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If you are a Joomla lover, you must see that is the best Content management system in the world (com_content). But the reality is that this system has not satisfied all of our needs. That why we build TZ Portfolio, which is an ideal content management system to fulfill all weaknesses of com_content.

TZ Portfolio works on database of com_content, sothat you do not have to worry about importing or exporting data from your system (which already works with com_content).

TZ Portfolio inherits all current functions of com_content, in addition, we develop two new data interfaces: Portfolio and Timeline view.

TZ Portfolio is strongly supported by Group Extra field system, you can create multi-portfolio system in your website. In addition, it supply 3 functions , these are video display, gallery or representative photo displayed for each article.

We also upgrade tag and authority information management function, along with photo smart resize and crop.

With TZ Portfolio you can own a smart blog, a flexible portfolio, and more than a complete content management system.

Try it now to feel the perfection!

Check TZ Portfolio for Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3 on Github:

Issue for TZ Portfolio v3 please:

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Reviews: 2
You really saved my a.s with your extension please continue with your awesome work, thank you
Reviews: 5
This is a great component. It adds on to the Joomla Core Article Management with new features and interface. Great work.
Reviews: 3
I used tz portfolio for a responsive site with many content and it worked perfectly, even better than the demo showed on their site.
It's a little trickly when you start to use, but when you know "what-to-do" it works.
And the support is excellent, much better than many commercial extensions!
Reviews: 1
A great extension, pleases responsiveness developers and rapid development
Reviews: 8
Its ridiculous the amount of commenters who are giving poor review - and I don't know why the JED team allowed them to only post that it 'doesn't work'

I did have an issue because I was installing version 3 on a Joomla 2.5 site - just make sure to download from the github tz_portfolio2 not tz_portfolio (without the 2)

I can see me using this on nearly all my website projects in the future.

The title is a little misleading - sounds like it only displays a portfolio gallery or something - it is far more! Does everything K2 does, but in a way which integrates with joomla and works way better!

I look forward to continuing to use this component for a long time - great that it's free open source too!
Reviews: 2
Any small change in the spread is a real pain: navigating between items, changes in image sizes, remove or add the option to 'read more' ... It's a shame because when it works, it really attractive.
Reviews: 5
I think that this extension is in the wrong category - it is a fully fledged cck. I loaded it onto a Joomla 3.2 site everything worked. Having the ability to set column widths was a plus. It appears to have more functionality than K2 and yet it works within the core of joomla. I would be prepared to pay for this extension - my only hesitation in using it for my next project is the simple search type function. An add on to filter by fields would be perfect!
Reviews: 3
I'm not a programmer, just a graphic designer and user so I can't talk about the code but just about the user experience. The extension does what it says. Is a free extension (remember this). Need a little time to understand how it runs but is not so hard, remember that a 36 feet sail boat is more complex than a 10 feet one. A bit of goodwill can help the users and however these guys work hard and are writing a new document system help. May be I'm lucky but all the issue I submitted on support forum have had quick and kind reply. Keep up the good job!
Reviews: 24
I'm trying to use this component since a couple of weeks and I have found several difficulties and the support lacks of real help.
The idea is brilliant but it has many bugs and disfunctionalities that makes this extension practically unuseable!
Before publishing an extension please make it works!!!
Reviews: 2
First off let me say that I would absolutely love to give this ext 5 stars because if you can get it to work as nice is it does on their demo page then it really is quite amazing, but the reason it doesn't get 5 stars is that not many people CAN get it working as nice as their demo page.
The code is clunky and looks like pieced together parts of several other projects held together with spit and glue (This is coming from a PHP developer).

Sadly as mentioned in another review, these developers push the envelope so fast and continue to add new features that they don't take the time to polish what features are already there and fix the mass incompatibilities and errors therein.

All I can say is this product is FANTASTIC on paper but when applied to a website a large majority of is users will find broken features due to poorly planned code and incompatibilities.
Reviews: 12
Today it was the first day that i have tried the new version 2.5.7. In general terms is the first version that is almost working. And i say almost because it is doing nice the jquery but has amazingly many errors for what it intends to be:

1. 406 errors in editing TZ portfolio options in Article Manager:Edit Article
2. Despite the fact that i disable intro text in all options (menu, tz portfolio, article), intro text continues to appear on article
3. The image on the article appears as a question mark (image not found) but if you click on the question mark it open the image in a new tab
4. I choose to have the article title above image in the portfolio view but it just ignores me
5. When i insert the image of the article and add a caption all of a sudden when i save the article the caption disaapears
6. Using the included in Joomla 2.5 Template, TZ uses its own width and not the one that templates declares, as a result the content need to be rearranged
7. Even though i enable show rating in all options (menu, tz portfolio, article), no rating appears
8. There is no way that you can disable image inside article and enable only in portfolio view
9. There is no way to use TZ Portfolio as a layout only and when clicking to the image or the title link to the article it self.

1. fix the above erros
2. create a simple portfolio view using this quicksand effect and use category property as tag
3. add the ability to have more sort options like most rated
4. add a descending or accenting button next to short
Owner's reply

I appreciate your review. We are going to check issue and release next version soon. Keep follow and review it. Your ideas will make it more powerful.

Reviews: 22
Today i came across your website...
and really amazed that there is such new brand, templates and applications for CMS..

Let me say this from my deep heart..
Your comparing to most available club templates are better and your application are more user-friendly, enhanced and nicer..

I am amazed with your TZ-Portfolio..
TZ-Portfolio has it all and even will have more as i read your updating change-log every time.
I like your website and read ever details in it, forum, wiki... etc.

Please, please, please.. keep the good work ever... and improve it more and more.
Owner's reply

Thank you! Keep follow TZ Portfolio in our forum.
Your ideas will help this extension more powerful.

Reviews: 7
I just installed this extension yesterday and I'm satisfied so far. It could use some improvements in the translation and the interface is a little bit complex, but in the overall, it adds very valuable functions to Joomla! that you would have to pay for from other developers.
I will keep on working on it and when my website goes live I will submit another review with links so you can see it working.
Good job from the developers, keep improving it!
Owner's reply

Hi Endriago,
Let check latest version. Your suggest coming up.


Reviews: 1
Installation will not work, error about the xml file not being found... Wish I could actually try the extension
Owner's reply

Thanks for use our product!
Let check TZ Portfolio latest version for Joomla 2.5.
It is work great right now! All issue was solved.


Reviews: 5
The documentation does not help! It is very basic and doesn't explains nothing. I tried to put it to work, but could not. Not even with the loadposition function!
Owner's reply


Let check TZ Portfolio latest version for J2.5.


Reviews: 1
Looks Great! but I installed and activate the module in Joomla 1.7 and doesnt works... i need some extra plugin?!
Owner's reply

We have 3 ways support. Let do it and we are going to help you.
+ Forum
+ Create a Ticket
+ Email to