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*** New version 3 released, now compatible with Joomla! 1.5 to 3.x ***

Adding image galleries inside your Joomla! articles is now super-easy and simple, using the magical "Simple Image Gallery" plugin for Joomla!.

The plugin can turn any folder of images located inside your Joomla! website into a grid-style image gallery with cool lightbox previews. And all that using a simple plugin tag like .

So for example, if we have a folder called "my_trip_to_Paris" located in images/stories/my_trip_to_Paris, then we can create our gallery by simply entering the tag into some Joomla! article.

The galleries created are presented as a grid of image thumbnails. When your visitors click on a thumbnail, they see the original image in a lightbox popup. The thumbnails are generated and cached using PHP for better results.

So let's briefly see what are the main advantages of using Simple Image Gallery: a) You don't need to have an additional gallery component to display a few images, b) you don't need to tell your visitors "to see our photos from Paris click here" and c) you focus more on content writing and less on administering the images!

The plugin is ideal for news portals wanting to display some product images, for example, inside their articles. Or for people who quickly wanna show their summer vacation pictures. With Simple Image Gallery, you can have as many galleries as you want inside each article.

Please note that if you want to create a gallery from a subfolder located inside your "image gallery root folder", simply adjust the plugin syntax to reflect the remaining path (after your set "root folder"),. Make sure you write the path to your target folder without any slashes at the beginning or the end of your path.

You can see a demo of the plugin here:

Simple Image Gallery is a Joomla! plugin developed by JoomlaWorks, released under the GNU General Public License.

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Reviews: 4
I was using an image rotator before but out of a sudden it is no longer functioning, I don't know why? Running out of time , since my boss is harassing me to produce the photo gallery on our site, and having no time to troubleshoot and re install the previous image rotator I used, I opted to use this one, although not moving (still), it does it job. Thanks to the developer. It is only a plugin but wow!!! what a great job he has done.
Reviews: 1
I'm not even familiar with some of the terms used but struggle along with my joomla 3.2 adding content and admin. Downloaded and installed this extension and had my first gallery up and running in under 5 mins. Brilliant. Will now extend this to all of my 400+ pages and probably buy the pro version just to support the developers. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Excelent component
Excelent support (paid version)
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension and easy to use. In addition really wonderful support is available. I am so impressed with the response time when I have had questions. Highly recommend this.
Reviews: 1
Its simple yet nice. Good for site that doesn't need to show too much pictures like blog sites. Loading of pictures is easy too.
Reviews: 3
Better choice when you need a simple gallery. Works across all browsers. Moreover it's completely free to use :)
Reviews: 2
It is simple to use, it is clean and it does just what I need for my site! Thanks you.
Reviews: 6
It took me only 10 minutes to get it working, and it looks good on my site. Very nice, thanks developers
Reviews: 2
We have tried the Pro version. I would expect the Pro version to be better/more feature complete than the free version.
Although it has a fancy interface and the install is a no-brainer, it lacks even the simplest of functions. No paging makes it less than useful for galleries with more than 10 or so images. The main image is not centered, I can not change the background colour, I can not control how many thumbs are displayed per row, thumbs are not filling the boxes they are in so there are large empty spaces around them, etc. Although you could hack around in code/CSS to fix this, I expect more for something you pay for and that calls itself "Pro". Also, be aware that the license is non-refundable no matter what the reason is, even if the thing doesn't work at all.
Reviews: 4
Very easy to use plug-in. Easy to download and user friendly GUI. And moreover, it's compatible with the latest versions too. This is the best gallery if you need fast and reliable gallery solution.
Reviews: 1
I can recommend Simple Image Gallery PRO. It meets average needs for anyone looking for image gallery software that is easy to implement.

I did, however, have some Javascript conflicts in SIG PRO, concerning front- and backend. The frontend issue was due to another plugin combining JS files.

Support is helpful once you get to talk with the right person.
Reviews: 35
This is a must-have extension and is worth the low price for all that it does. Excellent support (via ticket system)...and front end gallery publishing too. Revamped back end makes gallery creation, image uploads, titling and captioning easy - it's all in a GUI. This is a case of 'the best keeps getting better.'
Reviews: 1
It took me lest than 10 minutes to install it and see it in action. Well done
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this simple solution, Joomla! should have this as a default plugin!! +5 Great and simple!!
Reviews: 2
this is great
so simple
so easy
and the most important - ITs WORK !@
Reviews: 3
I've used the Pro version of this for some time now, and always thought it was well worth the small fee. I've just updated to the latest version, which is even better!

I'm struggling to understand a couple of the more negative reviews - the developer provides excellent documentation (try reading it!) and their support is swift and extremely helpful.

Thanks for a brilliant extension!
Reviews: 5
Like one of the previous reviewers, I only came across JoomlaWorks after recently installing K2. Do a search for "image gallery" on the extensions directory, and the Pro version of this software doesn't even appear.

I have to admit I haven't used the free version, I went straight ahead and bought the PRO version (it's only around 18 euros), and for that you get a backend interface that isn't only intuitive and easy to use, but streets ahead of virtually all other joomla extensions in terms of its "look and feel" (and this is on a joomla 2.5 site).

The choice of 6 different gallery types is great. My favourite is "Polaroid" whose font looks like you've handwritten the image title.

Do yourself a favour and just buy the PRO version: you'll love it, and your purchase will help fund future developments of such excellent pieces of software as this.
Reviews: 2
I have used this extension In my recent joomla website. The image slider works great and is very easy to change the images. The look is professional and easy to install. Good work
Reviews: 5
I am becoming a fan of joomlaworks. I'm using their extensions k2 & All Videos for years. Recently, I got a chance to use this extension in my clients website. Client is happy and I am more than happy. Thanks friends !!!
Reviews: 3
Best way to display an image gallery in content. The Pro version is really good.
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