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RAXO All-mode PRO Module

RAXO All-mode PRO is the most flexible and functional module to display Joomla news, articles and other content. This professional developer tool complements basic Joomla Content Component, giving you complete freedom to present your content in a limitless variety of ways. Friendly and intuitive administration makes your work easy, powerful and effective.

This module can replace such add-ons like "latest news", "popular content", "random articles", "display news", etc. No more need for many strictly specialized Joomla content modules – RAXO All-mode PRO takes care of it all. You save your time and efforts and become more effective.

Some ideas where you can use RAXO All-mode PRO:
* display latest news with thumbnails;
* compose a dynamic main page of automatically renewable news blocks;
* display popular or the most commented articles for a certain period of time (day/week/month);
* display your goods/products, or show you portfolio, or anything else that requires format "image + info".

Module Highlights:
+ Display Joomla articles from section(s), category(s) or just separate articles by putting IDs.
+ Thumbnail Auto Creation from existing images in your articles.
+ TOP Items: emphasize the most important articles by creating particular views and different thumbnail sizes for top items.
+ Display a single or several articles anywhere on your site in module positions.
+ Exclude some items in order not to duplicate those already displayed by another module copy.
+ Better Performance: client side optimization and thumbnail caching make for better server performance on busy sites.
+ Flexible ordering lets you sort the latest news, most rated, most popular articles (13 variants).
+ Enrich your content additional information, such as date, author, section & category names, hits & number of comments, rating.
+ Custom Templates: this incredible feature lets you display content with your own templates - limited only by your imagination.

+ 3 Built-in templates for customers
+ Module multicopy usage
+ Time interval (e.g. show popular news for the last 10 days)
+ Smart title and text limitation (preserves whole words & HTML tags)
+ Show/Hide featured articles
+ External image support (thumbnail creation for images located on other sites/domains)
+ Default image for noimage articles
+ Joomla content plugins support
+ Option to hide module on article pages
+ Friendly Administration makes your developer life easier

Additional Layouts:
All-mode Portal is well-suited for news portals, magazines and sites with lots of content like &
All-mode Pagination gives you pagination within a module and switches between news pages with nice fade effect
All-mode Carousel is an eye-catching slider to rotate your best products or featured content

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Reviews: 2
This is really the best news article presenter I've come across. Very versatile and at the same time easy to set up. I had a problem with permission settings on my server that I could never figure out on my own. Alex went to great lengths to quickly identify and solve my problems.
Reviews: 1
I've been using this absolutely exciting extension for a number of years alredy, but always omited to express my enthusiasm about it. It is really a sole exception in the endless jungle of not functioning systems for presenting of articles (and, believe me, I've tried a lot!).
Reviews: 1
I've been using RAXO all-mode module for some years now on many websites. It saves so much trouble. It automatically creates a nice module with lots of presets for your aticles i.e. date settings, image cropping and resizing, customized templates, number and source of articles. I love this! Support is fast and very helpful.
Reviews: 1
Nice, stable, universal - that's how I can describe this module. And a good support. I recommend it :)
Reviews: 2
I bought the Raxo for K2 module a few months ago and it was absolutely awesome, worked a treat, and does exactly what it says it will do. As the module has been upgraded, I receive regular emails from the team with the updated modules and extensions and can't say enough great things about them. Well done on a great resource and Thank You for the great service and attention.
Reviews: 6
Been using RAXO for 4 years now and planning to uses the last version on my redesign j3.x website (A medium size web site with 100,000 unique visits per month). IT's a very flexible module (and with responsive templates )with lost of features and it's easy to customize it for your own needs and design.
Reviews: 2
Raxo delievers a really brillant solution, with options a few - if any - other extensions are capable of.

But ... In sites with a high number of categories and articles, the module fails and becomes useless - because it makes the site load magnificent slower. We discovered this, while our site grew bigger.

For smaller sites, it is still a good and well looking module. It's easy to adjust the CSS, too.
Owner's reply

Lots of our clients who successfully use this module on huge sites definitely won't agree with you.

Sooner or later any big and popular site requires performance optimization. When this moment came for your site, all you needed to do was to contact support. We have several forum topics devoted to this issue and friendly Joomla experts who are always ready to help. Whenever a problem occurs, it can and must be solved.

