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Ultimate Feed Display Module

The Ultimate RSS Feed Display module get from a RSS/Atom Feed url news and display them in a nice style format and is very similar with your contents style. You have the absolute control over the RSS content,text,image,date and title. You set the way you want to dsiplay the feed news!

Some features:
+ Remove unwanted words/chars from text (title and/or feed item description)
+ Feed Filtering by keywords
+ TinyURL support
+ Image Cache added - optimized
+ Feed items Pagination
+ Multiple RSS Feed URL supported!
+ Facebook or youtube thumb images supported
+ Lightbox News Reader (2 Modals=Colorbox (jQuery),SqeezeBox (Mootools) )
+ Set table dimensions (columns, rows,padding)
+ Set Align for Title,Text,Image
+ Set Order for Title,Text,Image
+ Enable / Disable Text,Image,ReadMore,Date & Title
+ Limit Chars for Title
+ Limit by words or chars the text
+ Image Source (1st text image or RSS Enclosure tag)
+ Skip small images parameter added
+ Set image Size Width, Height,margin
+ ReadMore style options (Joomla's style,inline,custom)
+ Clean HTML code (content usualy have dirty html code)
+ Allow HTML Tags (exclude tags) from option above
+ Allow HTML Tags or Exclude Html tags from option
+ Date Format & Date Items Order
+ CSS style for customizing output
+ You can override css & tmpl within your MVC Joomla! template.
+ Feed Source Logo

Keywords: RSS Feed,RSS, RSS Reader, RSS News, Feeds Display, Feed news, Feed items displayer

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Reviews: 5
I tried several free and paid RSS feed extensions before finding this one. This one is great, lots of features, very configurable, easy to format. If your a CSS guy the style sheets are nicely commented (in English). This module lets you exclude or include links, filter out words. Ultimately exactly what I needed to put an attractive eBay feed on my site!
Reviews: 1
We have install the module nicely. We have tring to display feed in arabic language but not woking at all and it's display like "???" instead of arabic language.
Owner's reply

It's unfair to rate the product when you have not searched well the availble parameters. When your feed is not UTF-8 some times it's logic to able to reconginse the characters, that's why there is a Encoding Charset option in advanced parameter group

Reviews: 15
This litle module is amazingly powerful and flexible. We used it build a big beautiful aggregator page for worldwide hunting news. On a weekend, Stergios helped us fix a baffling scripting conflict on the front page. I only wish that level of outstanding support was more common in the Joomla world. In terms of what it can do and the support behind it, absolutely an all-time Best Buy. Plus, there's now an upgraded version that works even better than the original.
Reviews: 1
Is an excelent module, with support always available!

Perfect module.
Reviews: 1
A module and service which are surely worth their money. I had some little issues due to jquery (classic in joomla 2.5) and he manage to install and configure a 3rd party extension which solved problems with other extensions as well.

Perfect module.
Reviews: 7
I had a couple of issues after first installing and configuring this extension but the support was quick and very helpful. It works as it should and is a great value for the money. Highly recommended if you're looking for a module to display an RSS feed and want to have some options about how it should display in your site.
Reviews: 5
I like Ultimate Feed Display because you can show multiple feeds in a nice and compact way.
Feeds open in popup, visitors don't leave your site.
Lots of customisation in settings possible.
And when you need support Stergios is always there!
Reviews: 4
I love when I find an extension like this. I had it installed and configured in 5 minutes. The developer puts in so many options it provides so much flexibility for displaying the feed. Thanks!
Reviews: 8
Thanks for a great module. This is easy to set up, and can work straight out of the box if you do not wish to mod the CSS. And if you do wish to mod the CSS, you can get any kind of result you want. Very much worth the $10 USD - keep up the great work.
Reviews: 1
This is a very good module for getting RSS feeds the way you want it !
And the developer is REALLY helpful !
I had a problem and he actually tweaked the module AND my site to get it to work !
Thank you !
Reviews: 3
Hello, regards from Croatia (sorry about my english) , i have buy this today,is one of the best extensions i have see. If you have not time to write articles,but wonna have a beautiful site with news,this is the best extension! This is the first extensions i have buy,and i am very happy! I have only question,when i install,my site is a little slow,what if i buy CDN,will my site be faster? Many thanks again for the extension, it's really good job!
Owner's reply

Thank you!
If your site is generarly slow you must improve the content (try with Firebug>Pagespeed) or move to better server. Also you can enable the cache.

Reviews: 1
This application is worth for the money. Only with 8 euro you will get great application and great support.
From Application point of view, the reason i bought this application is Keyword Filtering feature. I have search all the corner of JED and i haven't found any application with this feature. Keyword Filtering feature will include or exclude the word / phrase you wanted to, but you cannot do it both. In my opinion, this will be good if the application can do "I want to include this but i want to exclude that". I'm sure the developer has it cross his mind.
Other think is, this application lack of autoscroll feature, it will be nice if the news can scroll automatically.
From the support perspective. The developer give me / us a great support. When you submit the ticket, you will get the response not more than 1 hour. I thought this application had Fast Response Unit.... :D
In my case, after my 1st ticket, the response came to me on 40 mnt, after that not more than 30 mnt.
As you know, I'm also get add-on (scrolling feature) for free
From Buying Process perspective, the process quite simple / short. The developer provide 3 method of payment, PayPal, 2CheckOut, and Bank Transfer(Offline). I Choose 2CheckOut, and the process not more than 30 mnt. And my order is approve.

