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FLEXIcontent is an advanced content management system developed to greatly enhance the native article manager of Joomla! (com_content)

- Content Types (=custom forms)
- Many highly parametrized powerful fields with select content plugin triggering
- Drag-drop templating
- Multi-Category assignments (secondary & featured)
- High performance FACETED filtering !!!
- Author management with limitations for subscriptions sites
- etc

10x-20x more features in free version, compared to other Free CCK/Directory components

Thus, FLEXIcontent was designed to manage content in a broad sense:
- articles,
- image or video galleries,
- job offers,
- product catalogues,
- business directories,
- hotel directories
- etc
within a single user interface.

-- This means for the end user, unparalleled simplicity of use, everything happens in one place.
-- Mastering 10 components to be able to administrate an entire website isn’t required anymore.
-- For the web designer / end user / developer, it means a lot less headaches of interoperability/maintenance

Some of FLEXIcontent Unique features:
(none in other component's Free versions, many unique compared to commercial versions)

-- Multi Category assigments, with multiple featured categories (configurable via our Advance Route Plugin, see our FAQ)
-- Multiple Document versioning (combined with workflow and powerful notifications messages, see below)
-- Multi-state Workflow to assist both editors & publishers to add/update content to your site
-- Highly configurable powerful notification system: (Global) Component + Per Content Type + Per category
-- High parametrized Fields(=joomla plugin each) (carefully structured to assist configuration and be performance wise)
-- Powerful relation/reverse Relation fields to create custom Content Item sub-listing inside a Content Item
-- An powerful image/gallery field to create DB-reusable image/galleries or item-field specific galleries with numerous parameterization options
-- Multiple filter apperances: text field/single select/dual text range/dual select range/toggle radio/toggle checkbox(multiple filter values)
-- FACETED filter behavior for almost all searchable fields: showing filter values according to current filtering and current
-- A -Free- Advanced Search view (to host the above 2, but also available in categories too) and create content-rich listings
-- Directory/Catalog features, directory view + a powerful Alpha-Index with character aliases, character aggregations, language customizations
-- Selective plugin triggering in all fields
-- High performance frontend views and items manager, with steady performance as sites grows (**installing on EXISTING larges sites 20,000+ items is still slow, TODO), (and works with full page caching extensions)
-- 30+ ACL actions (e.g. edit field value)
-- ... many more UNIQUE

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Reviews: 1
watching this extenion for 2 years now on svn googlecode, using flexicontent forum for detailed questions,recherche and learning...

1.)if i am struggling with custom modifiactions, using the component, and also features request, Theres is always HELPFUL!!, DAILY!!, COMPETENT!! answer/solution!!!!

That makes using this very complex component a dream, and ideas or visions of extented use are not bordered by own technical knowhow...

2.)The component is in ACTIVE Developed all TIME:
feautures, bugs, Joomla LTS. updates,...

understanding how to make custom changes to fe. templates UPGRADABLE is very important, because the component gets constantly optimized, feautures upgraded,

3.)Versions of Joomla compatibility from 1.5 to 3.3.x neatless!!!!always in time, NO LTS philosophy!!!

even Version for Joomla 1.5 users where(are?) maintained a long time after joomla removed support.

3.)the component itself:
depending on the homepage-project dimension and knowledge, offers IMPORT of CSV, alot of plugins, template-Views of DATA, filtering, really something to dive into.

It is not totally easy, but iam glad about projects, where this component gets used and shows its power.

GREATEST WORK, AWESOME flexiteam/developers/moderators!!!!!!!
Reviews: 1
Really incredible extension. It has a solution for everything I was looking to do.

Best of all the support is one of the best I've had.

Great job guys!
Reviews: 2
This extension has been excellent from the beginning. It has an easy to use template system, and field level acl support. This amazing feature allows us to use this as the core of our library, while securing full access for only subscribed users.

Also, the support team is very responsive with suggestions and solutions. Overall, I could not be happier.
Reviews: 1
Lots of options, infinite possibilities, great forum support. Way yo go if you need more than Joomla's core functionality.
Reviews: 1
So powerful that we view every day.
A question, a problem? No worries, a community available and reactive. Quick updates and continuous developments.
Joomla, it is.
Joomla flexicontent, It's better.
Thanks to the developers, translators and the user community.
Reviews: 2
Almost any application can be designed through Flexicontent.
His framework for various joomla plugin modules can continue to use.
Unlike any other CCK, he has maximum flexibility and compatibility.
He does not need to find support modules, because he is compatible with any of the articles module.
If you are good at design templates, you can easily create anything is possible.
You can design any conditions through Flexicontent module content presentation.
Thank Flexicontent ongoing development efforts.
Reviews: 1
FLEXIcontent is by far a Great component.

