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ARI Image Slider Popular Module

New version of the module is ready. It is compatible with the latest version of "Advanced Module Manager".

Joomla! image slider module which provides possibility to create awesome image slideshow based on images from specific folder(s).

Main features:

* 16 transition effects;
* No flash. Pure javascript and CSS;
* Can sort images by file name, modified date or in random order;
* Responsive;
* Supports keyboard navigation;
* Can show preview thumbnails;
* Contains 2 themes and provides ability to create your own themes;
* Can start slideshow automatically;
* Supports possibility to show images titles and define redirect links and alternation image text which you can define in INI file;
* Provides ability to create multi-language descriptions;
* Can generate thumbnails;
* Provides possibility to define link target: self window, parent window, new window or top window;
* Can be integrated with the following Joomla! lightbox extensions:

    ARI Sexy Lightbox -
    ARI Colorbox -
    ARI Pretty Photo -
    ARI Fancybox -
    RokBox plugin
    Ninja Shadowbox plugin
    Core Joomla! lightbox

* Translations: English, Persian;
* Works in all modern browsers.

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Reviews: 2
Tried a lot before and this is just great , simple to use, easily configurable. Just a piece of art
Reviews: 1
This slider's module is good. It is simply and intuitive. Rating: good ++
Reviews: 6
Fantastic extension, fully responsive and the support is the best of all!
Reviews: 3
I wanted a slideshow for my new design. I always check ARI Soft first for my "goodies." I wanted a slideshow for my new design.

This is perfect. Works right out of the box and the best part is you don't have to know what you're doing to get great results.

As a matter of fact, for the people who are helping me debug the new site, the slideshow is the first feature they mention -- and they love it. Maybe because the target audience is a small community, and they are in the pictures? LOL!

ARI Soft rocks and hasn't failed me yet.
Reviews: 1
Very Good! Well Done! What I was looking for! Even with debugging on the Forum have helped!
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and has lots of configurable options like slide speed, randomise images, show or hide navigation, transition effect and many many more.

Used with Joomla 3.2
Reviews: 7
Works like a charm. very easy to configure, very intuitive, looks great, loads of transitions and I love the little thumbnail navigation. It's currently on localhost, soon on live site.
Reviews: 10
Tried 2-3 of my usual slideshows for a project but I had issues with jQuery options, this one has very detailed options, good job.
Reviews: 1
Extra simple to setup and use. In 5 minuites, a one week problem I had with other slideshow extensions was solved, tnx.
Reviews: 4
I've been working with Joomla! for a week and this extension worked exactly as I had hoped it would. I really appreciate the detailed documentation that even a noob like myself could understand. I was up and running in 5 minutes.
Reviews: 3
Thank to you...
your module is working excellent and perfectly...
Reviews: 2
easy to install, easy to setup and it works - great great great. Thank you for a great tool!
Reviews: 6
Installed, enabled, published to the correct position, gave path to images, and nothing.

A request for help on his forum basically answered with RTFM and referred the noob to the mod description page. Yeah, not going there.
Owner's reply

We are always ready to help the users of our products. Our forum is a public and anyone can see, we help to resolve all users requests in a short period of time.

If you have a problem with the extension, just describe the problem on our forum or by email and we will help to resolve it.

PS: Obviously we can investigate a problem and help if a support request contains description of the problem. Not only messages like "Nothing work" without any explanation what exactly doesn't work.

Reviews: 1
I am a Joomla noob but I am fast becoming well seasoned. I installed the ARI Image Slider after trying some other sliders that didn't quite cut it. It worked for me straight away and was easy to install and understand. I am using the slider for banner graphics on my Joomla 2.5.14 site with Virtuemart 2 also installed and it currently has no conflicts. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 6
Doesnt work at all with transparent PNG images.

No possibility to remove the background.

Would be nice if you mentioned this instead of having people find out for themselves...
Owner's reply

If you have any question about the extension, you can ask it on the forum.

If you want to modify images, use "Use thumbnails" parameter in module settings.

Reviews: 1
Mindlessly simple install and configuration. No idea what the support for it is like because I've not needed it!

For a free slider you really ought to take a look...
Reviews: 1
I tried several image slider modules, this is the only one I installed without having any problems, considering this is the first time I used ARI Image Slider. I'm now exploring more of their products to see which fits my other needs. Thank you so much makers and developers of ARI.
Reviews: 3
I am very satisfied with all of their free modules. Easy to setup, with lots of options and very very good support on their forum.
I'll buy a few modules that i need from them in the future.
Reviews: 1
Have been looking for a replacement to widgetkit slideshow (that has problems with responsive web design), and found this to be excellent and works with responsive web design.

Easy to set up, and with a lot of configuration options.
Reviews: 1
I'm using lots of plugins but I'have never ever seen plugin that has absolutely no documentation. Or maybe it has but I couldn't find in 10 minutes so I skipped. If I ever managed to creat a plugin my site first menu will be DOCS.
Owner's reply

Documentation is available in "Description" field on module settings page. BTW, if can't find something or have a question about the extension, you can ask it on our forum or via email.

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