In your review you openly praise our module: "really brilliant solution, with options a few - if any - other extensions are capable of" and "well looking module". Sounds like "six stars out of five", but you give one of the lowest scores. Looks strange and unfair.

Reviews: 1
Five star product and support. I was having problems getting the module to work on one of my development sites. RAXO sent me the later version, still no luck. Finally I sent them a link to the site and they spotted the problem straight away - there was a tilde ~ in the temporary server URL.
I changed it and presto, all worked perfectly!
Reviews: 4
I would like to thank the developers for such great extension.
Also Thank you so much for the great you provided to me when need it :)

Good Luck to you.

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Best Article and Graphics display EVER!
I have been using it since 2011 and I had only pleasant surprises.

Make it running in seconds, and have all your articles displayed with their graphics in nice clean business list, portfolio, thumbnails, any way you want it!

Quick and easy to setup, but also great for half-developers and developers you can edit any parameter of the frontend look.

Works smooth like nothing else, I'm running it on a website that loads 100+ articles and graphics on front site. Thanks to All-Mode Pro, that happens in 2,5 seconds.

I dealt with many plugin/component/module developers, from many countries, and I really recommend RAXO.

Best support ever:
- How do you know if your RAXO plugin has been updated? - Because you already have it on your email, seconds after they developed it!

- Issues with payments, loyalty discounts, invoice correction, EU VAT Invoices... RAXO will fix any issues in matter of minutes.

Just bought 2 new products from RAXO, already love them!

Highly recommend this product!
Reviews: 12
Product that really works and gives new and top look of every joomla site. Did purchase many joomla products this is my best investment i wish others worked for me like this one. Absolutely would recommend to anyone you wouldn't be sorry to purchase it 5 stars is not enough for it.

Developer thank you so much and keep it up.
Reviews: 2
- Very usefull, easy to setup and adapts to all the needs
- Good Support Team
Reviews: 2
When I look for a module or component for a website I look at the features, ease of use and impact to my customer.

Inevitably the best products have a cost associated but sometimes you buy a commercial module and find the support does not match the hype.

I have been using Joomla extensions for 4 years and have found the support team at Raxo are in my opinion one of the best.

Their forum details almost every issue you may encounter and if not, posting a question is a simple and frustration free process - with the solution generally offered within an hour or two.

This is my first review, I am very grateful to the team at Raxo and will continue to use your products - thank you!
Reviews: 4
It has been a long time I used this module. For multilingual sites it works perfect. The support is great. Thank you for a good product.
Reviews: 22
Been using this module for quite some time now on several sites. Looks professional and does the trick for sure. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
I really love the module. I like that it is very customizable (via admin console and the source code). Great support too. I sent support an email and they responded very quickly. I suggested that content can be added via tags and they said they will work on it. Looking forward to that feature. Great module overall!
Reviews: 7
I am more than 3 years a happy Raxo customer. I have used this module at so many websites in so many different ways.

The team in Raxo is focused to produce a polished product and they are thoroughly planning each and every new feature in order to keep their top quality.

Briefly the module can be configured to work as a popular, newest, featured, most rated and many more different modules types, with so many further arrangements and settings, like categories and date filtering and so on.
All of the above settings can be done in the module's instinctive backend configuration panel.

However the real power of the module is the templating capability.
Raxo comes prepackaged with some templates, extra templates can be purchased separately, but it also supports custom templates which can be produced with ease by customizing the template php/html code and the css.

Of course the aforementioned knowledge at some level is required.
But for beginners, the ready-made templates can be proved enough and the support is always there to guide them to the right direction or to solve issues.

And the next good news is that Raxo team recently released a new K2 compatible version - listed also in JED.
Reviews: 1
While this module isn't for the fresh faced Joomla user, the end result and amazing support should certainly have everyone taking a serious look at this.

I'm not a CSS expert by any means but muddle my way through to have a few of the templates give my website a fresh and incredibly professional look.

The support is great! They took time to help me work out why one template wasn't working and pointed me directly to the problem (which happened to be in my Artisteer template).
Reviews: 3
Wow I have been looking for something that displays K2 items by tag for a long time and this just does it soooo easy straight out of the box. Very happy and well worth the money.
Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
It's one of the best extensions for news portal websites...
Also i'm thankful to support, who was very receptive to my problem due a jquery conflict.
Highly recomend this product!
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