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Tabulizer is an application that allows you to add tables to your Joomla! site (articles, modules, K2 items, etc) easily with a consistent feel and look.

This is done by letting Tabulizer to convert plain text (or data from other Excel/CSV/XML/HTML files) to beautiful CSS styled HTML tables or graphs, that may have some other features like search filters and sorting headers.

This could be a huge time saver, especially if you are working a lot with the same type of tables, or if you want to copy table data from other documents, like MS Word and Excel.
You can define your own styles, or use one of the many predefined styles that come with the installation. In any case, you can create your own intelligent styling rules that will format your tables according to your specific needs. On top of styling rules, you can also do simple data calculations, statistical operations, text replacements, cell formatting and many more.

Online wizards and easy-to-use forms allow to do all that without writing code!

Features available in Tabulizer v4.0:
* Regular table editing (for static tables).
* Dynamic table creation from other data sources (database, external files, joomla articles)
* Import data directly from an Excel file (data + images + styling)
* Re-Tabulize an existing table.
* Table to Graph conversion (7 graph types)
* Responsive design (built-in support for 6 patterns)
* Table sorting
* Table search filter
* Table pagination
* Table splitting
* Horizontal and vertical scrolls
* Table prepend and append
* Data calculation
* Data replacements
* Data formatting
* Cell merging
* User preferences
* System info/Conflict resolution
* Improved security

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Reviews: 3
I've subscribed to Tabulizer for several years now, and seen steady and remarkable improvements all the time. The Ruleset Wizard for customized tables is really great, and support is stellar! Responsive tables support is an incredible addition. I can highly recommend this product
Reviews: 4
Very great extension

Match fully with my expectations and I have only good experiences on my website

Fully recommended for websites that are working with tables. (very neice tables)
Reviews: 1
Tabulizer is a great extension.

I use this in conjunction with the reading of Excel spreadsheets.

The support is outstanding!

I can only strongly recommend it to every user!
Reviews: 5
I'm so glad to have discovered this extension. I could save a lot of time. Many Thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 3
This extension is perfect.

I used it for one of my customer.

The main feature is the Excel table importation. It works perfectly well.

Good job !
Reviews: 2
One of the absolutely must have extensions. Works like a dream - easy to configure - and excellent, fast support.
Reviews: 3
Well done! The responsive options are terrific and the creation wizard to quickly add styling saved me the trouble of digging into the css. Pulling the information from an excel spreadsheet and having the table update when the spreadsheet is updated is a timesaver.
Reviews: 5
We were working with a client in the robotics industry. Their target audience was engineers and they wanted a whole bunch of data tables.

In typical fashion we ran around pulling out our hair and crying like little girls. :( The entire site had been done in a responsive framework, and anyone who has tried to make 15-20 tables responsive by hand will sympathize with our tear soaked faces.
Then we stumbled into this extension. Let me tell you...i is an ABSOLUTE GEM! Simple to use, and better yet responsive!
BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! Now our client has the ability to simply FTP an excel spread sheet (needs to be named the same),Update 1 simple parameter, and BADA BOOM! The tables update dynamically! Because you assign a preset; set of CSS rules (which dont worry they have a generator for that all you non-CSS folks) and you can stop worrying about Styling issues.
We had one small problem where the application was not reading the alt+enter breaks used in our excel xml files. within 48 hours we received an email letting us know that they updated the component to fix the issue. Thats Jimmy rigging or all you need to do it: (input a ridiculous string of code only Mark Zuckerberg could understand)
I just cant say enough about this component. That said I need to stop typing....I have tables to place.
Reviews: 1
I usually don't write reviews, but this time I felt obligated by the amazing support. I'm using tabulizer in order to link a number of Excel files to the internal website of the company. The idea is that when the Excel files are modified the linked HTML tables on the website are updated automatically. The author of this extension not only helped me to understand the inner working of this amazing application, but he was kind enough to help me to create the table templates (or rulesets) according to my specific needs.
Reviews: 2
The extension works as advertised and generates beautiful tables.

We had a small issue that was fixed within a few hours, and Dimitrios even extended our subsription to include a full year.

Highly recommended product if you need to beautify your tables in Joomla.
Reviews: 1
Very simple to install and use. I have had a look at version 3 which loads straight from a saved Excel file , great product.

