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Monthly Archive ComponentModule

This is a Component and Module for Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.x, for better view of Joomla! Archives by months and years.

It sorts our joomla articles in months and years.

Search form details:

- Select articles by month.
- Select articles by order (Example: Most recent first, Least hits, Most hits etc.).
- Select articles width comments or not.
- Select articles by Author.
- Select articles by Section -> Category.
- Search via input text at the title, text, meta keywords, meta description of article.

More Features:

- JComments intergration
- K2 intergration
- SEF urls
- Multi Language support
- Full configuration at component parameters (you can change everything)
- Accordion & Default style for module

Available Languages:

- English (en-GB)
- Greek (el-GR)
- Italian (it-IT)
- Spanish (es-ES)
- German (de-DE)
- Dutch (nl-NL)

Have fun :)

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Reviews: 3
Monthly archive extension is very simple and amazing extension. it displays:
1. Archived articles (only for joomla)
2. Unarchived articles (joomla + k2)
3. Both of the above (archived + unarchived)

What is expected from you is to tell the component what you want and also you can edit it using your language. most of all their support is fast and really helpful. amazing archive extension!
Reviews: 1
Had some initial difficulties in getting the extension to work properly for me. Fantastic patient and helpful response from Yiannis helped solved the problem. Would recommend this product without hesitation. Has made a fantastic improvement to my website.
Reviews: 1
Excellent support and excellent software
Sincere thanks to the Creator
Reviews: 3
...very fast and good support after installation issues.
Many setting options, easy to use...

Good job!
Reviews: 23
I started to use monthly archive over a year ago. At the time there were just a few extensions doing a decent job archiving your articles. Yiannis was really on top of business, and as soon as I made some suggestions to improve his extension, he started working on it. I just wanted to have a bit better look. But he wanted to have things perfect. Sometimes improvements requires perseverence. Well, he has got it. And now I think he touches the top of the staircase - at least compared to other archive extensions. I recommend the accordion option in the module! Great work Yiannis, thanks. Worth every penny!
Reviews: 4
I haven't found a better archive module than this yet. I had a few issues with the functionality but they were quickly resolved on the support forum.
Reviews: 1
The standard K2 archive functionality was too limited for my purpose, so I bought this extension. Soon I discovered that it was not possible to limit the number of K2 categories for an archive, only the Joomla categories.
However, the developer was very friendly and implemented this functionality in a new version, at the same day! Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this extension to replace a Joomla 1.5 extension I had been using to show archived articles from specific categories which was no longer available.

This extension has great features. The ability include or exclude authors or categories as well as the filtering and search features are great. And the developer was able to adjust the module to allow greater control of parameters as part of a feature request.

Very happy with this extension!
Reviews: 13
Before I finally found this component, I tried few other free and commercial solutions.
Too bad that I didn't tried this one first, because it does exact what I needed.

- quick setup
- many options
- works as component or module
- also serves as additional search system
- eliminates usage of not so functional Joomla default archiving system

- none
Reviews: 1
A great extension for listing or locating articles, by month, by category, etc.
It’s also nice that you get it as a component and also as a module, so you’re very flexible in utilizing it. And support is really top!
Thanks for the good work.
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension and great support!

The support you get from the developer puts this component over the top. He provides terrific and professional support.

For the management of archived articles of Joomla this component is a must-have for any serious Joomla site.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
The website I am designing I am also upgrading from 1.5 to 2.5 and I have never used Joomla before. Yiannis answered my very "simplistic" questions with great professionalism. I found this extension so easy to use (once he showed me where to look, but that was my newbieness) and it looks stunning on the page. I give him and the extension very high marks!
Reviews: 1
Great extension and best support ever... Thank You.
Reviews: 1
Very simple and straightforward. Initially, I installed it on Joomla 2.5 but it didn' displayed archived articles. I contacted the support and Yiannis reacted very quickly and nicely. He spent time to release an update and now it is working like a charm !
Highly recommended :-)
Reviews: 5
I initially found this after encountering Joomla 1.5 SEF + built in archive bug.

Worked great as a replacement and added more functionality than Joomla's default.

The developer was very helpful and quick to respond to questions through his forum.
Reviews: 1
This is a very good extension for joomla 1.7. I've been looking for an archive module and I highly recommend it. The support is very fast and very friendly. 5 Stars.
Reviews: 1
i have a website that being informed everyday with 10 to 20 articles.
After 2 years,the extension is a solution to the visitors of the website to watch the articles organized by day, month, year.

great and useful job !!!
Reviews: 1
A must have extension for all joomla! sites.

All articles are archived as they should by default!

Great job Joomla357!
Reviews: 1
Really nice module! I am looking forward to use it in my new websites.
Reviews: 5
I think it's one of the most useful extensions if you want your visitors to find what they are looking for in a minute!! The support is simply fantastic. Five stars++
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