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*Categories/ Subcategories
*Full lightbox photo gallery with all of the options that the main gallery has
*Multiple image uploader with resizing before upload, and drag and drop
*Responsive Layout
*Frontend uploading and gallery creation
*Image tagging and search
*A download image button
*Facebook Comments and JComments integration
*Image Ratings
*Rounded corners
*Facebook share button for each image
*Google plus one button for each image
*Twitter Button for each image
*Pinterest Button for each image
*Top/bottom/left/right position for thumbs
*Top/bottom/left/right position for image descriptions
*Use the plugin to put one or many galleries into an article (with random/ latest/ most viewed/ highest rated options)
*Use the module to put a gallery into a module position (with random/ latest/ most viewed/ highest rated options)
*Search engine friendly urls
*Many more...

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Reviews: 2
My experience of this extension:

• Comprehensive pre-sales support
• Quick purchase
• Intuitive configuration
• Prompt and effective technical support

Ignite Gallery provided everything I want to receive from a third-party developer.
Reviews: 1
You've heard it all before... ''Oh 5 stars this is a great piece of software" or "This is the best image gallery ever!", etc, etc.... yeah right (;-(

Well, I've been away from Joomla for a couple of years and was quite fond of 1.5 and had found all the modules and plugins I needed back then.

Future shock - Joomla 3 - and not many of my old plugins were worth using, so I had to not only get to grips with the a slightly different way of doing things in Joomla 3, but I really needed to find an image gallery that just worked.

So, I was forced to look with fresh eyes at what was out there and after auditioning 6 or more 'high profile', highly respected and highly acclaimed '5 star' user reports, I came to the conclusion that I must be suffering some sort of delusional idea of what and how software should work under the Joomla umbrella, because all these 'high 5' reports were so glowing, when in fact I found the packages ranged from downright rubbish, to very self-indulgent, poorly thought out, limited design offerings (from a users perspective)... that is until I stumbled upon the Ignite gallery!

All the other galleries are poor, compared to this software. The other developers have gone down a tunnel in their thinking and have unfortunately lost sight of the end user!

This is really, really nicely done software that was the first to handle front end uploads with NO hiccups, and the endless possibilities of back-end configuration are really well done. A damn fine piece of software that's been thought out for the end user and not just the developer!!!

And in my case, I had a requirement to do something a little different with a couple of settings and emailed the developer and 'bam'... instant help, cut and paste code and everything exactly as needed and with courtesy to boot.

SPEND THE $40 (I'm pretty sure there's a money back guarantee on the website), you will NOT look back.

Many thanks for an great little program, I'm an official 'fan boi' now (;->
Reviews: 13
Ignite Gallery has been well worth the money because it has saved me so much time. The documentation is great. It does what it says it will do. I'm always trying out other galleries (esp. the free ones) and there's always something disappointing. This will be your core gallery. Thank you!! Great work!
Reviews: 1
Perfect product, satisfying all my Needs and easy to install. Super Support, answers within very short time. It is definitely worth to spend the money.
Reviews: 1
For some reason lightbox not opened. Didn't find solution in documentation and unfortunately support do not reply for my 2 emails. I have professional template on my website and didn't have any related problems with another extensions.
Owner's reply

Hi romvr1,

Matt here, the extension developer. I didn't receive any emails from you. There must have been a technical problem with the email being sent/received.

I monitor the support email inbox throughout my day, and I also have a support person in another time zone, so during weekdays we always respond to support emails the same day.

Please try contacting our support email again, maybe using a different email address to send, or if you click on the review button on this page, you will get my personal email address which you can use to contact me, and I will resolve your issue with the lightbox not showing.

Reviews: 1
I only registered here to make this review! This component is perfect for uploading images easily in frontend. It has everything you need to manage a lot of photos.
even more it keeps it clean in the file-system with different folders for the original photos, the resized and thumbnails.
Reviews: 1
Great support, the light box was broken by an update to the Gantry frame work used by my template, they debugged it within 8 hrs, tricky bug involving a specific JavaScript call, they told me how to fix it and passed it along to RocketTheme.