Overall, this is a great application and great support.
Owner's reply

WOW! Great & analytic review.
Thanks for your good words! Yes, I can confirm, if a client/user request auto-scroll can send it to him the layout (tmpl) for free. I have not included yet in the package. Extra features will be added as soon as possible.

Order's automatically accepted if the gateway gives the "OK" to our system.

Thanks you

Reviews: 1
I think this extension is oké. Had some problems in the beginning with my template. It all looked messy. Contacted the helpdesk about three times and they responded every time within 24 hours. So that is good.

After I installed another template the feed display looked nice. When you install a few different feeds, the site takes quite some time to load.

All together I am average happy with this extension, but a big disappointment is that is does not work on my Ipod / Ipad. I asked questions about this two times, but this time, my mail didn't got answered both times! On my Ipod the feed will open, but you can't sroll, so that is a pitty.

Conclusion: extension is oké, to much feeds it gets quite slow, doesn't work on Ipod / Ipad. With the right template it can look nice.
Reviews: 2
I had tried a large number of non-commercial extensions in an attempt to get my RSS feeds looking the way I wanted, but to no avail. After reading the glowing reviews, I decided to give Ultimate Feed Display a go, and it certainly lived up to the good reviews.

The extension was very easy to configure and I got up and running in no time. The options are very flexible and I have multiple instances of the extension/module on my site, with no issues at all. In fact, I've now replaced all my RSS pages (some of which were using the inbuilt Joomla RSS feed display) with this extension, as it looks so much nicer.

The only *very* minor issue I had was down to the fact that I need to display feeds which sometimes contain no articles (they are weather warning feeds, and if there are no warnings issued, the feed is empty). It would be really nice if there was an option to customise the error message in the case an empty feed, as the default message indicates there's a problem with the feed (under normal circumstances this would be the case).

Apart from that very minor point which is probably fairly specific to my application, the extension is brilliant. It's the first Joomla extension I have purchased and I have no hesitation in recommending it. If you're looking for a very flexible RSS display function for your site, it's well worth the very small cost to purchase this excellent extension.
Reviews: 3
It works well and the support is quick and professional. I really recommend it.
Reviews: 10
This extension is just excellent when it comes to displaying feeds on your site.
It's very customizable, a video lightbox is included, just perfect.
I had minor compatibility problems caused mostly by other extensions, and customer service was very diligent and made sure the problem was fixed ASAP.
Thumbs up!!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to use, delivers content as advertised. Developer is quite responsive and provides great service, I had one minor issue for which got response on very same day.
Highly recommended, this extension is well worth the money.
Reviews: 3
I'm pretty sure I've tried ever tool out there that pulls feeds in - and this tool, by far, does everything I need it to do. Easy to use right out of the box. No problems at all! This is the first Joomla extension I can say that about.

Now - if you could keep all this functionality and be able to create articles/excertps from the feeds that would be fantastic! Only because it would give you greater control - being able to handle the feed pulls as articles.....and it would speed up your site as you wouldn't have to rely on the feeds being pulled down each time a page was refreshed. But, that is not the problem of this tool - just the way it is when pulling feeds.

Highly Recommend!!!
Reviews: 9
I installed the extension without any problems. It works great "out of the box". I entered 2 RSS URLs and played around with the parameters to get the "look and feel" that I wanted. At this point I was impressed with the extension.

As background - I run 2 other sites that have a different RSS Reader installed (which is available from this Joolma repository). This RSS Reader manages 30 URLs without any problem. The system generates 10 pages of text, i.e. 100 links/articles from the feeds.

When I loaded the same 30 URLs into "Ultimate Feed Display", I got the following:

CRASH !!! Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted...

I reduced the number of URLs, and it seems that around the 24 mark the system just falls over every time.

My recommendation:

- Fix this memory issue.
- All the administrator to place the page selectors at the top and/or bottom of the page.
- Manage the URLs seperately and allow each one to be switched on/off.
- Have a "progress bar" to indicate the loading of the articles.

Until then - your product is just not made for "heavy duty" processing. At least change your marketing information and tell people that your product is only for a limited number of RSS feeds.
Owner's reply

first of all the review is welcomed but I think it's unfair.Many links means more connections and this requires a good hosting. All links are fetched together because items must sorted by date.

If you test other same softwares, have the same behavior. By the way, I don't see any support ticket with this issue if you wish you can contact for suggestions

Reviews: 11
Upon researching and installing numerous modules (free), we have exhausted our patience and gave this module a try after paying 8 euros (for a full year of support and 7 euros to renew).

The feed displays are customized. Multiple feeds on one page - no problem! And the best part - it WORKS "out the box." Support is outstanding (fast replies). We highly recommend this module.

Thank You for developing this module and continuing your support into j2.5!
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