brilliant way to make those pages a bit easier to navigate.
Reviews: 2
Very good extension.I needed an automatic menu that would display the blog articles on a page. It does show the names of all articles, and when pressed on the link, it scrolls down to the article on that same page.
Support - is excellent, I contacted Denis and he sent me an updated version with a modification in the plugin to adjust the scrolling parameters.
Reviews: 3
I needed just a very simple index/TOC for a couple of pages and everything I found was overkill or overly complicated. I'm working on a responsive Warp template and this plays perfectly, right out of the box, and the documentation is extensive. Highly recommend!
Reviews: 9
This is a nice, useful extension. Yes it's commercial, but for only $5,- I can't develop it myself. And it works.

Support is excellent. A little glitch was swiftly resolved by the developer. Almost just as swiftly, a few suggestions were implemented.

Take a look at the developer's Absolute Floating Menu as well. In combination with AutoAnchor Menu, it makes navigating long pages even more user friendly.