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2JCarousel – it’s AJAX 3D images carousel, with wide range of customization options (attention!!! around 50 options for customization of the front end carousel or admin backend settings) With 2JCarousel you can add images carousel to the web site, which looks like 3D oval with perspective. With 2JCarousel you receive freedom of creativity: all this options with combination of CSS styles which you can easily modify to make 2JCarousel fit to your web site design and your needs the best way!
2JCarousel have advanced images management tools: 3 ways for uploading sets of the images to the component scanning server directory, batch upload , uploading single images (one by one).
2JCarousel have implemented advanced resizing functionality for thumbnails and big images: here you can specify required size of the images (separate settings for thumbnails and big images), direction of the resizing alignment. So this is not simple resizing it's smart resizing.
In 2JCarousel for thumbnails click you can select few different actions: show big image, show image in lightbox, show lightbox with template(it's ability to insert custom HTML code for images description in the mix with build in template tags for carousel images, links and etc.), simple link or target blank link. One interesting point: you can bind AJAX/JavaScript function to the thumbnail click(check our demos).
2JCarousel support transparency, results you can see at our demo section.

2JCarousel Key Features overview:
***** Version 1.0.5 Changelog ( 22-03-2012 ) *****
Added images caching increased loading time;
Updated caching for the js and css files;
Increased working speed and decreased amount of the db queries;
Saving template with HTML and styles;
Global cache turn off option, working with images, css and js;
New open blank option;
* AJAX Images Carousel (No Flash here!);
* Galleries support (each gallery images possible to show in particular section of the site);
* Advanced 3D visualization settings (possible to change perspective, x and y radius, offset for rotation axis);
* W3C CSS validate (no errors, notices, warnings);
* W3C XHTML validate (no errors, notices, warnings);
* All front end interface could be easily customized using CSS styles editor integrated in component;
* Module + Component + Plugin for content management from Joomla back end;
* Ability to insert instances of the images carousel to the joomla content articles (using plugin tag);
* Ability to insert multiply instances of the images carousel to the same page (using module or plugin tag);
* Batch images uploading;
* Upload images from server directory (scan directory option);
* Ability to switch between 3 navigation modes: mouse mode, navigation buttons, permanent movement

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Reviews: 3
It's a great carousel. Easy to configure with a very stylish look. Exactly what I was looking for.
Plus the support excellent and very fast! Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
Many features, easy to understand and works perfectly.
Even tried the support, and get an answer in 2 hours with the explanation.
Reviews: 2
I like this carousel xtension very much. It's just fit perfect to my needs. This carousel really have so much settings but at the same time
it was setup in 10 minutes. Support help me with explanation of some 3d functionality it was really kind. I'm happy with this xtension.
Thank you guys!
Reviews: 2
I have been using 2Joomla extensions for over 4 years....The carousel is excellent, however the most amazing thing about 2 joomla is the level of support.
Reviews: 2
Setup took longer than I expected but that's not a bad thing in this case. There are just so many options I had to try them all out! I had a couple problems, minor ones where I didn't understand something but support always responded quickly. This is my first purchase from them but I know I'll be getting their other extensions when I need them.
Reviews: 1
Have use it in portfolio review at latest version Support is not great but, everyone have weak places.
Reviews: 1
I can't believe how easy this was to set up and configure. It works in all browsers and devices consistently. From IE to Safari, Firefox and Chrome. Also looks great on an iPhone and iPAd. We're using it on our homepage and it really makes the experience pop. 2J's support is also top-knotch. I asked an advanced config styling question and they were right back with me in record time. Thank you again!
Reviews: 2
I replace flash carousel on my website by this ajax carousel and I'm really happy so far. First of all I'm really impressed by amount of settings. All this 3D stuff is highly customizable, position of the carousel on page is floatable. But what is most impressive that even with such big amount of settings it was up and running in 10 minutes. Support very fast and helpful. Looking forward for Joomla 1.6 version.
Reviews: 2
this is my first 2joomla experience and i wish to say that this extension beyond praise. Installed without any problems. I have complicated template on my site (with different ajax add-ons) and I was really impressed when my new carousel was up and running so easily! No conflicst, no errors...
I was submit couple of tickets to clarify some configurations and for my first ticket they replied in half of the hour. Support is really fast and professional. Worth the money. I'm planning to use it on another websites. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 40
I both this component. When you by something, its normal going with support. For one support - question I waiting 4 days and today is Friday. So very poor for support and think good for component. I don't know, but 50 dolars in not so little money.
Reviews: 1
Personally I really like flexibility which I’ve got with this carousel. I’ve try to use it different ways as flat slideshow and 3d menu, the same way as it’s setup at the 2joomla demo site.
Really impressive and working smooth tool so far. When I ask support stuff couple of questions according to configuration they reply really fast and help me to sort my problems.
Can‘t wait for new extensions from this guys. Thanks!
Reviews: 2
Using this component during last 3 days and i'm really impressed. Didn't have any conflict with another extensions. Great set of the settings. I was try to put it in article and in header (meanu style carousel) everything looks great! Highly recommend!
Reviews: 1
This is a really good product, i would definitely encourage people to use it. My decision to buy this extension based on this reviews and I’m glad I did it! It works better then my previous carousel extensions. I really like set of the tools for images management. Very helpful was personal rotation coefficients for popular browsers.
I highly recommend it, it's a must have !
Reviews: 1
I am a beginner at Joomla and was looking for exactly this extension. Installation was intuitive and at just a few mouseclicks the extension did it's work, just like described. I didn't notice any bugs at this moment. Looks very nice and sleek. Just what I needed. Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 2
I really impressed with amount of settings. It's work really fast. Didn't spend too much time for configuration, it was setup in few min.
Thank you for professional extension and great support!
Reviews: 4
I started a request, due to the fact there seemed to be two versions: Joomla 1.5 | Joomla 1.6! If you buy it now for Joomla 1.5, you may soon buy it for Joomla 1.6 again, no free upgrade, I'm sorry but that's not fine.

Otherwise 2JCarousel seems like nice stuff. If the made free upgrade to Joomla 1.6 version, I'd already bought it.
Reviews: 1
Purchased this item two days ago, installed & loaded all contents with out issues, very clean install. Nicely laid out control panel, right away my setup of display and module worked great, user manual is very informative, I wanted to add video to popup, submitted a support ticket following day, they responded in just a couple of hours, helped me worked out coding and got video added without delay, would recommend this extension, great addition to available tools to my clients....Artisan
Reviews: 13
I bought this component (which also has a plugin and module) at the weekend. All 3 'bits' are uploaded automatically from one zip file which is handy. There is an extensive pdf file explaining each aspect of the carousel and how to manipulate the look on your website. There are many options to configure - but only if you want to - it will work with default settings 'out of the box' as it were.

The carousel worked straight away but I had one or two incompatibility issues (template etc) that I needed some technical help with. I have to say the technical support on this product is second to none and for the price I paid way beyond my expectations.

I've also used the other 2Joomla extensions and all their products seem to be professionally put together and well supported. Couldn't recommend the service any more.
Reviews: 1
Great extension! Wide range of the customization options! Really comfortable tools for images management. Work like a charm!