Really Good!, Awesome product, Very useful and excellent support, User-friendly, Excellent Team.

The best under this category, and all this for free.

The missing in the FLEXIcontent for non-developers like me, it is a form generator.

Thank you very much for this Big compoment.

(Sorry for my poor english)
Reviews: 1
Quick and intelligent support.
Extremely FLEXIble extension, I have searched for months, but all I needed were here!
Since my site is non-commercial, it is great, that people like me can get top-quality product with that level support.
Reviews: 1
This is the most powerful extension for Joomla, its features should be included in the core Joomla installation. The support is excellent, they are really helpful. And best of's completely free!!! Respect to the developers!
Reviews: 10
FlexiContent is THE top grade CCK component. Everything you could imagine doing with your Joomla! site is now possible. Flexible, as its name claims. Best of all, support is very quick helpful. Thanks for all!
Reviews: 1
I follow this extension for a long time now and I can give it 5 stars

first of all, you need to found a clear project to use the beat
show articles multigatorised, multitags to give to the reader a multiway to found information
Reduce number of components to speed website and update too
Show special fields for some specific articles
fields can be easy linked for most a major plugins to show maps, documents, audio, video ...
compatible with most of comments components, i use komento from my side
Compatible with joomfish and falang for multilingual articles
Fully customizable for CSS specialist, no need to be a a king of php to easely modify specific template

FC team works a lot to keep his component update with the last joomla version (J3.3)
and give us one of the best and speedest support (you never sleep Georgios)

thanks a lot for your flexi component

take care
Bertrand (sorry for my poor english)
Reviews: 1
This is a great component that allows a great amount of customization. You can alter styling globally, based on the type of content, the category of the content, the author of the content, or even individual articles.

I can't NOT mention the wonderful support offered by the developers on their website's forum. They go above and beyond.
Reviews: 1
This review is slightly different to most so here it goes.

After installing this extension and banging my head against the wall, looking all over the net for relevant/up to date English tutorials or documentations to no avail I decided to uninstall.

Now you know how frustrated we can get when we spend hours attempting to get things to work in harmony? Well, after the uninstall the site front-end didn't work, access errors.

So I decided to try the forum.

Registration went smooth, but the response was just unexpected. I was contemplating a Joomla repair, yeah, daunting. I was hoping to wait days while the topic got viewed but no answers. Instead I had a resolution within 40 minutes or less. For a free extension that level of response is priceless, just like so many users are saying in their reviews.

Not only that I realised that Joomla was doing something it possibly shouldn't be doing, not sure about what happened there, could be a bug, if the developer of Flexicontent didn't log into the site and spotted it I wouldn't have.

SO, I am going to bang my head against the wall and handle the learning curve, it will delay the project slightly, but, for the response I receive I am going to reinstall Flexicontent as soon as I finish this review.

Thanks a lot.
Owner's reply


thank you for your review,

just want to comment about the issue, you said it, but i want to make it more clear, the issue was that the homepage menu item was a view not allowed to guests, and joomla error message was a bit confusing indeed, about reason of investigating, for us bugs are high priority, (of course feature requests may wait for ...)

about documentation, as soon as we finish some planened UI apperanace changes, we will be making tutorial videos !, but already some documentation articles are being added for fields

- unlike documentation these are rich and/or well done:

a. 100+ FAQ articles, yes these are not documentation, but the answer many question

b. v2.2.0 complete work in v2.1.x of restructuring of parameters and grouping parameter up to 4+1(tabs) levels to make easier/intuitive to locate things despite SIZE of component

our current focus is on high-end (stunning) performance in large web-sites, currently testing with websites up to 250,000 items (yes and even larger than that) and adding the 2 most important features missing from FC ...

a rich (video) documentation will be complete during summer

thank you

Reviews: 1
The team is very supportive and patient with queries.

They are also very prompt in the responses and creative.

Very good product. :)

Keep it up Flexi Team :)
Reviews: 8
I have used several CCK extensions over the past few years. I have been blown away by the ease and flexibility Flexicontent delivers. I plan on using it for several projects moving forward to streamline my web site production and replace some of the other extensions I have used in the past. Very happy to have this tool available.
Reviews: 1
Thank you to share your extension and for the very good support.
Reviews: 1
It will overcome limitation of default joomla Article form.
Reviews: 3
It is really a very good extension with great support. Has solved my needs !!! Maybe it is not so easy for beginners. My wish list could include more easy customization of universal content (I solved thanks great customer service). Great job !!
Reviews: 3
This extension is very useful and easy to use.
The filter system is just perfect for big site.
Reviews: 1
I am incredibly impressed with both the extension and the support availability. Flexicontent takes Joomla to a whole new level.
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