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Art ZoomIn ModulePlugin

Art ZoomIn - Tool for zooming images and creating image galleries in Joomla!


* Easy way to zoom images
* Can display series of images to zoom, galleries
* Pure javascript, no flash
* Zoom window can be shown on the left, right, top, bottom, inside original image
* Several customizable properties like opacity, position, width, height, etc.
* Can display image descriptions
* Thumbnails can be places at the top/bottom
* Nice tool to create a product showcase
* Comes with Virtue Mart flypage so can add zoom in effect to virtue mart product easily (Virtue Mart 2.0 is also supported)
* Comes with flypages for JoomShopping, Hikashop, VirtueMart, DJCatalog2, K2, Zoo Product Catalog so can add zoom in effect to product pages easily
* Comes as module and plugin so it's easy to show in module position or in article
* Can be integrated to Simple Product Snapshot plugin
* Comes with WYSIWYG editor button to ease changing settings

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Reviews: 7
I originally bought this for VM 2.2x. It took about 3 days to get it going because I needed to have the guys at Artetics install it for me. While they barely got it to work, it was clunky and I never used it.

To be fair, this was about a year ago and I don't know what, if anything, they've done to it since.

Fortunately, VM now allows multiple pictures to appear in a main box w/out the zoom in and it's just fine.

The fair rating--though, it deserves poor--is for the effort artetics put in for installing it.
Reviews: 10
Maybe this is a usefull extention but not for Hikashop.
The only way to make it work is to give backend access, but even that is not working as there is no answer from the support team, if there is any.I have send email with username & password and the only answer I got is "Please re-send the credentials" wich I did but again there is no answer or action. Even if the do something you never know what the did as they do not give any instructions.
I will unistall and I hope there is a money back policy.
Reviews: 1
I recently bought this plugin for one of my customer who needed a zoom on images in Virtuemart 2.0.
I had bugs related to my template, in fact i am pretty sure this plugin work out of the box for a lot of people, but in my case it was screwing my display. So i send a message to Artetics, and with a temporary FTP access, in a few hours everything was running smooth.

What else to say ? 2 thumbs up, i definitly recommend Artetics !
Reviews: 4
This is the first question you had to ask yourself.
I was supposed to use it on hikashop products, and there is a files to replace in the hikashop views. Before buying this plugin I've asked on the forum about some details, but I find the replies stay nebulous even if the support propose to install it directly on your backend.
So I've try it alone, it's not easy to set, I've encountered some bugs with other famous plugins. So maybe it's a good plugin for a simple zoom but not to integrate it in Hikashop.
As I don't want to let someone doing it instead of me, in fact I don't use it, I prefer to know how it runs in case of trouble.
I think 15$ is really to expensive for a simple zoom (almost if you compare it as great things like Maximenu or Falang), and the commercial process which is "I can do it for you" is not really fair.
In fact I've lost 15$ and don't use any zoom...
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment.

Art ZoomIn comes with modified default flypage from Hikashop so if you use default Hikashop template it's enough to just replace flypage file.

Different sites use different Hikashop templates. Hope you understand we cannot have modified flypages for all Hikashop templates in the world in our package.

That's why we provide free support - you can simply send us flypage you use and we will send you the modified file. Then all you need is to place it to necessary folder. That's all.

Please feel free to contact us by email:

Reviews: 1
Easy to install and manage. The support is excellent and solve every kind of problem very quickly.
Reviews: 1
This extension was easy to use and easy to configure. But more importantly, the support has been second to none. They tweaked the extension to work with another of their extensions and the results were great. They are very responsive and accommodating. I will definitely use their extensions in the future.
Reviews: 1
The extension was exactly what I needed for virtuemart - was a bit fiddly to configure, but Support did it for me in a jiffy. The best support I have come across on JED
Reviews: 5
Once again, this is an extension that may be OK, but for the lack of any printed directions. I want to use this in Hikashop, but can't find any directions that would tell me how to do it. The support team could save themselves and me a lot of time if they had taken the time to type up a couple of pages of instructions.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.

Documentation is available here:

Reviews: 2
Good extension with a excellent support team.

Worth the price!!
Reviews: 2
I used this extension with virtuemart, it was difficult to set up at the beginning due to my template specifications but I contacted artetics support and they where really great, fast and very flexible. Now the extension is working really good. Thank you
Reviews: 1
I use artzoomin for JoomShoppng. Displays correctly after call to support. Support is fast.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for an extension for my joomshopping website that allows the user to use magnifier to view the larger version of the images. The support team did all the work for me. Now my website is exactly what I wanted to be. Thank you so much. I received extraordinary support. Fast reply to my emails. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Right out of the box this extension is amazing, it takes very little work to have it working just the way you want. But the icing on the cake is how helpful the staff is, I had another Artetics extension that I purchased from them and I wanted to see if there was anyway to combine the two to work together, I spent a great deal of time trying to figure it out but could not. I decided to shoot the guys an email and ask for some assistance and I received an email back the same day. We talked for a bit, I explained what I wanted the module to function like and before I knew it I had exactly what I specified on a site that I was building. Quality service, quality extension and I will definitely be a returning customer. Thanks Artetics!
Reviews: 3
I have bought this extension for two sites and the first one was like two years ago and they helped me get it going without a blink of an eye, fast and nicely. Now the second time I wanted it with HikaShop and I had some problems to get all working. After asking for support the support guys simply helped me with all I asked for and now it works like a charm. This extension is great and the support is the absolute best so the score is 100%.
Thanks guys!
Reviews: 1
I have bought this nice tool to use with HikaShop without experience in php. For beginners no is very easy to install it, but the excellent support is so fast and helpful - that it works on my homepage after one day. Giving the admins the ftp-access, they installed with all my ideas of layout and functions zooming the native HikaShop pictures.
Thanks a lot for this great work!
Reviews: 1
I'm using this extension along with Hikashop. Following the instructions in the .txt file, it took me a few attempts to get everything working the way I wanted. However, the only reason I didn't get it right first time, was due to my own lack of knowledge and experience and not the fault of Artetics, nor Art ZoomIn.
When I later had difficulty getting the extension to work with variants - again due to my own inexperience - I asked for help on the forum. Instead of forum posts being sent back and forth until I can sort out the problem myself, I was asked for ftp and admin access details and Artetics fixed everything for me. All within the space of one day, including the UK-US time difference!
Reviews: 1
Install for hikashop was very easy - works great. Had a small conflict with a script on the site and only took a quick email to get a new js file that fixed it.

A superb value!!!
Reviews: 2
Very good extension.
Excellent support team!
Reviews: 1
Very good extension, and an even better support.

The extension works perfect and looks very good.

I am very satisfied.
Reviews: 1
Really excellent extension developed by Artetics Team. Great Support. I would really recommend this extension. cheers to Artetics Team :)
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