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Unite Responsive Tile Gallery is flexible and easy to integrate photo gallery featured in Metro Design. It allows you to build your unique photo wall with your custom settings.

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Auto Responsive
Metro Design
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Reviews: 2
I needed a photo gallery extension for my site, and having searched through the many options here I came across this extension. It is very simple to use, and to upload photos, etc. It looks very professional and slick, and added a lot to my photos page.

The best part was that, having paid for and installed the extension, I found that I had an issue getting it to work correctly. Not only did this turn out to be a JQuery issue on my template, not the extension, but the support was the best I've had yet for a Joomla extension.

You have to register with the developers support ticket system, but I had an initial response within 24 hours, and the whole issue was fixed hours afterwards by the developer.

I wholeheartedly recommend this extension (and it's developer) to anyone looking for a professional, well functioning extension.
Reviews: 1
Works as expected, had an issue with the thumbnails not being as sharp as i would like as a photographer, but with a request to support they got back very quickly with a great solution.
Reviews: 1
Excellent gallery, I am very pleased. Very fast support, quickly helped me to make the necessary changes in translation. Gallery just super.
Reviews: 1
Works like a charm, not at all expensive and you get very fast support. I would recommend it to anyone!
Reviews: 1
Fantastic, easy and great plugin.

I had minor language change request (since my site is not in English). Even on the weekend the response and fix were within hours.

You will not regret buying this Component!

Reviews: 16
Is very simple to use and it works, very good extension.Is clean and is what I was looking for.
Reviews: 1
The Gallery is very simple to Use and
it makes what it promises. It is responsive at all devices that I've tested. Image Management is very comfortable and offers many functions.

Tile Gallery is not only an Excellent PlugIn, the Support is also awesome.

Thank you Guys for your Great product and your assistance.
Reviews: 2
It does what it should, easy to setup and beautiful effect..

The price is reasonable for everybody .. the support is fast.

Reviews: 11
I bought this component because of its nice responsive behaviour. Works like a charm from the beginning. I had a problem with the resolution of the gallery images which was even resolved on the weekend. Great!!!
Reviews: 2
Great plugin, very easy to use, does as says. Received support within 5 minutes.
Reviews: 1
AMAZING SUPPORT - I can't believe the level of help I received and the gallery is amazing looking - 5 stars all the way!!!!!
Reviews: 1
This galley is superb. Worls exactly as described, very easy to set up and maintain. I had a configuration issue involving a template but I contacted Unite Support and it was resolved in an hour. AMAZING!
Reviews: 1
Unite Responsive Tile Gallery is very nice and cleane module.
Support is fast and helpful.
Recommended program! 5 stars!
Reviews: 1
Unite cms tile gallery is a very simple, responsive and elegant gallery. It's easy to use and it does exactly what it promisses.
The support is brilliant. Quick answers that matters. Really helpfull.
Reviews: 4
This extension does exactly what it says - a responsive gallery with a great layout and simple to use upload facility.

I contacted their support about a file upload size I was hitting (I wanted to upload some very hi-res photos that were over 8mb) and they contacted me within 20 minutes explaining why they limited the filesize and attaching a patch to increase the limit.

Couldn't be happier with the service I received and would recommend to everyone.
Reviews: 1
I liked it alot! creates beatiful thumbnail, super responsive and very easy to configure! 5 starts from me!
Reviews: 2
The extension is very well developed, and easy to use on the back end. I had a conflict with my template - getting it worked out. However, the responsiveness and helpfulness of their support is some of the best around.
Reviews: 2
Installed gallery on jooma 3 and component looks nice. I had small issues but support help me to sort everything really fast. In general I like it! Gallery simple and smooth. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
After purchasing and using the extension, I ran into a few minor issues with the Tile Gallery on my particular installation of Joomla (2.5.18). Initial support requests were all responded to and even solved within an hour, and they followed up the next day with further fixes specifically for my site. Looking forward to future features and improvements.
Reviews: 2
Hi - this extension is perfect!
Easy to use and a perfect support - one cant get more!
Higly recommended.
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