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2J News Slider Popular ComponentModulePlugin

This extension it's very flexible and useful tool for every joomla website, which make you able to build animated front end section (with 2J News Slider module, plugin/mambot and component).
2J News Slider component reading content articles from Joomla category and showing them at front end 2J News Slider module, inside Joomla content article (with 2J News Slider mambot/plugin) or using direct link to 2J News Slider component. 2J News Slider building slides from the intro text of articles (with headline and images).
Very wide range of effects and settings, make it more flexible for personalization. All elements of the front end interface could be easily changed by CSS styles (in admin section of the component : CSS editor).
2J News Slider could be used in very wide range of cases. For example: as headlines rotator at your news or personal site; as showcase for property and e-commerce sites; as front end module for representing animated list of your products and services; with 2J News Slider you can easily build presentation section of your webside.

Key Features:

* Ordering options: order slides by joomla articles ordering, by creation date, by articles hits, by votes. Using this options you can make with 2J News Slider lists of the most viewed, most rated or latest articles
* Random slides option showing 2J News Slider slides in random order
* Ability to use articles from joomla content categories or section (multi-categories mode)
* Showing slide show of the headlines of joomla articles
* 2J News Slider support content images inside slides
* Ability to show Read More option
* HTML tags and CSS support
* New front end navigation elements: next/prev big arrows, play/pause buttons, next/prev small arrows
* W3C CSS, XHTML validate (no errors, notices, warnings )
* Fade effect
* Custom navigation panel location
* 15 effects for slide change process!!!
* All front end elements easily customizable with CSS and backend settings
* 5 front end themes already implemented in distribution package
* Ability to insert slider into joomla content articles using 2J News Slider mambot/plugin
* Ability to make direct link to 2J News Slider component
* Support Joomla! 1.0.X, Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 2.5 Native
* Implemented to avoid AJAX libs conflicts
* Module + Component + Mambot/Plugin for sliders management from Joomla backend.
* Possible to use few 2J News Slider instances at the same page
* Pause mode scroller stay on hold when visitor point to the current slide by mouse
* Version for Joomla2.5 implemented using Native classes and structures (didn't used legacy plugin)
* Compatibility options: ability to select main tag for 2J News Slider container: ul->li (default option), using div or span. Very useful in the case of conflicts with another code in joomla template, or some other front end module

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Reviews: 1
Great extension, easy to start with, easy to use !

So usefull !
Reviews: 1
Great extensions & quality support!

We needed this extension to complete the project and 2Jteam built a great extension and not only but the quality of support was high fast and communicative to solve our company needs.

Thank you very much and absolutely reccomended
Reviews: 1
This extension is great, put together in a nice way and easy to use. Looks beautiful and everything, however it would not work properly on my website due to my site running the Full Ajax plugin.

I contacted the developer about this numerous times and had a good conversation through emails. Providing them access to the administration panel to the website to ensure i was not doing anything wrong and giving them a shot to fix it like they offered.

It seems once they realized that the script would not run on my website due to the Full Ajax plugin, and abandoned the issue. Without receiving any replies to my latest emails and no reimbursement like their policy said should be applicable in this situation, I decided to post here to warn any other Full Ajax users of the issue and so forth.

Again, great extension, but unfortunately poor service in my experience.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to customize, has almost every conceivable tweaking option built-in from the start (for instance setting the z-index).

I had a few questions from the start, and everything was answered promptly, professinaly and politely.

Recommended extension.
Reviews: 1
I don't mind paying for good software which is documemnted and fully supported. This is exactly that. It works well, and support for me has been very rapid - faster than any of the other commercial extensions I have. The older reviews in this thread suggest that the support experience can be nmixed, or uised to be variable, but it has been excellent for me.

It also comes with good documentation. I'm now looking at other 2J extensions: I've been impressed.
Reviews: 2
Very very good news slider. I bought two other products before it. This slider is no comparison so powerful, fast and customizable. The product is great and the support team is perfect. A big thank you for giving me the solution. The best news slider on the market by far.
Reviews: 3
nice extension. did exactly what we wanted. support was fast and helpful. Boom!
Reviews: 4
This is a fantastic extension! It is very easy to configure and the developers have thought of EVERYTHING! It does exactly what I want it to do and blends in with my site.

