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2J Gallery it’s the one of the most effective and attractive ways to organize your images gallery on Joomla! website. You have here all necessary tools for creation of the gallery, upload images and customization of the front end interface of the gallery. 2J Gallery front end interface is CSS3 based what is most important it’s highly customizable. 2J Gallery have 8 per-configured themes with 4 different animation on Hover effects and 6 light boxes.
It’s possible to insert multiply copies of the gallery at the same page and every gallery could have own settings. No limits for amount of uploaded images to the gallery and amount of the gallery instances per page.
You can insert gallery as module, direct link to the 2J Gallery component or insert it to the article using plugin tags. For gallery plugin tags generation we have implement wizard where you just need to select gallery instance and it’s generate and insert tags to the article automatically.
For uploading images to the gallery implemented set of the simple and very powerful tools. Joomla! administrator can upload set of the images to the gallery using batch upload function or upload images from server directory with scan directory function. If you don't need to upload big sets of images you can upload few images one by one in 2J Gallery resources manager.
Installation and configuration of the gallery is really simple you don't need any special skills everything build in Joomla! native style.
* AJAX Gallery (No Flash here!);
* Batch gallery images uploading;
* Upload gallery images from server directory (scan directory option);
* Auto-resizing of the gallery thumbnails and images ;
* Resizing crop function;
* Fluid or Fixed gallery width (acceptable values px, % or Auto);
* No Limits for amount of images in photo gallery;
* No Limits for amount of photo galleries per page;
* Mobile devices support;
* 6 light boxes, 4 animation OnHover effects
* Compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome;
* All gallery themes are CSS3 based;
* Ability to insert gallery to the article with plugin tag;
* 8 per-configured gallery styles;
* Support Videos in popup;
* Support Google Maps in popup;

=========== Version 1.0.4 released ( 26-03-2013 )===========
Gallery Pagination function:
- 4 themes for pagination buttons;
- 2 postions for the buttons;
- Customizable button labels;
- Customizable buttons layout;
Customizable gallery lightbox navigation labels;
New content type for the lightbox:
- Description of the gallery image with HTML;
- Page loaded by direct link;

=========== Version 1.0.3 released ( 07-03-2013 )===========
Updated scan gallery images from folder function:
- Ajax uploader interface with folders navigator;
- Animated visualisation process;
- Log of the uploaded files with statistic;
- Unlimited files upload per session;
Enable/disable description of the gallery images in lightbox;
Lazy load function - show animated pre-loader during gallery thumbna

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Reviews: 4
I had a favorite Gallery Component for my J25 website. Unfortunately, a J3 version has not yet been released for it so I have been looking for a more reliable, beautiful and conflicts-free alternative after moving to J3. I have tried almost all the available out there but I can now say that my search is over. 2J Gallery installs smoothly, works on my website without javascript conflicts and has a friendly support team behind it.
Reviews: 2
I've tried many different joomla gallerys but this is the best. It has many options and is easy to install and to use. And the support is very fast, effective and friendly.
Reviews: 5
The best joomla gallery component out there.

Mangement of images and config of gallery layout is easy and effective.

Lightboox visual effect is also very nice.
Reviews: 1
Before I had some free extensions but this extions didn't bring up what I wanted. So I looked for an gallery extension for reasonable price where you can change different things. 2JGallery has it! I think it's the best Gallery extension on the moment now and for a very reasonable price. Definitely worth it ! And the support is superior.
Reviews: 12
It's just a terrific product! Perhaps the best gallery of all that we have. Rapid support, huge adjustability! Use it on almost all my projects - no glitches or problems. Super!
Reviews: 2
This is my first extension from 2Joomla Team and will definitely not be my last one! The extension 2J Gallery is very easy to use and I really enjoy using it.
As I'm using another extension for Search Engine Friendly URL's I had some problems to set it up in the beginning and contacted the support.I have to say, that the support is not just very fast, it is extremly helpfull and friendly!
They solved my problem immediately! All thumbs up and a 5+ star rating for the extension and the support!
Reviews: 1
2J Gallery was the first extension I had bought from 2JTeam. In the meantime I also bought the 2J Tabs because both can combine together in a really natural way.
2J Gallery is easy to implement, easily configurable, with lots of possibilities offered (Include Google Maps, Youtube etc...) and just working perfectly. I am also impressed by the speed of the tool. Images are immediately loaded and even on tablets they display perfectly. I recommend it definitely.
Reviews: 1
For me its the best gallery extension for responsive design.
Many functions made it easy to create an individual layout.
The support is excellent and very very fast.
Reviews: 3
I was looking for a gallery with plenty of display options. I found it! Easy to use - Great image upload and directory options as well. I also contacted support with a small question and was quickly helped.
Reviews: 8
It is good extension but it doesn't work with joomla 3.1+ it means you are getting installation error JPath::clean: $path is not a string.
as long as you are working with lower version it is ok
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. Our extensions installing and working properly on all Joomla! versions from 1.6 to latest 3.2. We permanently make updates and follow the latest changes in Joomla!
You could have this error only in the case if you try to install some old package to the latest Joomla! Of course if you downloaded it before Joomla 3.2 (Alpha) was released and trying to install in Joomla 3.2 it's not gonna work bec. we wasn't able to predict functionality of the Joomla 3.2 in our extensions before release of this Joomla! version.
If you still have such problem please just contact support and we'll help you to sort everything in couple of minutes. You need just re-download latest package and install it at your server. Also we can help you to install without any problems.
So this problem do not exist and very sad to receive 3 stars for this...

