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Latest News+ Date Module

Want to have a magazine or newsportal look in your site? Why not try this simple module.

LatestNews+ Date is an enhance version of the standard Joomla latestnews module with an additional thumbnail, date and time features for each news. You can display the date or the time on the article published in front of the article item title. Additionally, you also can display the thumbnail of the first article image and introtext of latest article item.

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Reviews: 2
I was looking for extension just like this! It works straight ot of the box and it is very easy to manage. It doesn't make conflict with my other installed modules and it is displayed very well on mobile devices. Thank you for the good work!
Reviews: 3
This module was exactly what I needed to highlight new articles on our site. It is simple to set up and use. I can recommend it for anyone who needs a new articles list that can be set up and go.

One little suggestion: It would be nice if the module could be set to also look at the article update date. We often modify existing articles with new information and it would be useful if this module could also pick up and display these changed articles.
Reviews: 2
Great Module! its very nice and easy to configure. long sought a similar module. for a long time looking for a similar module. thx!
Reviews: 3
Thanks so much TemplatePlazza for creating such a useful extension. Very versatile and easy to set up.
Reviews: 10
Perfect and the looks are incredible. Makes my site stand out. Nice work.
Reviews: 1
It is a very useful module. But it has one serious flaw/bug. It filters all zeros in the text. Please fix this in next version.

I do not find another way to contact the author so I write it here so everyone can fix in by themselves if they have the same problem. I solved it by:
In the helper.php row 371 and 378 change !empty($striptag[$m]) to $striptag[$m] !== ""

That way the function empty don't interpret a zero as empty and doing the wrong desiccation here.
Reviews: 6
I really like this extension, unfortunately I can't use it because it only supports using the default image directory -- you cannot use your own directory.

Support is via a basic forum on, and the developer is pretty responsive to posts -- much better than a lot of others I've seen so good job!

I've evaluated a lot of Latest News-type modules and like this one the best except for the one problem that you can't use a non-default image folder.
Reviews: 5
I find this extension quite amazing! Considering it is free, the end result is very good and support is excellant.
The module is easy to use and configure and, as alwasy, it is better to use it in its default configuration before customising it. You can locate it where you like and I have not yet found anything to beat it - I use it on two sites.
Well done - you are just what the Joomla society needs.
Reviews: 1
The demo site was not working but I downloaded the module anyway to try it and I am glad I did.

This is an excellent module and very easy to set up.

The style of the display was generic and not quite right for me but it was easy enough to find the css file and amend it to suit.
Reviews: 2
This extension was awesome but i've updated my site and it no longer works. Pleaseee update this??
Reviews: 7
Great little mod! I embedded it in some content area, butit would only display image and intro text to one article, with links to follow on other article. If it could add thumbnail and intro text to a set number of articles it would be an top ace module.
Reviews: 4
Very good module but I have faced two problems:
1. Performance: I have noticed that it will slow down the page significantly. Particularly in my site which I was about to put 5 instances of the module.
2. Problem when cache is on: when I have turned on the cache, it will not load complete CSS and therefore it will break.
Reviews: 10
Exactly what i need. Displaying time and newest article title.
I wish i could limit the number of title character.
Thank you
Reviews: 1
Very nice, but I want to know how to insert a pagination at the botton of the list...

Very nice, thanks for the module!
Reviews: 2
Is there a way to use this module with more languages on your site. As the date will only show in englisch in all my languages?

Reviews: 4
Fantastic module that displays articles in an attractive manner. Highly functional and plug-n-play easy to install and use! I love this module, thanks Template Plazza
Reviews: 1
hi, thx for the module, its very nice and easy to configure. I ve tried to 2 different sites and works fine.
I had a small issue though. In the second site does not show the date correctly. Actually it shows 1 day earlier than the created date of the article. I have the same settings to both sites, hosted in the same server and so m curious about it.
Any help would be appreciated.
Reviews: 2
Simple to install, to configure and to use!!!

But, I hope that other versions will get a Date format field in back-end! Three choice is not enough...
Reviews: 1
Nice neat component. As well as providing promised functionality, I think excellent for those wanting to understand more about Joomla extensions. It is pretty well crafted and doesn't have a zillion files to wade through.
Reviews: 1
First thank you to the developer , you did a good job , i was not expecting the results i got, keep it up and hope the next version will come with new things like including recent news or articles , for busy site this is will not be perfect , thank you
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