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WMT 3D Banner Box ComponentModule

Editor's Note
  • Not GPL compliant.
This is a cool flash Banner Box with true 3D rotation via mouse position, mouse drag or auto rotation. Read more and check out the demo !

WMT 3D Banner Box is an Joomla Extensions built using the 3D capabilities of Flash Player 10. This extensions supports image files (png, jpeg, gif).

In Joomla admin area there are over 30 settings to customize the behavior and appearance. Graphics and colors can be changed also from inside the Joomla admin area.

For Each Box face you can setup link, link target window and Alpha parameter (transparent face).

You can choose either auto-rotation or mouse rotation specifying the rotation angle on each axis, x, or z.

WMT 3D Banner Box comes with Joomla Administration back-end Control Panel for multiple Banner Box customization.

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Reviews: 1
This is my first review ever made. But the developers of the 3d Banner Box did such a good job i had to make this good review!

I use the box for over a month now, had some issues with the viewport settings. They reprogrammed the box a bit just for me at no charge. They took the time to solve the problem and when the deadline for delivering of the site was near they helped even better! I have had personal contact by telephone.... i mean.... they care!

In my last support answer to them i wrote ....... "And you delivered on time like pro's. Your service is well worth the money, and of course i have the 3d box working great and looking good :-) ".......

So, if you are looking for a 3d Banner Box .... you can definitely choose this one!
Reviews: 4
The product is very simple to install, comes with a brilliant documentation and works great.
I had an issue with my server. Immediately, I got a very fast, effective and friendly support from the team.
For me it is the best way for presenting labels and more at every position of the Site.
I can say - Great Product - Great Support -Very Low Price -
Thanks for WMT-3D-Banner-Box, the great team, the brilliant Support and hope to see more of your work in the future.