This gallery has a component, module and plug in to do everything I needed to display >100 paintings in a variety of formats. Images are organized in categories with tags and descriptions that are searchable, results can be displayed as a gallery. Display is controlled by profiles, assign a profile to a gallery to control how it is displayed. Can use a Module to make a slide show. Has watermark function.

I've been working with Joomla for >5 years, but I think it is pretty easy to use even with less experience.
Reviews: 1
This is the best image gallery I used so far. Support provided me all answers to my questions in a short time!
Reviews: 2
This is "old school" gallery with so much really helpful features. The gallery works perfectly, very flexible, and fit 100% my needs.
Few times i post support requests and this guys reply me really fast. Support is professional and effective! Thank you very much!
Reviews: 10
It completely satisfies my needs.Great job once again.
Reviews: 3
It's one of the few top galleries which i try for my joomla website. I wish to say that this is exactly what i was looking for. I have been so impressed by this module! Outstanding support and functionality. Thank you very very much for your work!
Reviews: 3
I have used several extentensions for galleries, most of them for free. But the $40,- for the Ignite Gallery is worth evenery penny. Very user friendly and easy to setup!
Reviews: 20
i cant find anything much to say then superb,ditch all your slow down image extension n go for this!
Reviews: 18
Had some trouble finding the right gallery extension over the last years. Many galleries have nice features but also have a lot of shortcomings in other areas. I think Ignite Gallery does the trick very well and has an excellent overall level.

I did not need support until recently, when I wanted to set up Ignite Gallery to meet some extensive front-end submission demands. Support turned out to be quick and helpful, and I really felt that my questions were received as useful feedback for further development. That is what Joomla extension development should be.

Thanks and keep it up!
Reviews: 4
I have been looking around for a gallery component that is simple to use and makes it possible to add galleries and images in the Joomla frontend. Adding images should be easy, preferrably with a drag-and-drop upload. The Ignite Gallery is the only component that I have found that fulfills all my needs. The support has been fast and nice. Heartily recommended!
Reviews: 8
Sometimes it's worth spending a few dollars to get something that does what you want.
It's easy to configure and a breeze to populate - in all sorts of configurations. I've already saved the purchase cost in ease of setup.
Reviews: 1
The gallery works perfectly, very flexible, and fit 100% my needs.

The support provided during the gallery setup was perfect, with quick and clear answers.

Reviews: 4
I needed a gallery component that had a front-end photo upload capability. Ignite Gallery's 'drag and drop' frontend upload component is very easy for even unsophisticated users. I have really come to appreciate the component's use of profiles for different kinds of gallery displays. I have been able to easily embed specific galleries in my articles and have them display quickly in a nice-looking popup lightbox. Galleries and slideshows load very rapidly compared to other gallery components I have used.
The support so far has been excellent - I had a small issue related to photo orientation that the developer was quick to respond to. Although the fix to this may take a little time, I am confident it will get addressed in a future release.
Definitely worth the money.
Reviews: 3
We recently purchased the ignitegallery component for a client's site and want you to know it is the PERFECT solution for his requirements. It works straight out of the box just as described and demonstrated with no big learning curve, nasty surprises or 'bugs'.

I had to ask a question before I bought it and was pleasantly surprised to get the answer within an hour of having sent the email message. This is a 'SWEET' extension and I wanted to thank you for creating it and making it available at a reasonable cost. It is truly worth every penny.

Jay Thistle
Reviews: 2
This gallery is easy to configure and use. It has more features and options compared to any gallery that I have used in the past. If you're looking for a gallery with the option to add great descriptions, tags, and links, which is perfect for search engine optimization, this one beats all others hands down. I've been a user and a fan for more than three years and just needed a minor issue resolved. Matt had already resolved it in the latest release, I upgraded, and it is flawless. Thanks Matt for the 'perfect' gallery!
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