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HOT Image Slider Popular Module

Fully configurable, simple image rotator, based on jQuery. In module parameters, you have control over module display. You can change width, height and border size. Also, you can enable or disable image titles, image descriptions and navigation buttons. You can add internal or external link to each image in rotation. Module colors are also configurable (background, description text and buttons).

This module is cross-browser compatible, tested on IE6+, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.

Simple and easy as 1-2-3!

New in version 1.1:

* added fade transition effect with duration control

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Reviews: 5
Once I solved a jQuery problem, which had NOTHING to do with this extension - I mention it because others may have a similar problem.
(See EasyjQuery), then HOT IMAGE SLIDER worked exactly as it is supposed to work.
All in all, this is a great looking extension that does exactly what I want and will not make updating content a chore.
Well done guys and thank you for making it free!
Reviews: 8
Excellent module. Work like charm om my site. No conflicts. Congartulations, excellent work.
Reviews: 1
This is a dream to work with. A little editing of the XML and a few other files and I had it easily customized. I have tried a few others which did not work as advertised so this was a refreshing change. I would recommend this to anyone!
Reviews: 4
Looks like it works as described, but problems I had that kept me from using it:
1) Didn't want a text description and couldn't get rid of the black bar on top.
2) The way the slides reverse is unusual and unnecessary. My clients will ask why does it do that and can you make it stop.
Reviews: 10
Doesn't do an awful lot but does it (nearly) predictably and (quite) neatly.

Nearly : Had to scan the support forum and tweak the php for the background to appear correctly...

Quite : Seems to interfere with other modules, doesn't work with the modules anywhere plugin...

If you can live with the limitations, fits the bill for the occasional local slider.
Reviews: 1
After my having spent 10 minutes attempting to download this extension and register on your site which seems to have two differing log-in tables. I finally get it downloaded and installed (into 1.6) only to find that none of the module options claimed are available when I enter to manage them. So, what I'm stuck with is a small black rectangle on my page. IMO, definitely not worth the hassle I went through. (Would have been had the module delivered as promised.)
Reviews: 3
Reviews: 2
After trying several other extensions I've stumbled upon this one and found it to do exactly what I needed. It works as a charm, exept for those two things as mentioned by previous reviewer.
I see that it has been updated a long time ago, but I hope that developer are still working on it, and we will be able to use this extension on Joomla 1.6 websites. I've tried the migration to 1.6 and it seems kind of easy as this extension was written following Joomla extension development guidelines.
Reviews: 1
i installed the module and worked like a charm. however, As a JOOMLA Beginer, I am not quite sure how to change the default pagination controls into arrow controls. i would really appreciate if you help me with a tip.

ps. the slider functionality is amazing
Reviews: 4
Does what it says it does without any fuss. Simple to set up.

The way all the images display rapidly backwards to get back to the begining.
Having to edit a file to adjust the speed.
Reviews: 1
This product is one of the simplest I have come across to implement. It works wonderfully. I had two small issues that I could not see answers for, I posted on the support forum and not more than 5 minutes later I had a response detailing what I needed to do to fix the problem.

Fantastic support for a free product.

Highly commended and recommended.
Reviews: 5
Does EXACTLY what it says it will.
EASY to install and configure!
Had this puppy loaded up and rocking out on my site in apprx 10 minutes.

How anyone could gives this slider less than 5 Stars is beyond me.


Reviews: 1
I purchased this earlier today and have been completely satisfied. For the price, this is a fantastic extension.

Easy setup and configuration.

I had one issue with the images covering up the dropdowns on my menu. I submitted it on the support forum and received a response within an hour!

Reviews: 1
Fast, Easy, up in minutes. Great lil ext!!!
Reviews: 2
Guys this is the most friendly extension i've ever found. This is a great module, very easy to install and use, and works perfect, that's what i call a Great job.
Reviews: 2
This is another in the series of Joomla developers overselling their modules. The one works great, EXCEPT that you must select and label 9 images, not the contents of a folder. Developers need to value our time by being specific about the limitations of their product, and setting proper expectations. If I was only trying to have a slide rotator with 9 images, this would be a 5 star product.
Reviews: 1
This is by far the best image rotator available for free. Looks very slick.

Took a bit of playing around, but I had to update the code in the module to use jquery 1.4.1 (modules/mod_hot_joomla_gallery/tmpl/default.php):


The script source in there kept giving me an error in IE8 for some reason.

I don't know why it did it to me, because very few others seemed to have this problem!
Reviews: 1
It's HUGE and awesome thanks
Reviews: 3
I searched all over for all sorts of image rotators, and all the free ones either suck or don't work. The good ones you have to pay for, which I think is ridiculous considering Joomla is open source.

This component works really well and it does what its supposed to. I would like to thank the developer for creating this module and offering it for free. It works really well.

I think 2 things that keep this component from being "perfect" are:

1. not being able to add more images
2. not being able to randomize the display of the images

Other than that, this module rocks!
Reviews: 2
Seems like it's a great little module... but it doesn't seem to work well with internet explorer.
Personally, I'm a Firefox guy, but not everyone else is, so it HAS to work in IE.

I'm presently using IE8 with compatibility mode on.

IE bugs:
the menu tabs are falling far below the bottom of the block and won't sit right. (snug)

It's a shame, too, because it looks and works good in Firefox, but i can't use it and have already spent an hour trying to do so.

Thank you anyway.
Your efforts have not gone unnoticed
Owner's reply

Hi friend,

This is not true, you can open our demo site with IE7 (or IE8 compatibility mode) and see how it works. It works in IE6 as well.

If it's not working on your template, there's probably some kind of CSS conflict between your template and this module.


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