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ARI Cloud Carousel Popular Module

New version of the module is available. It is compatible with Joomla! 3.0.

ARI Cloud Carousel module based on Cloud Carousel jQuery plugin and provides possibility to create pretty 3D image carousel based on images from specific folder(s). Main features:

* Accurate 3D perspective;
* No flash. Pure javascript and CSS;
* Optional auto reflections - no need to modify your images or add server code;
* Can sort images by file name, modified date or in random order;
* Supports mouse navigation;
* Provide ability to create your own themes;
* Show loading panel till images are loaded;
* Supports auto generating of thumbnails;
* Can start slideshow automatically;
* Supports possibility to show images titles, descriptions
and define redirect links which you can define in INI file;
* Provides ability to create multi-language descriptions;
* Provides possibility to define link target: self window, parent window, new window or top window;
* Header and footer text can be specified;
* Can be integrated with different lightbox extensions:

   ARI Sexy Lightbox -
   ARI Colorbox -
   ARI Pretty Photo -
   ARI Fancybox -
   Ninja Shadowbox plugin
   Core Joomla! lightbox

* Works in all modern browsers.

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Reviews: 17
I have used it on an old website for a long time and have now upgraded to the new Joomla and have installed ARI caousel here also. It looks fine and has a lot of tuning posibilities.
Reviews: 1
Works as advertised. Easy setup but I ran into some minor problems but recieved very good support from admin on Ari´s forum.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a carousel. Tried 3 different products. None properly worked. Asked for support - no answer. This is the first product which works right out of the box. Great possibility to vary its performance and appearance. Manfred
Reviews: 1
As an almost beginner with Joomla! this is an interesting extension if you want an easy and effective way to create a carousel. I use it in a digital graphic art site. No major problem until now. The author replied quickly to my question.
Reviews: 3
So simple to use that goodness, I searched for so long now I've found what I was looking for. Good work guys.
Reviews: 3
Great Extension guys. Propably the best free i've ever used so far.
Reviews: 2
Thank you so much for such great extension. It's great and it does exactly what I excerpted.
Reviews: 1
Thought this was going to be difficult to fit into my site, but it works great and offers lots of control over the style.
Reviews: 1
It's pretty much straightforward and easy to use and support is fast and efficient in times of trouble.
Good job ARI:)
Reviews: 4
Excellent extension!

Everything is working out of the box and very easy to setup.

Reccommended if you need nice carousel!
Reviews: 3
I can only say it is excellent. very easy to configure. It actually does what it is meant for.
Reviews: 1
Nice extension with a lot of customizable options. And great support!
Reviews: 1
Awesome extention. Fully customizable and fast integration.

Instructions are clear and right to the point.

I like it a lot!

Reviews: 2
Excellent, every Joomla! webmaster should use this extension.
My website visitors are surprised to look at this excellent extension, so I am very satisfied.

Thank you,

Reviews: 7
This is better than 90% of the commercial image displays in Joomla land. Gives a phenomenal 3D, professional look to your carousel of images. So flexible also, with the ability to set rotations, reflections, re-direct links, etc. Typically, really cool extensions like this never work out of the box; they always have some JQuery conflict, or the image order is messed up, etc., but this one works exactly as you'd expect. The author(s) are true craftsmen.
Reviews: 6
This is a well built extension. There are lots of options for the styling and it works right out of the box. I am SHOCKED that this is a non-commercial extension.

Reviews: 1

i was looking for a module to display a little carousel for the website of a client. ARI Cloud Carousel answers for all my requests and it was really easy to set up (the file aricouldcarousel.ini is really helpfull to custom the informations to display).
However, i was a little constraint with the basic version of the module. Fortunately, the support is really reactive and they could custom the module to answer of this constaint.

Thank you again for the ARI Team...
Reviews: 18
I have been searching for an image carousel to front my website, looked at a number which never gave me what I was looking for, then after an extensive crawl through the Extensions Directory I found this module.

I had a little difficulty setting it up initially, but I got a fantastic level of support from the developer and soon got it working to my satisfaction.

Because of this I think that the instructions could be improved, however, the support more than makes up for this.

I am a little surprised that it does not have a higher satisfaction value.

I would strongly recommend the product to anyone that is looking for a straight forward, clean looking carousel.
Reviews: 3
Every time we look at the image stuff, I get a headache... But NO MORE. All of these image components ROCK! They work out of the 'box' and are easy to config.. and work across all browsers. GREAT Job!!!
Reviews: 1
This is the first extension I have felt an overwhelming urge to comment on... It is an awesome module.

I wanted to use mine as an interactive menu which it does wonderfully. I only had one issue which I posted on the ARI forum and it was replied to and solved within the day.

The only change I would make to this extension is the file management. It would be nice to have something a little more integrated as opposed to manually entering the image path and having to change the details in the .ini file to suite desired text. Maybe something for the future?

Other than that, a fairly flawless, smooth, interactive extension with great support should you need it.
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