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SmartResizer Plugin

Many Joomla! users have faced the need to output articles in a category or section blog layout, especially multi-column, with smaller pictures while retaining their original size inside the article view. It may sometimes also be necessary to include a picture of reduced size accompanied with a link to the full size image in the article view.

SmartResizer plug-in is a universal solution to those needs.

This light plug-in creates two thumbnails for an image inside an article: the first is for inclusion inside the article and the second is for a category or section blog. This makes it possible to create a small thumbnail for a category blog, section blog and front page articles, and a midsize thumbnail for the article view. The plug-in also automatically creates a link to a full-size image if the picture has the thumbnail inside the article. The plug-in can create a third large thumbnail to open as the fullsize image. Nice feature, if a site upload photos directly from the camera with a very large size.

There are some features of the plugin:
- crop or fit image to thumbnail size.
- Auto ajust size of thumbnail, if you set only width or only height of thumbnail.
- Three ways to store thumbnails: in the same folder as original image; in cache folder; in subfolder 'smart_thumbs' of original folder.
- Processing of remote images.
- Three ways to open original image: popup window, Joomla SqweezBox, Highslide effect.
- Allows to show the caption under or above the thumbnail.

Supported image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF.
Languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish, German

Read more at Documentation URL.

Version updates:

verion 1.18:
- Bug fixed: large thumbnail do not open in popup window as original image.
- Allows to show the caption under or above the thumbnail.

verion 1.17:
- Bug fixed: double initialization of Highslide when processing more than 1 image.
- Bug fixed: do not show the full image in Popup window, if the image path is relative.
- Bug fixed: do not show the full image with Highslide effect, if the image path is relative.

verion 1.16:
- Plugin is now compatible with Joomla 3.0.
- Bug fixed: incorrect size detection of the original image.
- Now plugin allows to create large thumbnail for fullsize image. Nice feature, if your users upload photos to site directly from the camera with a very large size. Plug-in can create a thumbnail given size to open fullsize image.

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Reviews: 2
Smartresizer is really smart. Not easy at first, but get to know it, it's worthwhile!
Reviews: 1
This plugin does exactly what it says. Great one.
Reviews: 4
I can't seem to get this plugin to work properly. It generates unpredictable results, seemingly resizing some images correctly while ignoring others, and rendering other images to a tiny size for no comprehensible reason.
Owner's reply

Unfortunately you were too lazy to look through the detailed documentation for the plugin. Your aggressive and demanding way of communicating on the support forum, as well as your unwillingness to provide the necessary information to solve the problem, do not leave me any chance to help you with the plugin.

Reviews: 1
What makes this extension stand out from others is the option to save the thumbnails in the originals folder - This is beneficial in aspects of SEO because image paths will not read like /cache/plugin_name/some_gabage/...
but like /images/project/pagename/...

What I miss is a Option to only generate thumbnails without adding the lightbox code to each image.
Reviews: 1
I have used this great extension in Joomla 3.2 and I have to say that is fantastic! The job of controlling/editing article’s images thumbnails become very easy. I could adjust and customized very easily the thumbnails of my articles’ images on my home page, and also within the article page.
I have tried before some other similar extension but this was the only one which did the job in an easy and smooth way. A must have!
Reviews: 1
i love this plugin, but since i updated from 3.1.1 to 3.1.5 (or 3.2.0) i have problems with it. in the backend i can't open "users" - i only see a white site. the same when i use jevents - when i want so see eventdetails i only see a white page. after i diasabled smartresizer everything works fine again. so please update and correct this!
Owner's reply

Please always stay tuned plug-in and install the latest version, especially when you upgrade Joomla. This problem has long been fixed In version 1.18, which is released 4 months ago.

Reviews: 1
I've not been using the extension for long but so far I'm loving it. I've been using Mavik Thumbnails for years but it doesn't work with Joomla 3.0+ so I had to find a replacement. I'm happy to say that not only is this almost a drop in replacement it's better in several ways. There are a couple of things I think will bug me the most important being cache management. If you set a custom size for a thumbnail the plugin doesn't detect that the size has changed and re-generate the thumbnail. Overall though a very good plugin and will worth a look.
Owner's reply

I removed the ability to automatically re-create the thumbnail after resizing the original image to improve the performance of the plugin. Now you need manually remove old thumbnail, when you change the individual size of original image. You do not need manually remove old thumbnails, if you change thumbnail sizes in plugin parameters. In this case thumbnails will be recreated automatically.

