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List of Articles in Content ModulePlugin

Editor's Note
  • This Extensions outputs messages on your site persuading you to get the Pro version.
A module/plugin to show list of articles in selected category.

Use it as module or as plugin:

{articlesofcategory=CATEGORY ID, |COLUMNS|, |START|, |LIMIT|, |ORDER BY|,|SHOW/HIDE Active Items|}


COLUMNS - optional, to show the list in columns

ORDER BY - (optional) is an any field of #__content table (where the articles are stored) to order by. You mar reverse order it (descending order) by adding DESC in to the end.

SHOW/HIDE Active Items


show - Show the link to the page even if the visitor is on it
showinactive - Show the title only - no link
hide or blank(no value) - Hide the link if the visitor is currently on this page

List of fields for example: title, created, modified, ordering

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Reviews: 33
This is one of those plugins that upon finding it, made me a very happy camper. I feel as if it's something that should be native to Joomla but isn't. Works beautifully. Now I finally have an easy way to show a list of sister pages in Joomla!

The "GET PRO Version for $24" link it generates though is a real eyesore though!! Ugh.
Reviews: 35
Very good plugin i think it should be in joomla core something like this!

I think it 's totally worth it's money sonce there isn't much you need to do to use, it s very simple
Reviews: 1
Does what it should, and the support has helped me immediately.
Reviews: 14
I agree with Amema. It is fake non-commercial. With Big link to upgrade to full version!!! Shame! "Free" version is useless.
Reviews: 10
Beware. This extension comes with a cost. It's not really non-commercial. It's "commercial" because there is a very ugly multicolored ad begging you to buy the pro version for $18 after every use of the code in an article. It looks bad and juvenile and in this case it clashes horribly with the rest of my page, so much so that it's unusable, even though the ext itself is quite nice and would get a rate of 4 if it weren't for the aggravating try to sell a "free" product.

I feel very un-inclined to pay the 18 bucks to be able to get rid of the line, as I was taunted into believing the extension was non-commercial. Really bad practice by this fickle developer, IMO.
Reviews: 6
Simple and easy to use, works exact as expected!

If you want blog-layout you should use their Category Block, havent tried it but looks fine and moor powerful.
Reviews: 1
It works and does exactly as expected. was easy to install and use.

It might be nice to give the option to remove the developer site link at the bottom because, although you might want to generate more business, it looks like an internal link and could confuse users.

It would be nice if you could get it to work with the internal SEF Urls.

Another option would be to display the list as an article pagination link like this.

« Start Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next End »

ie you could string the articles in the category together as a series of pages. without using the category pagination
Reviews: 2
Very handy for creating menus for access to categories of articles, embedded in the content of the pages.
Suggestions for improvement:
Keep the link to current article (but disabled!).
Do not list items in the trash (It is necessary to empty the trash does not appear!)