The support is the best I have had from any extension.

Money well spend.
Reviews: 1
When we were looking for a way to import large amounts of tables, Tabulizer looked promising. My client has a manufactures and sells food supplements. There are about 300 ingredients tables that we need to get on the website.

But when we start to use it, it solved more problems than we originally realized.

Dimitrios wrote custom rulesets that solved a lot of css problems we faced. He made it look so easy.

My client and I are hugely impressed with Tabulizer. But we're even more impressed with the developer behind it.

We received excellent service. Dimitrios spend a little extra time to make sure he completely understands our requirements.
Reviews: 2
Very simple component, that makes exact what we need.

I has a problem with spans and asymmetrical tables, sent mail to support and received very professional and fast support!!!

Special thanks to Dimitrios!!!
Guys, you are BEST!
Reviews: 7
honestly, working with tables in joomla is a nightmare, specially you have to deal with hundreds of them.
This component has been an outstanding helper to my recent job. As everyone else already stated, it's an enormous timesaver.
I had trouble converting several CSV files that turned out to be not 'well formed' but the developer was very helpful explaining how to solve this.

A small investment into the right tool can make a big difference to your workflow.
This is a 5 star tool.
Reviews: 1
Joomla is an excellent CMS, but what makes it really great is the prolific Joomla community (9.447 extensions at the time of this review!). Tabulizer is one these extensions that could make me choose Joomla over another CMS. I'm developing a site for food aficionados with recipes and restaurant info and reviews. Tabulizer helped me greatly to add info in tables very fast. One of its features I used a lot is the replacement functionality which allows me let's say to type 5S that Tabulizer converts to a five star image (I have created a replacement rule that replaces text 5S with html code to display a five star image). Another great thing is since the site is still in development, if in the future I decide to change to Joomla template I can simply change a single CSS file and all the tables created with Tabulizer will adjust to the new theme.
Reviews: 117
I have to say, a big big thank you for developing this Component and Plugin, it's been hard work up till now trying to input tables and columns into Joomla Articles.

Not any more.... This makes everything simple as life should be. I gotta take my HAT OFF to you guys and say it's worth every penny. I paid £10 which is not a great deal of money or such a superb component.

If you are looking at this and thinking.... Do I buy it... Don't I buy it? Stop thinking and start doing.

Reviews: 1
I used Tabulizer for an intranet site that my company is developing in order to share data among employees. My job was to transfer data from MS Word tables to html tables in Joomla articles. Not having experience with HTML and CSS styling, I was having trouble copying and formatting tables from MS Word. Then, a colleague of mine installed Tabulizer and created a table template for me (called a ruleset) and now I can copy tables from Word in seconds instead of minutes! I highly recommend this extension to anyone that works a lot with tables in Joomla articles.
Reviews: 1
Previous reviews drew my attention to Tabulizer. I work a lot with data in MySQL, Access and Excel, but I'm not a developer. I use some extensions inside or outside Joomla to present and edit data. My search for a displaying solution within a Joomla article and embedded within text has been crowned with Tabulizer. The idea of inserting and converting csv data is very simple and cleanly executed. For static presentations I export a MySQL query with a tool like SQLyog and import the data with Tabulizer. The support by developer Dimitrios is remarkable. I experienced a bug in IE9 (like many others?), but Dimitrios seemingly was available day and night to solve the the problem. And this support came free!Cheers for my Greek helper.
Reviews: 1
For one of my clients I have to make a lot of tables and the styling has always been the tricky part in Joomla. If you want to save a lot of time and effort, once set up and installed, Tabulizer is a really excellent tool. For a very small fee, Dimitrios made my CSSheets for me and my IT people uploaded it into the site (I'm a marketer not a Computer Science graduate!). Dimitrio provides the best customer service on the planet - he even made me a video to show me how to use it. If you have to make tables in Joomla and you want to speed up the process - get Tabulizer.
Reviews: 1
I came across this extension, as I was looking for a solution to one of my clients site. This extension allows you to add a table into any Joomla article without using the default editor's insert table button. Tabulizer is much more convenient because (a) allows to type the table data as plain text (b) takes care of the table formatting (background colors, fonts, etc).

So, if you work a lot with tables and you find it cumbersome to work with tables in your Joomla articles, you should definitely give it a try.
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