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ImageSizer Plugin

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  • Inserts backlink to the developer.
ImageSizer Plugin for Joomla! 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 - The easiest way to display Images in a Lightbox!

*** NEW: Download ImageSizer Plugin for Joomla 3.0, you find it on our Website! ***

Very easy to use:

Go to your Plugins and open the ImageSizer. Here you can adjust the Plugin as you wish, after all just activate and save. Now insert an Image to your content, scale it down and save. The ImageSizer generates Thumbnail and Lightbox automatically.

• Improved image generation ✓
• Faster processing of data ✓
• Lightboxes expandable modular ✓
• 9 different Lightboxes already involved ✓
• Thumbnails are saved as separate small image ✓
• English and German Language ✓
• New Help & Support function in the backend ✓
• You can use it on commercial sites (free) ✓

How to exclude single images from beeing displayed as lightbox: Just use the CSS-class "nolightbox" to deactivate the lightbox for a single image.

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Reviews: 14
This plugin is a very userfriendly extension! You must nothing to do only download, install and enable it. And all your images will be working with a lightbox function what you choosed in the properties. Thank you very much!
Reviews: 6
This one is Great, simply GREAT extension. does it's job perfectly and smooth. without any troubles!
Reviews: 6
This is a really good plugin but it astounds me that someone with the capability to produce an extension is totally incapable of writing a little documentation. Not everyone using Joomla can easily work these things out.
Owner's reply

Hello ralphd,

thank you for using our plugin. Today we have uploaded our introduction.

best regard, Team reDim

Reviews: 1
As usual with extensions - no documentation. I have installed it and turned it on. I see no sign of it anywhere. I would have thought it would come up when I click Image while editting page content. Nope. Nothing. Very frustrating. I've been a computer programmer for almost 30 years, Joomla for 3. I think I understand how these things work. Wasted half an hour on this. A word to developers out there - PLEASE WRITE SOME DOCUMENTATION FOR YOUR PRODUCTS!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for auto re size images to fit content width, and this worked for me. Thank you.
Reviews: 6
Thanks for the great plug in!
I tryied all the other plugins in the "Article Images" category and this one seems to be the best for enlarging images in the articles.
Reviews: 29
This is the best extension for creating image thumbnails. It does not slow down site because it creates images when article is being saved. Nice feature is possibility to add own handler for displaying Lightbox - I use Widgetkit.
Reviews: 10
Free plugin, great, responsive and humble support. I have a problem with the "/", "\" and "%5C7%", but Norbert Bayer proposes to intervene when my site will be online.
Reviews: 20
The plugin does what it is supposed to but there is a hidden backlink to the author's website.
Owner's reply

Hello genegun,

yeah the free version of the imagesizer sets a backlink to the developer website, but we have also a paid version without a backlink.

You have to understand that we develop a long time for a new version and offer support. This way we can receive a small benefit.

best regards, Team reDim

Reviews: 8
I tested this plugin in joomla 2.5. All went fine. Easy installation, simple configuration. It works like a charm. I've translated the plugin in italian language and I sent the folder "it-IT" to, ready to be used as other languages already installed. Thanks a lot for your great work.
Ad maiora!
Reviews: 1
This is mi first review ever made. But I just have to say that this extension is really good, simple to install and use.
Reviews: 4
I'm using J2.5 and the Revista template from YooTheme and the ImageSizer works like a dream. It took me some time to find a extention to resize my photos and ImageSizer is the first one I tried. Look no further because it works great.
Reviews: 3
Easy to install, works and effectve. I needed something this in my gallery catalogue to save viewers moving to another page for the gallery. Would pay for this
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent extension, working very neatly, easily and effectively. Makes thumbnails for all the images that are resized, thus saving the load of the site, and lets you magnify them to their original size in a popup. Really great overall!

N.B.: However, it can't render 100% width/height parameter! It makes 100%=100px thumbs. As the use of this dynamic % param is important for me on my site, as well as for many other site owners, so in this case such a good extension unfortunately becomes useless... Hope the developers solve this issue, then I'd love to use the plugin!

N.B.#2: Another note... Now when enabled plugin captures ALL resized images on site. However, it would be good to have only some categories selected, articles too!

So overall it's a great extension, surely the best in operation from all I've tried in the category, but still needs some essential developments.
Reviews: 5
Great plugin! I just wanted to change the default popups for images from just new tab or window to some better way and the plugin did great work as far as I installed it.
Reviews: 2
This extension does exactly what it says it should do. It is very easy to work with. I had some problems with installing. It didnot produce a clickable image. After I had set the plugin, tab basic, lightbox-script on 'standard' it appeared to work properly, although the lightbox-Script set itself on 'slimbox.php' again after saving. Anyway, it appeared to be an effective action.
Thanx mr. Bayer for this awsome plugin.
Reviews: 1
This is excellent plugin! It worked out of box on J2.5. I didn't even have to set up parameters, default setup is enough.
Reviews: 17
This is one of the most useful extension for Joomla. Very easy to use.
Maybe a readme file or some kind of documentation would be helpful instead of trying the various options to see exactly what they do.

For c-bob: if you use Joomla inside a folder and not in the webserver root disable the "Joomla!-Jfile" options. From now on new articles will work. For the old ones you must delete the pictures, save, replace images and resave.
Reviews: 6
A very good plugin, easy to use, and good documentation. Adapts to user needs. I have joomla 2.5 and it works perfectly.
Reviews: 1
One Star missing because of not clear usage (or missing documentation?):
if Joomla is installed in a subdir not in server root, the extension will not work. Maybe I'm too stupid to find the right way...

But nevertheless: top extension!
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