Reviews: 7
A lot of my site consists of category blogs which contain reduced product photos which I want to be clickable to expand to full size. I like the fact that this plugin doesn't rely on Mootools because with J! 3.x it won't be needed. Awesome work!
Reviews: 8
I've got this installed on pretty much every one of my Joomla 1.5 sites. I'm amazed it's the only extension of its type.

Rather than try to create an image gallery plugin, it automatically creates small thumbnails for blog views, and larger images for articles (the advantage of using it in articles as well, is that all the images are a consistent size, so a user can't break a template design if they try to insert a big image).

It's better than using CSS to enforce a size requirement for an thumbnail image, as the plugin resamples to the correct size, saving bandwidth (you don't really want to have to load a 500kb image if you're only using it at 75x75px resolution).

It's simple to use, allowing sizes of images to be set for blog, article and other (those images that don't appear in the com_content component) and can be set to only resize images set with a class "smartresize", or to resize all images except those with the class "nosmartresize".

Individual images sizes for thumbnail images in blog view can still be set in exception cases - useful for images used on a homepage, for example.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to get it to work consistently in Joomla 2.5 - not strictly speaking its fault as it's only advertised for 1.6-1.7 - but it seems to randomly choose which images it works with.

So - essential (in my opinion) for most older sites, but one star knocked off until it works properly in 2.5.
Owner's reply

Thank you for detail review. The new version 1.15 is completely redesigned. The new version is more fast, code more optimized, Highslide and Joomla SqeezBox effects added, fixed the bug of processing images with uppercase characters in file name. New version completely tested for Joomla 2.5

Reviews: 7
Very nice plugin. Really easy to use. Has a lot of option in the plugin manager.
Reviews: 6
It's simple: excellent. Increible easy to use, works perfect. The support is fast and excellent too.

Some "must have" on next versions:

- The hability to install or set two or more instances of the make different resizes in different contents.

- Some way to ignore some contents categories or articles, instead of use the class nosmartresizer

- Ignore (or resize it making it sbigger) images smaller than the thubnail dimension. Now, it's shows an error.

- The class "nosmartresize" added to the html tag IMG could be little complicated to final clients. So I suggest that this class have to be assigned with tags {nosmartresizer}...{/nosmartresizer} or something like that.

- Include some type of lightbox by default.

I think that if the plugin have this things, would be the only one and the best!
Reviews: 5
What I like most is that if all images are set for smartresize, you can make an exception just by adding the class nosmartresize. Works perfect and saves a lot of resizing trouble when you run a site with lots of autors.
Reviews: 12
Fairly good extension, but lacks one aspect. No mootools support for image pop-ups.
Reviews: 3
Searched several thumbnail programs and settled on this one. Easy to install, works great, and code adapts easily. A perfect find for me. It will save me a ton of time.
Reviews: 8
I had problems in the beginning just becaue I did not read the manual page carefully. It ended up being extremely easy. I don't find any cons for it but pros:
- Ability to thumb all images with exceptions or;
- Ability to thumb no image with exceptions
- Setting image size within the article, blog layout and other
- Giving images an automatic link to the article itself

Just a perfect thumbnailer! Thanks guys!
Reviews: 3
Excellent plugin. A few problems from the start but excellent help. Recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Excellent Plug-in But...
Thanks the author, this plug-in is great but I have some problems with it.
Before using this plug-in, I installed the JThumbs image resizer, but for some reasons after installation the plug-in, "SmartRESIZER" doesn't generate (resize) the frontpage (blog) and the articles and I have to resize them manually. Can anybody help me fix this?

1- The plug-in works in "Localhost"
2- The JThumbs is uninstalled
3- The permission of all files and folders related to this plug-in is 777.

Thank you,
Owner's reply

Hello mansour.kashi. Please write to support forum with "Support" link above or write me directly with Contact form on my site (WebSite link above). I will try to help configure the plugin.

Reviews: 1
It is the plugin i dream for a long time.

Really thanks
Reviews: 1
This plugin is easy to use. I would still want to exclude whole sectors or categories. I hope this will be possible soon.

Thank for the great plugin!
Reviews: 1
I have tried it on my joomla! site.
It is really good! Thank you!
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