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ARI Easy Slider ModulePlugin

Editor's Note
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The extension has been updated. New version is compatible with Joomla! 3.0.

ARI Easy Slider
Joomla! module creates highly customizable content slider based on Joomla! articles.

Main features:

* User friendly interface;
* Provides advanced filters for the selection of articles;
* Can scroll items in vertical and horizontal directions;
* Supports auto-slideshow mode;
* Can stop slideshow on mouseover over slider;
* Provides possibility to specify menu position: top, bottom or both of them;
* Can specify speed, transition effect, size, opacity, styles and a lot of other parameters of scroller;
* Contains 27 themes and supports creation of new themes;
* Provides ability to specify how many items should be shown per page;
* Multiple instances of the module can be used on one page with different settings;
* Provides possibility to change items template. You can display article intro text, full text or other article parameter. You can also combine different article parameters;
* Highly customizable;
* Works in all modern browsers;
* Can display module in Joomla! articles with help ARI Easy Slider plugin;
* It is open source and under GNU/GPL license.

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Reviews: 3
This module is - as all of the extentions of ari i know so far - a perfect thing.
and I want to say than you to the ari-Team.
I downloaded this on sunday, ther was a warning message in backend after installation on new joomla 3.2 - within 5 hours they provided a fix!!
never had better support on joomla extentions.
Reviews: 15
No ARI product has ever failed me. This one is mandatory on all our sites. Easy to configure, works flawlessly. Many different move effects, including slideshow mode. Because it pulls actual content, add hyperlinks to your heart's content. We've used it in some creative ways that no other component could handle. Just fantastic support, too.
Reviews: 2
Good extension, in general it was installed without any problems, but when I start to configure it I meet some problems. First of all it’s didn’t save article settings from category, when I try to apply few changes didn’t get any chance to do it.
I was try to find solution using forum, but reply from support team didn’t help me. After that I was try to play around with all settings with no luck, so I just gave up! Sorry but for now only 2 stars. I hope for more smooth work in future.
Owner's reply

If settings are not saved, we suppose "ARI Extensions" is not installed. It is described in readme.txt file from archive. readme.txt file contains instructions how to install the extension. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email or forum on our site and we will help to resolve a problem as soon as possible.

Reviews: 5
I spent a fair amount of time slogging through reading/downloading/testing other modules that were supposed to show articles only to find out the vast majority will serve up the content in a variety of ways but not actually show the article. However, all I wanted to show were the articles that I had already spent the time putting in custom elements.

This modules was easy, clean and very customizable (even the css). At $15 it is a steal just in the time I could have saved if I had used this one first rather then digging through the free options.

Thanks for the solid work and for providing a module that actually does what the title indicates.
Reviews: 1
Excellent module. Render article with images very clean. Works like a charm!

They have great service,
when I bought this module I found that for some reason it doesn't slide on my pages.

I wrote an e-mail and in few minutes received very clear answer. they investigated my configruation and found the exact solution.
(no code change, only enable or disable some feature)
Reviews: 2
I had many questions for the developer before purchasing, and they responded quickly and clearly, even after i sent a number of followup questions. I had one issue with it after installation, and again, they responded quickly, corrected the mistake and had me reinstall the module - it now works perfectly. Great module, easy to setup, great service - thanks!
Reviews: 11
Very good module and very good support
highly recommended
Reviews: 2
After buying the module I had several ideas how to make it fit better into my website and its design. Wrote to the developers to share these ideas with them - and had all my wishes fulfilled within a few hours!

Absolutely outstanding! Awesome! Perfect! Excellent!
Reviews: 1
With the ARI Easy Slider, you can display everywhere in your web site, a group of articles in different categories collected from different sections with the easiness of the "point and click" functionality. It offers a wide set of transition effects and it is really very simple to use.
The most important over all it is the GREAT support of its author(s). Their support is faster than the eye could flick.
Reviews: 1
I had a problem with Ari slider article module and JAPurity2 design and the answer and the way to resolv the problem come in less than 10 minutes. Great Job. Thank You....