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VTEM News Stack Module

This module was intended to be used to display news on a home page of a website, but can be used for any reason and is highly customizable. It will always display one news with main image and two small images at the same time, with all the rest hidden behind the center image.
- Content control display from any section, category or articles ID’s.
- Show text, image and button "read more" option.
- News amount sorted by added first, added last, order, random.
- Clean (X)HTML in content.
- On/Off front page articles display in modules.
- Use of multiple modules on same page with unique ID configuration.
- Used Javascript Framework: Jquery.
- Option to set limit of chars or words in article intro.

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Reviews: 2
This has all the appearances of a great module... a clever and visual way to display a list articles.

Unfortunately, in my 3.1 site, the module will not display either the intro or main images set on an article. It will only display an image embedded into an article. Where that may work for some situations, not all my articles have embedded images.

There is very little documentation short of showing a screen pic of part of a config screen from a much older version. In their support forum, was able to find a few tips... but nothing that worked. Most post regarding "images not displaying" seem to be ignored.

** Close... but no cigar.
Reviews: 2
It seems a nice module. Everything is OK, except the images of the articles. The module doesn't show the images of my articles.
Reviews: 2
It's really nice! Tough the Read more sign is not available in other language.
and i dont have the opertunity to show my articles over my start page (were the module's at).
so everytime anyone press a article, they get confused and says "ey, why i'm i back on the homepage again?".
another problem is that you cant press the pictures to load an article, you have to press the title or read more. it would be much better if you just could press a picture and then you were moved to the original article instead of having it show up under your homepage. :) otherwise i think it's great! :D
Reviews: 14
This is a very good module. But... I have to warn. You have to test it. I use shape 5 vertex template with lazy load feature. This feature have to be enabled to use VTEM news stack. Even if I disable the lazy load... My page page go blank when using VTEM news stack :( I had to disable it. Now lazy load is switched on. Everything works fine. I wont give this module a low mark! Because I will be unfair. This is a very good module - but - first test it..... Best Regards
Reviews: 1
This module is very good. It's easy to configurate and change elements. Just it's too bad we can not change the "read more" in another language.
Reviews: 8
Works just like explained in the Configuration image. If you are in search of a tidy, easy setting up article showcase option for your website, this module is to be taken into account. Thanks you guys for giving us this useful module.
Reviews: 2
Great module, I was looking for something like this for months. Easy to configure, easy to set... I've had a problem with blank space above the module on a frontpage, and solved it with changing a little bit of code in module template. If someone has the same issue, I will be glad to help with it. Nice work, thanks for this module. It would be nice for photos to have link to an article, but not inevitably.
Reviews: 1
I tried a bit around, understood and got my wished result. Thanks.
But I miss ordering for „featured articles ordering“ and having the images linked to the articles (which I did by myself).
Reviews: 1
It's great module. Unfortunately if've got problem with it. Version php on my serwer is 5.3.8 and module show a few: "Undefined variable: number_items in " problems. At previous server I had a 5.2.7 version and it's was ok. What should I do?
Reviews: 1
I use this as a sponsors rotator on my site. It worked straight out of the box and is brilliant. Well done to the developers for this one
Reviews: 2
Thanks for the nice module!

I have a question! When I use any image view plug-ins on my articles like sigplus, the Vtem news stack doesn't show any of the photos. Even when I choose 'read more' on articles and the photo is on the main article (after read more ends) the photo doesn't appear on the module! How do I solve these problems?
Owner's reply

This module only supports for images in the articles and it is not supported for image view plugin.

Reviews: 7
Im using VTEM News Stack to display featured articles on my page. Works perfect. Fine options. I recommend this module.
Reviews: 4
This is a great module, very easy to use, customizable, excellente job, congratulations!
Reviews: 1
Hi, first of all I would like to thank you for such a great work.
Also, if it's possible, can you please make unique div id for ?
So each div containing a picture will have his unique id, for example, picture 1 will have ;
picture 2 will have
Owner's reply

It is possible.We will create it for the next version.

Reviews: 3
What a excellent extension! Nice looking, works great! Thumbs up!

Thank you!
Reviews: 4
I'm very impressive by this module, really nice and good effect. I encourage you to try it.
Good job, guys.