I had a little problem when I installed it. I opened a support ticket and had a response almost immediately! This has to be the most prompt support I have ever received from any extension. Very impressive!
Reviews: 4
One of my favorite extensions. Very easy to customize. very responsive support team!
Reviews: 4
I purchased two extensions prior to seeing the demo of 2JNewsSlider. I knew right away that this was the one I should have bought in the first place. Initially, I had some difficulty with the plugin Single Tag and Multi Tag. However, I was persistent with my questions and it was paid off. This is a great extension. I find that Multi Tag offers me the flexibility pick and choose articles from different categories and instances. Even though, I have to do extra work inserting articles, but it is handy later on if I want to exlude/include article, I can easily remove or modify the tag. It is simply outstanding.
Reviews: 1
We have tested dozens of joomla extensions with similar functionality during the past years. However, thisone is way beyond compare. Simply because it does what it should (we can't say that about many extensions).

Support is simply great. We submitted a support ticket earlier this morning, and expected to wait 3 or 4 days for an answer.

To our surprise the 2joomla team responded within 15 minutes and had solved the issue after another 3 minutes of work on our joomla installation.

That's what I call value for money ;)
Reviews: 7
This extension is very good but the support is the best i have experienced to date. I build a lot of Joomla sites and deal with a lot of developers when i need support. I had a small issue with the drop down menu going behind the images. I knew it was a z-index issue but i just couldn't it figure out so i contacted the 2J team and I expected the usual "read more about z-index" advise but they simply asked for the site details and fixed it for me! If only more developers were as willing to help. Well done 2J Team.
Reviews: 3
This is a must have extension.

easy to install, configure, and publish.

i would recommend this as the best slider you can get - and ive been through a few.

as an extra bounus, you even get great help and supprt as well
Reviews: 1
I have used this slider several times and this is by far the most elegant, easy-to-use way to show your regular articles in a simple fading module. The navigation squares for each article are easy to use and not clunky like some. I really hope they decide to upgrade this to 1.7, I have had to move on to other sliders I have not liked as much. An important feature to add would be the ability to show featured articles.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind words! We're almost finished with new update for our extensions compatible with Joomla! 1.6/1.7. We had implemented alot of new interesting features requested by our customers. We're almost finish with testing of new version and planning to make release in close future. Keep watching for updates. We're really appreciate your attention.

Reviews: 6
I wanted this extension to provide a smooth rotational display of testimonals on my client's site. This extension was perfect for that. I had a small problem which their support fixed for me inside of 20 minutes after logging it as an issue - fantastic!
Reviews: 2
It's one of the few commercial extension I bought. This slider is exactly what I need. I select it because I like flexibility and settings amount. Didn't have any problems with it.
Reviews: 1
I bought it only few hours ago but I already successfully installed it at few sites and easily customize settings and CSS to make it's looks exactly like templates of my sites.
I like ability to build "matrix" slider when slides moving by diagonal. Looks really awesome! Looking forward for Joomla 1.6 version!
Reviews: 1
Hi All, I wish to share my experience with such a great extensions as newsslider from 2joomla. I'm using it more then half of the year on different sites, but I decide to write this review only after last case when I was impressed even more then usual.
I'm using different extensions in my projects and for the last site I was try to use more then 5 different sliders and every one of them have some kind of the issues with custom designed template, but it's not about 2jnewsslider.
When I install it was up and running in few min. and most important that I didn't get any conflicts or another mismatches in CSS or something.
Really in love with this component and now even more.
Thank you 2joomla team, planning to buy another 2joomla extensions in future!
Reviews: 4
This slider was built so it can be easily modified to match your site. It is intuitive and easy to use. It also seemed to avoid some of the conflicts that other sliders had with my site (mootools, versus jquery, etc.).

Due to time I have spent troubleshooting other sliders, it was so nice to buy this one and have it work out of the box. It's worth the money because it saves your time.

Good Job!
Reviews: 3
It's much more then simple news slider! From begin I was lbit confused with so much configuration options. I've checked it more close and now I see that it's really flexible and easy to use extension.
Support was really fantastic! I was have couple of questions about settings and plugin usage. This guys reply me really fast. They was make me some samples directly on my server and explain all details. It's really great tool!
Keep up a great job!
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