Reviews: 2
The extension is perfect! They have take and use a lot of my clients and everyone says the same words... "just perfect"!
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for the excellent module. I installed the module without problems on my site. I then had a little trouble viewing the images on my template. When I wrote to support, the answer was almost instantaneous and the problem was immediately solved. I am very satisfied. Support is excellent!!
Reviews: 4
For my first time used, all i can say is 2J Gallery plugin is one of my best extension i had for all of my joomla projects for this year!

Its just awesome!

I also love the customer support I had with them! Quite friendly too!

Thanks 2Joomla Team for the fast support!

Reviews: 2
I've purchased J3 extension, love it so much specially the different hover effects.
Reviews: 3
I'm running this gallery because I want responsiveness. Really simple to install and load pictures. Support show me link to the video guide, where i find some useful videos. The price is a fair, I'd recommend this without hesitation.
Reviews: 10
This is seriously one of the BEST extensions for Galleries and presentation.
1. Perfect presentation and flexibility and so easy out of the box!
2. Support is fantastic. I had no access and asked silly question about configuration and anwser was immediately.
3. Works perfectly with responsive layout and huge plus works on Mobile devices :)
With a little imagination you can create magic with this extension! Seriously, I tried so many and this one is one of the best. I only tried on Joomla2.5 though.
I was looking for something suitable for very competitive website in renovation business where I can present products. Awesome job
Support is BEYOND awesome. Thanks a million and more!

Easy to download, easy to install , easy to configurate even if you don't read instructions, easy to place in modules. I can see huge usage for anything even as linking.

With so many non-commercial extensions on the market and some fantastic too...but it is the best really so far with flexibility. It was money well spend in my case. Worth every penny and I know my client will stand out from the crowd which makes them happy! You can use it for landing pages with linking and description - simply amazing staff! Love it and would give 10 out of 10 if I could.
Reviews: 1
Does what it says & more. I am using this extention on 3 of my sites with very satisfactory professional looking results.

Have used other 'Free' Gallery extensions, but this is so much better & well worth the cash outlay.

Support is very quick to respond, with answers that were easy to follow & implement to rectify the issue.

Great Documentation ...

Highly recommend this extension
Reviews: 5
I've used intensely on a website and it slows down my webpages.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your "one line review". Looks like you a first user who had any complaints for a slow work of our gallery, btw. we have hundreds of the customers who creating really huge galleries with out any problems. Even more appreciated that you didn't get a chance to submit any support ticket, but find some time for 2 stars review.
To be honest looks like you really a not our customer, bec. if you would be, you should know that in our extensions implemented: Joomla! native caching support;
caching CSS and JS and as result using fully pre-generated files; images caching (it's generate during size definition process); function for loading only visible images (to make page loading time minimal); Implemented ajax based pagination function with partial pre-loading of the images;
Also we help to sort all kind of problems in our support section, in some cases even if the reason of the problem not our extensions at all.
So looks like "slows down my webpages" has some other reason.... or it's myth at all. Thank you again for your fairness. Good luck in your own business!

Reviews: 10
I've used a few image galleries over the years, and this one is the best of a decent bunch.

Whilst the non-standard administration via instances takes a little while to learn, once you've done so you're left with a really well built extension with some superb configuration options.

The price is a fair one, I've yet to test support, but from what I've seen so far I'd recommend this without hesitation.
Reviews: 3
Using this on a 2.5 site. I'm a relative Joomla novice and had no problem installing it or getting it running.
The fact that this extensions resizes the thumbnails for you and gives you a number of customisable options is great.
Excellent support too. I highly recommend it. The only drawback is there appears to be some incompatibility with displaying albums within a page Joomblog. It worked fine initially but fell over after upgrades (upgraded both - so not sure where the issue was introduced).
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