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Author List ComponentPlugin

This is component to manage your content authors so your visitor can go to their pages either in a blog or a sortable article list table layout.

Once you have properly created your desired author instances (each attached to a specific user) in the backend, you can create different types of Author List menu items:

1. A list of your authors

2. An article list or blog layout from a specific author with or withour a "Select Author" drop down

3. A general article list or blog from all your authors with the same optional author filter possibility

Additionally, if you install and enable our Author List Plugin (plg_authorlist_content) it will link your authors' names to their com_authorlist pages whenever they show in your blog or article view.

Version updates:

For Joomla 3.+ only:
• 1.3.6: Multi language support

For 3.+ and older:
• 1.3.5: Possibility to show archived articles in the author's list and blog views.
• 1.3.4: Integration with Joomla Live Update
• 1.3.2: New options to resize all images and to create thumbs.
• 1.3.1: Assigning your Author List menu items to a certain user group in order to differentiate between author roles or types. (Joomla 3.+ only)
• 1.3.0: Google Authorship integration and new "About the Author" section underneath each article through our content plugin.
• 1.2.2: Possibility to hide authors with no published articles.
• 1.2.1: Possibility to give an alias to each author.
• 1.2.0: Capability for authors (and admins) to edit their details from the frontend.

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Reviews: 1
This component is great, it has a lot of features and each one can be configured to suit your needs... But the support is even better: I found some problems with my multilanguage site, I contacted the developer and in a second he rolled out a new version with full multilanguage support.

Just be careful with plg_authorlist_content: it could add link to content that should be text-only. There is an option to fix the author meta tag, but other (third-party) components may need manual modifications.
Reviews: 4
I was really only looking for an easier way to set up Google+ authorship on a site when I tried this extension. Not only did it fulfil that need, but the other features blew me away - things I didn't even know I wanted for my sites!
Reviews: 5
Very professional, too many features, easy to install, working like a charm!

I wish I could add another 5stars rating for the excellent support!
Reviews: 2
Our Joomla User Group was discussing Monday some of the essential functionality to have on a site with multiple contributors. This is one of the key features we were seeking that is missing out of Joomla Core.

Is it easy to set up? Definitely Yes.

Can I link from Author in an article to the Author profile with a list of that Author's articles? Yes

Can I display an Author box below the article? Yes.

Can I display a list or blog view of Articles by a particular Author? Yes.

Does it support Google Authorship? Yes.

Is there a module that will display a list of Authors? Yes.

It even has a plugin to support automatically adding a user to Author List on registration if that user is set to a certain permission level.

The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because there are a couple of other features I'd really like to see. But that won't stop me from using the extension or recommending it to others.
Reviews: 8
Fast to set up, easy to use, and greatly improved my "authorship". Professional result. Thanks very much.
Reviews: 3
Looked for an extension to add author box, which is supported by both J2.5 and J3.
Author list does the job, and has excellent support - wanted an extra feature, and author added it to the extension right away!
Reviews: 1
I downloaded and installed it right away. However I had a problem (MY problem) with one setting and posted a question in his support forum. Got an answer the next day, with the right solution. Great addon and great support.
Reviews: 1
An easy to install and configure component that does it's job. The support is also quick and helpful. Strongly recommended.
Reviews: 5
It is exactly what I wanted. At the beginning I thought I will not find something for this job but...
One thing this component needs is some styling unless it is my template.
Reviews: 6
A great extensions, I am setting up a new site and can't yet afford all those big community builder plugins etc..
But just to show the Authors list and their articles wow!! what a great extension!! Simple and does what it says..
Solves such a load of headache.. I am gonna donate for sure when I have the money..!!.. :D
Thank You guys!!
Reviews: 1
The extension is very useful as I think it is the only one where you can see all the author's article at once with many options.
Also the creator always there to help you out with problems.
Reviews: 5
I like how it's working on J!2.5, however the blog view (from choose layout options) is not parsing the template correctly. It will need more development stages on that feature later on. It will be great if we can help you with. Put it on github yet?
Owner's reply

We have found and fixed a bug in the blog view which could have been causing the problem you describe. Please try the current package.

Thank you!

Reviews: 9
It is what it says. Very useful for me.
Just Perfect! Thanks
Reviews: 11
Joomla lacks a way to show author info and a list of his/her articles. And this extension does it!

Very easy to use, neat, and east to install. This is a must have for any professional site that has more than one author contributing to it.

I have only two suggestions:
1. I hope there will be way to have an author box under the article showing the name, email, description, photo, and link to profile.
2. I also hope that authors are give the access on the front end to edit their data (at least the description).

I do hope this extension is maintained for the coming version of Joomla in the Future. Because I was using another extension(a commercial one!) for my 1.5 and I was shocked that they decided not to produce one for 2.5.

I was hesitant to use it, because it is a new extension, and I was worried that the producers might chance their mind and stop releasing updates. But I do urge them to do, because this really closes a big gap.

Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you!

I am working on the option to allow authors edit their info from the frontend... soon it should be ready.

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a component that allows me to put a menu for personal blogs of some users. With Author List it was really easy, I only created the authors, put the menus and voilà, personal blogs!
Reviews: 1
It does what it says! Perfectly!
And the support trough the forum it is excellent (tnx chus!)
Reviews: 1
The handling is easy.
The functionality is as is mentioned.

Nice job.