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ARI Slider ModulePlugin

Editor's Note
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ARI Slider v. 1.9.0 is ready. It is compatible with Joomla! 3.0.

ARI Slider module creates apple-style slideshow based on Joomla! articles.

Main features:

* Easy to use;
* Can choose menu navigation position, from 'top' or 'bottom' values;
* Can show next/prev navigation buttons;
* Scrolls Joomla! news with nice sliding effect;
* Supports navigation between menu items;
* Provides ability to specify what articles need to show one by one or in advanced mode;
* Allows fit slider size to parent size (Experimental);
* Can define your own layout for slider items and title for menu items using predefined variables such as: article title,article intro text, article full text, read more link and other;
* Supports auto rotation of slider items;
* Can display menu items title in nice tooltip;
* Supports variety of transition effects;
* Customizable;
* Can run Joomla! content plugin for articles content;
* Works in modern browsers: IE6+, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and other;
* Supports multiple instance of module on one page;
* Can be embedded into Joomla! articles with help 'ARI Slider' content plugin;
* Open source and under GPL license.

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Reviews: 1
click, click, click and at works! The option of using a .ini file makes it to where you can have very detailed, descriptions and ALT tags if necessary. And you can "COMMENT" or "REMARK" a line in the .ini by using a ";" at the start of a line, so you can "turn ON or OFF" an image!

but you don't even have to use a .ini file if you just want a simple image slider
Reviews: 1
As a Joomla novice I was a little worried about implementing this myself, but found the process really quite straight forward. I am in the early stages of using the slider, but so far so good. There seems to be plenty of scope to customise, more than enough for my requirements.
But the best thing, and the motivation for me taking the time to register for this site, and write the review (I never usually write reviews...), was the fantastic, prompt, patient service provided by their support team, both via email and their forum. For me, this is the most important aspect.
If you are a novice or non-technical user, and are looking for an attractive and simple to implement slider, you are looking in the right place.
Reviews: 2
This is a real great product, easy to instal and handle, once you read the readme file.

Support is extremely fast, efficient and patient ;)
Reviews: 1
Firstly, great module. does what it says and easy installation. Parameters layout is clear and easy to understand.

Regarding support, I had an Internet Explorer issue with text within the slider. The support team were back to me within an hour of the forum post. I went back and forth with support until we reached a fix.

I have dealt with a lot of J! extensions over the years and this one has by far the bast support. Recommended.
Reviews: 1
This a very nice module does what it says. Their support is EXCELLENT! I requested some new features and they came back with a new version of the extension, in a very short time. Amazing!

Reviews: 1
I bought the module for a very specific purpose - I had seen Apple's product pages and thought it was an excellent way to show details of a product.
This is pretty close to fulfilling the same functions.

The technical support was great. I posted on the forum and the developer offered to log onto the website back-end to configure it for me.

Very efficient and courteous.
Reviews: 2
Here is what I like about this MOD, the use of images for navigation, customization & loading an article which can be customized with searchable text.

The support was quick and responsive. Had a question about the CSS and received a reply with the code.
Reviews: 1
ARI Slider : a good module that worths the price. The ARI team is very professional and reactive. I recommend ARI Slider definitely.
Reviews: 1
This module does exactly what says it does! And customer service is great! ARI Soft worked with me through all my issues. Check out their forum if you have any questions on this module. Keep up the great work guys!
Reviews: 1
Joomla is an optimal system in order to manage an immense number of information , but graphically it's rather difficult to be attractive. ARI Slider resolves with easy and effectiveness one of the more large problems about that and up to now entrusted with the usually news scroller: it merges together a view gallery of images with HTML articles . A different article can be linked by the related image thumbnail in more of one instance for each page and the css in order to manage them are enough customizable for being inserted in every site without problems. The new version ,1.3.2, manages until to 20 different items at the same time , with several modalities of scroll. ARI Slider has resolved me a big problem of visualization of a catalogue , otherwise to entrust it to the usuals cold and very poor graphically virtual catalogues . The software support of ARI Soft is great: about the problems (few) that I have had , they supplied me quickly with effective answers and definitive solutions, wonderful guys, thanks a lot!