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Authorship Markup Plugin

Authorship Markup will improve your search engines results performance and will boost your CTR. This kind of rich snippet helps you establish a tighter relationship with your readers, gives you more credibility and helps you become an authority in your niche.

Authorship Markup plugin is a Joomla extension which helps you display author information in search results for content.

Authorship Markup plugin features:

- provides an easy way to use authorship markups

- supports authorship markup for multiple authors

- choose between Article Author, Article Author Alias or Contact Name to be displayed as author name.

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Reviews: 11
I have installed dozens of components this was the easiest one I have ever installed and worked like a charm.
Reviews: 2
I had no idea what I was doing! The client's SEO guy asked me to install it because he didn't work with Joomla.

The documentation was straightforward and the minor problem I had was fixed straight away.

Great support... and the SEO guy is happy, so it must work!
Reviews: 2
if this guy took the time to code this thing the least I can do is to say here that this is a perfectly working extension that is easy to set up and delivers as promised
Reviews: 8
All you have to go is create a Goolge+ a/c with an email address that contains the domain the you wish to connect to.

Add the domain in the 'Contribute' section in your G+ a/c

(A good tutorial by kissmetrics on Authorship Markup is available online)

Install this extension and follow the very good instructions provided. It is all there, just need to pay attention to the details!
Reviews: 4
Installed without a problem. Went the settings in the plugin, very easy.

I had to do a few things in users, contacts as per instructions.

I did the google authorship check, it worked!

Great free extension. My

Thanks to Author.
Reviews: 4
Congratulations, you make me save a lot of time :)