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JoomGallery is a gallery component completely integrated into Joomla!, with support for Joomla! 3.x and Joomla! 2.5.

Features include, but are not limited to:

- Three image sizes: Thumbnails - Detail images - Original images (thumbnails and detail images are created automatically out of the original images)

- Fullscreen animated JavaScript boxes (Slimbox or Thickbox3), other possibilities of opening the detail or original images may be: A clear new window, JavaScript window, DHTML container or any other method added by additional plugins (there are already some available for Shadowbox, Highslide JS and RokBox)

- Manifold possibilities in the detail view: Voting, commenting, BBCode for external linking, "Send to a friend" feature, adding nametags ("That’s me!" and also adding nametags for other users), Slideshow with several transition effects, mini thumbnails of category in a motion gallery

- Configurable watermark

- Exif and IPTC image data support

- Access rights for categories according to Joomla's user groups

- Fully implemented ACL of Joomla! 2.5.x

- User-created uploads and categories

- Password-protected categories

- Time span for upload limit in frontend

- Favourites: Users may store and download their favourite images (in a zip archive)

- Option to download single images

- Counting image downloads

- Cooliris support

- Google Maps support (GeoTagging)

- Search function in gallery

- Configurable view of toplists (top rated, last added, last commented, most viewed)

- Possibility to exclude images from toplists and the search

- Several upload possibilities from backend and frontend: Single upload, Batch upload (Zip), Drag'n'Drop-Upload with progress bar, Java upload, FTP upload (last one only in backend)

- Image processing using GD, GD2 or ImageMagick

- Afterwards resizing of detail images and thumbnails

- Square thumbnails possible

- Possibility of using content plugins in image and category descriptions

- Possibility to explicitly reject images and to send message about rejection reason

- Expand Joomla-Breadcrumbs

- Unlimited nested categories possible

- CSS-based layout (table-free, wherever possible)

- MVC structured code, template overrides possible for every view

- Module positions inside the gallery

- Several plugin events triggered by JoomGallery on certain events in order to interact with third-party extensions

- An interface class (API) gives other extensions (Plugins, Modules, ...) the possibility to integrate JoomGallery content

- Huge third-party support: There are JoomGallery extensions available for many third-party extensions: Community Builder, Community Builder Enhanced, JomSocial, Kunena, AlphaUserPoints, JComments, JomComment, XMap, sh404SEF, Artio JoomSEF, SEFAdvanced, JoomFish, reCaptcha.

- Plugins for displaying or linking images in content articles or for automatically creating user categories

- Update-Checker and

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Reviews: 2
Just what I was looking for. JOOMGALLERY Is a versatile extention. It is possible to shift vetween image view and slifeshow. I also just. Found out. That there is a plugin called joommarketlink so I can link images to products.
Reviews: 2
I've used joomla since its inception (and mambo before its split to joomla)

Joomgallery is by far, far , far the BEST extension ever and not only because its free. The level of detail thats gone into this extension is fantastic, the guys developing it clearly 'know' what they wanted to build. With this level of detail coders typically forget about documentation and assume everyone will know what whats going on. Again joomgalery team have out shined, the documentation is very well laid out with excellent explanation at every step of the way.

Joomgallery is clearly a team effort and the best extension I've ever come across, excellent work! Thanks so much for making such professional work available for free download, its truly remarkable - Thank you
Reviews: 1
I signed up to just give this extension a review. I have been using Phoca for the past several years on multiple websites which is a great extension though I was having problems with thumbnail generation throwing errors, I tried joomgallery on a smaller site to try it, and was so impressed I use it now on my own site. It has everything I wanted or needed. I am running Joomla! 2.5 and will be upgrading to the 3.X version shortly, I can only hope the gallery updates successfully Great extension, very highly recommended
Reviews: 11
Im not a joomla expert but this extension helped me so much to organise and demonstrate different category images with so many options. Must have for anyone that is not ok with a simple image slider/rotator.
Reviews: 2
Great tool for setting up a gallery. It was easy to use. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 47
Yes you read it right, it is indeed one of the best gallery tool out there.

It took some time to figure out things initially, however worked swiftly later.

Now the "but..." thing, the gallery items created using this tool does not show up in the default Joomla search results which is one odd reason it would keep me off from using it.

Rest, All is well... :)
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review. Please note that you have to install our search plugin in order to display JoomGallery results in Joomla!'s search page.

Reviews: 13
Great extension, easy to use and nice that it is free. Recommend to any level of proficiency
Reviews: 8
Just getting started with joomgallery but it seems really thought-through and great!
Reviews: 1
You can set up two or more galleries in different parts of your site, but they have to work in exactly the same way. So for example, if you want one gallery where viewers are allowed to comment and another where they aren’t, you can’t do it. For such a feature-packed program, this seems a rather basic point.
Reviews: 4
Looked at a few galleries for a friend's website where he displays his artwork. This extension works really well and is easily customisable to suit my friend's aesthetic sense. :) thank you
Reviews: 4
Nice gallery, easy install and easy options set. its make easy for me to create gallery for my site.
Reviews: 2
ATM i am working on a migration of an old Joomla 1.5 page to Joomla 3.2

I was using this extension since Joomla 1.0 - these days with the pony :D

After i had a first overview of which extensions will fit into my needs to bring my content to Joomla 3.x and some reading there in the Docs and boards, i had all my images in a clean and fresh install on J!3.x

Someone said, it is a way to complex. I guess. Get familiar with it and you may love it!

I miss a bit a module for integrating the JComments, another great J! tool, into some positions of the gallery.

Respect - and - Keep up the good work.

Reviews: 3
This gallery should be nice for someone, but for me it's little bit confusing with too much options and settings. I would like to use gallery with simple settings and without making any problems (for example I can't see created categories in category manager). Thank you for the hard work, but I must switch to another gallery...
Reviews: 1
YES,this is the best gallery that I have used. very good in everything. thank you!
Reviews: 1
This is so awesome and free. Too bad it's not for joomla 1.5.23. tsk tsk.
Reviews: 17
This component does what it says.

It works fine and has tons of settings. Maybe too many.

But recomended as it wrks great !
Reviews: 1
Very good work. Easy to install, easy to use. Nice and simple integration to Joomla 2.5. To developers: Have a good ideas like this again...
Reviews: 1
This is a real great component. Easy to install, very usefull functionality and intuitive to use. The Support is very fast and competent. And all this for free!! Thank's a lot
Reviews: 9
Can't believe that this component is for free. This in one of the best components I have ever used.

Thank you
Reviews: 6
Joomgallery is by far the best and has been for a long while. It is easy to install and little complicated to understand, so, if you are like me, a novice, you may have to read and experiment a little, once understood you'll see what I mean, superior quality component.
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