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RWCards Component

This release includes:
- RWCards 5 for Joomla 3.x
- RWCards 4 for Joomla 1.6/2.x
- RWCards 3.1.1 for Joomla 1.5 / 1.6

RWCards is a Joomla component for managing and sending E-Cards.

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Reviews: 2
I've messed around with this on Joomla 1.6 on my localhost and it looks like a good programme. Sadly though, it doesn't seem to work on Joomla 1.7!
Owner's reply

As you see it runs on my site which is at the moment of today 1.7.3, so....

Reviews: 8
Dont let the demo fool you. It doesnt have a lot of ecard inside. The program is actually quite flexible and easy to use with plenty of functions. It looks good once you added you own cards.
Reviews: 2
The Joomla1.6 version is clean and neat, would look good on any site, any problems go to Ralf's website and post in the forum. He is quick to respond and very helpful. This component is great and if you have a community site indispensable! I'll be putting it on all my sites.
Reviews: 6
Easy handling, everything straight and perfect.

I made some major changes to the code. Ralf helped very fast with perfect hints. Looking forward to use this component again.
Reviews: 6
I alwasys liked RWCards, but I knew it was simple and not feature rich. It did what it said it does, and very well at that. But add it to K2 and a few tweaks and you are looking at a very nice ecard layout.

Great Jobs Weberr!
Reviews: 2
installed it without any problem. Had to adapt the language file. Some needed adaptations for the card height, but solved via forum. Thank you ralf!
Reviews: 4
Great cheers to the creator of this E-cards component.

i use it on my fireworks website and the component installed perfectly had to change some language text but no problem.

it has no errors / bugs so far i seen.

5 stars, great e-card component
Reviews: 3
Thanks a bunch for this great piece of comp :). Would be perfect with the possibility to add a few words on the different display pages…
Reviews: 9
Quite a good extension, easy to install and use.

And it works right out of the box, just as you need it to do.

For me it lost few points in the customization. The template and css for the views are not quite well done. But if it comes from a pure developer then i am not surprised ;)

But the most important is that it works great.

cheers for that extension
Reviews: 31
this a very classy & flawless extension which displays all your ecards on your site in a way which looks good & is easy for your visitors to use. it works well without any problems or bugs and is very easy to customize (the text files are in your sites language folder). support is excellent too.
if an ecard extension is what you need, this a must-have!!
Reviews: 4
This does everything I wanted it to do, and looks great too! Ralf's support for the couple of issues I was having was second to none. So much so that I was compelled to write my first review on here. Thanks so much Ralf!

Quick note to other newbies - make sure the categories and cards have descriptions and titles. Also, make sure permissions are set correctly on images.

Thanks again.
Reviews: 1
When I first installed the component, I was very disappointed by the result, I couldn't work it out. I then contacted Ralf (the developer) and I received and immediate and great support.

Now that the component works fine on my website, I'm more than pleased with it.

Bravo Ralf!
Reviews: 30
This is a lovely program. There is excellent support on the forum: I got responses the same day as posting.

The only tip for new users: make sure your categories have cards in them. If you have any empty categories, the program might not show on the front end. Other than that little discovery, I had no difficulty installing and using RWCards. It's very nice, looks great, and very easy to use.

I make the ECards from photos that my users contribute, so it's also a community project. If you're using Jomsocial, there's a "userpoints" hack for RWCards in the Jomsocial support forums that gives userpoints when the RECEIVER of the Ecard goes to read it on your site.

RWCards can also work like an Invitation system. I created one category with invitations to my site, which any of my users can send to their friends. And, get userpoints!

I'm very pleased with RWCards. It turned out to be much more flexible and useful than I expected. Very, very nice!!
Reviews: 1
Very basic and easy to install.
In my case the response time for support was really fast.

Easy to customize language and make it fit your type of service.

Only problem I've had is not with the product but with email spam filters.
Reviews: 8
The component isn't working as it should on my site but it appears to be working for the developer and others so I won't be critical for that reason. Support has been very good. He responds quickly even though we're on different continents! Questions are answered but no solutions. So, the problem must not be with the component. All images are not showing on the front and backend. Images are selective as to what will convert to @rwcards or not. Have no idea why.

The images that are shown look great on the cards. I've been able to send ecards as a test and receive the confirmations of being sent and read. So, there's a glitch somewhere but apparently not with the component.
Reviews: 97
This is a very good component. I hope the author can improve the uploading feature, since if we have too many categories of e-cards, why not create sub-folders for each category ?

In addition, I think use Flash video file (.swf) to make E-cards is more beautiful. Please add support for SWF videos. When the receipient got the notification mail, he can click the link inside the mail to go to our website to watch the SWF video.

Reviews: 2
Very easy to set up and use and looks great.
Reviews: 1
This is a great component. It does what I need from it. It's simple and easy.
Reviews: 1
Very good component, but if you want to disable captcha in the backend, you will have to do some serious recoding to the frontend to keep the component alive.