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Remote & Local Image Manager ComponentPlugin

Asikart RemoteImage helps you manage image and media files on local and remote FTP host, and insert into article editor. Now Remoteimage can replace core media manager, make your work more efficiently.

RemoteImage powered by elFinder, you can:
- batch upload
- create folders
- resize, crop & rotate images
- insert multiple images in article editor.
- archive & unarchive files
- preview every images.


Version 2.0
- Rewrite for Windwalker Framework 2.0
- Now support front-end article edit.

NOTE: No longer support Joomla2.5, please install in Joomla 3.3 or higher.

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Reviews: 3
I looked for an image editor for a long time, and i found this, it works great!

Reviews: 1
Great extension, great, great. I used on my site, but then had to remove it for 2 reasons:

1. My firewall alerted me that it creates two folders with chmod 777, which is really dangerous security wise.
They are the thumbnail folder /.tmb

2. My admin folder is protected with a password. when I use this extension, the front end of my site displays the pop up window asking them for the admin panel password.

I think it is the best extension for images, but there are things they need to take care of.

Note: support site and documentations links are wrong. There is no support on their sire currently.
Owner's reply


About problem 1, this folder is auto generated by elFinder, not my extension. And I think it will not be a bit problem because files begin with dot is hidden, it will auto protected by Apache and there is nothing can do in a thumbnail folder.

About 2, I'm not sure how you can use this extension in front end, actually RemoteImage is not able to use in front end and it should be blocked, there are no buttons can open RemoteImage in front and. We are not recommend to use it in front end until we support it.

Otherwise, still thank you for support ore extension.

Any problem please report here:

We'll fix the link to Github issues.

Thank you.

Reviews: 1
Love it! Clear overview.
But unfortunately no option to set image path to absoluterelative.
Owner's reply

Hi, I'm not sure what is the option you want about the absolutepath, but if you think it is an important function, welcome to give us recommand through GitHub issues:

Thank you for review.

Reviews: 11
This extension solved all my problems with media manager, and helped get some featured that I never though that I could get, such as drag and drop images, edit and rotate.
This should be integrated in Joomla core as one of the reviewers suggested.
Keep it up!
Reviews: 8
That extension is a must have. Works great, very efficient.
I am ok : top 10 extension!
Reviews: 5
This extension trumps Joomla's native media manager by far. It allows you to have complete control over files, folders, and other types of media. It's the perfect Media Manager replacement!
Reviews: 11
This extension is quite easily one of my favorite extensions. It functions smoothly, looks great and is feature rich yet simple to configure. I install this on every Joomla site!
Reviews: 3
I used "remote & local image manager" for 3 months.
It is so stable and save my time.
FTP , resize image is my favorite function.
I will use it for all my Joomla sites.

Perfect work !
Reviews: 12
the best its a external image!!

nice drag and drop, i used for community site
Reviews: 3
The usability of image management in a CMS is really important: adding and placing images is one of those tasks that’s vital for the user experience in day-to-day content maintenance. It should be simple, powerful and hassle-free. That’s why I’ve been looking for a (free) replacement for Joomla’s current image manager for a long time, and Asikart RemoteImage turned out to be quite a revolutionary improvement. It’s really a joy to work with! Usually, the steps involved to place a photo in an article can be cumbersome: resizing or cropping the image, adjusting colors, creating several sizes (thumbnails and full size images), et cetera. RemoteImage combines all those functionalities in one package. It makes it possible to upload multiple images, duplicate images, scale and crop them, and there’s even an option to edit the image through, make all necessary changes, save it in pixlr and find it back in your Joomla images folder, ready to be inserted. Excellent!
Reviews: 1
you saved me so much time!I was seeking for a component helping me upload images and manage them!Many thanks and congrats!
Reviews: 10
Indeed. This is -at last- a really MODERN Media Manager for Joomla!

You or your client can drag 'n drop, resize, rename, organize all media and especially pictures with really good thumbnails and WYSIWYG options... in a breeze.

Try it once, and you will never go back.

My only 2 issues with this one:

1) I haven't been able to change languages (while 'elFinder', the code it is based on is supporting several languages).

2) 'elFinder' developers are not very active since a year... I thus just hope this amazing component will remain up-to-date over next years, because it is just too good to be true.

Official Joomla Team is working on an update of the MediaManager, but seeing RemoteImage, they have a HUGE challenge in front of them...

Keep up the good work, please!
Owner's reply


Thank you for your review.

We are hard working for our every extensions and enhancing it's User Experience, so a little issue not fixed very quickly. But the elFinder has already update-to-date of newest build version.

We'll add your opinion to our todo list and fix the language bug.

And we need to know which language you use. You can post this on our support forum:

Thank you very much.


Reviews: 4
After installing (20 second job) I received this feedback from a non-techie content editor:

"The new image editor is a joy :)

It even automatically uses the image name as the alt text.

And returns to the last directory you were in.

And lots of other cool stuff.

Many many thanks for this!"
Reviews: 1
The scope of this thing isn't huge. It does what it says, and it does it well. Polished compared to many other Joomla! extensions, although it could use a bit more UX work, IMO.

Either way, very simple and useful. This should be a part of Joomla! core.
Reviews: 3
i was just looking for a components that will enable me to get an image absolute path on the server... however i found that this components gives me much more. an easy editing tool with a smart crop / resize, and other features. a great component!
Reviews: 3
1.Easy to edit pictures
2.Support Traditional encoded file name
3.External links ftp