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Message Movers Module

Now a days our site home page have many small small modules or many small things so our page is full of content so if we want to Focus one small thing or message for Visitors then we not able to do it easy way so we just come with new small idea so anyone attract with new idea of message and visit it or read it , see demo for more idea and features list..

~~~~~~~~~GENERAL FEATURES LIST~~~~~~~~~~~
★ You able to Move any object on any module area threw this Module.
★ You just need to make one Perfect picture or image and upload it so its moves Continues on your site specific area and give message to visitors.
★ Like you stick your message on Truck / Car / Ship / Bird / Cycle with help of designer and upload this images on module so it will moving on module are Continuesly and help you to attract visitors for your prompt messages or redirect to another link.
★ You able to set Internal or External link to objects.
★ You able to 1 to 3 Images dynamicall with Single area.

★ UPDATE 4.0 ( Latest Stable Release )
-> Now its supported Responsive behaviour and working Responsive way with Mobile / tablet and Desktop.

SUPPORT 24 X 7 :-
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Reviews: 4
The extension does exactly what is described. It's very simple to use and great for nice pictures or banners.
Reviews: 12
A funny extension to show nice images running along your site. The extension has only a truck like demo, but you can use the kind of image you need. I am very happy with the results
Reviews: 3
message mover a unique concept to create some out of the box.
Cheap, good and a fast support
Reviews: 3
When I spotted the semi truck passing by on the Pulse Extension site I thought that it was a great feature. I purchased the extension and like all others from Pulse, it was easy to set up and add my own graphics. I now have this extension with different graphics all over my website.

Again, thanks Pulse Extensions.
Reviews: 2
I just bought it and it is very easy to use and configure. Despite that i would like the possibility to add some more trucks and not only three. Very good support also for this. Very nice work!