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Tooltip GC Plugin

A plugin for making your tooltips really easy.
Based on mootools it makes appear the tooltip with fade and height transition.
It can contain pictures and link, the tooltip can be mouseovered.

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Reviews: 5
and efficient developper. need twice to get updates or to do evolving, every time this was done in 2 days maxi.

The only one plugin I found that work as it is said in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome

Really impressive

good job : gon on
Reviews: 2
Does exactly whats said, lots of styling options, easy to use. Perfect!! thankyou.
Reviews: 3
Wow...excellent plugin, thanks a million. I have tried the latest version for joomla 2.5, it works perfectly. I have tried the other tooltips plugins but Tooltip GC is the best. The good side first, it is very easy to be implemented and customized because it provides GUI for new joomla user like me. We do not have to insert lot of commands in text editor, and the second one, it is absolutely free. Many thanks again. I LOVE joomla because may free stuffs i can find here.
Reviews: 7
I used theese plugins and I solved problems. In my business they want know all, they want learn all in seconds, I was frustrated about the speed that surfers of my website, touristic website, want to plan their holidays. It was very difficult to increase their satisfaction. Now this pligin helped me TOTALLY. The light of the css coding the best speed of the website. All things the programmer build have a beautifull style. I probably will use other free plugins, but this is very very usefull. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your great review :)

Reviews: 1
This is a great plugin!

I had some trouble understanding where to insert the image, but after support trough the developers forum it was made clear quite fast.

Thumbs up!
Reviews: 12
Merci beaucoup! Others don't work right or not at all in various browsers, this one does and has that nice mootools effect. Bravo!
Reviews: 2
Its great plugin thanks for good work. But documentation doesnt contain any information about inseting image into tooltip. Could you describe this functionality (on your demo page this example exist)?
Owner's reply

you just have to insert the image with your editor between tags.

Reviews: 2
The plugin works great! Easy to setup, and easy to work with. If I had to say there were "problems", is that it's not set up to work in English (the base controls and instructions) and that the number of styles are limited. But this is a nitpick and shouldn't prevent you from using an otherwise outstanding tool.
Reviews: 1
I need to use it in a component's default.php page. Like in lebel, input fields etc. Please let me know how we can do it.
Reviews: 7
Very good, basic tooltip extension. Easy to install and use.

As advertised, it allows for links and other html code (e.g. images) within the tooltip text - great feature!

The other thing I'd really like to see is if it could automatically adjust the box width, or if I could set the box width (using a css style?) for each occurrence to adjust for very short or very lengthy text, special locations, etc.

I have no idea how difficult that would be to implement and it's NOT a complaint! Just a suggestion if you're considering future editions.

THANKS for a great, FREE extension!
Reviews: 1
Installs easily and is very useful for basic tooltips. Major problem is that you cannot customize the tooltips at all. I would like a way to make the tooltip width wider so longer quotes don't take up so much vertical space. If you are only using short pieces of text and don't need the ability to customize text or colors, this is great.
Owner's reply

You can customize your tooltip as you want by editing the css in the plugin directory. Enjoy !

Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a very simple Pop-Up to add to my articles. This plugin installs easily. Just enable the plugin and then embed the code directly into your article. Since it is written in French, I'll include the English instructions.

instructions for use:
Add the following line right into your article and replace the words with your own.

{tooltip}Keyword{end-texte}This is where your text in the pop-up goes.{end-tooltip}
Reviews: 3
I like this one. No problems at all, except that the documentation is only in the france language. Or i am looking with my eyes closed.....
Owner's reply

Following to your demand, I've written an english version of the documentation.
Hope it helps.