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Slideshow CK Popular Module

Slideshow CK can display images or videos with links with nice effects. It is mobile compatible and responsive design, and you can add unlimited slides with a Drag & Drop admin interface.

List of features :
- Unlimited slides
- Ergonomic admin interface with Drag & Drop
- Can display images or videos
- Multiple options to congifure the slideshow
- Mobiles compatible, you can slide with your fingers
- Responsive design (adapts the image to the width of the container)
- Multiple skins
- You can add a link on any slide
- Captions with HTML allowed (to put some links for example)
- Compatible RTL direction
- Normal or random order for images display
- You can add params to video url (&rel=0 for example)
- options to set the thumbnails height and width
- you can load any article in the caption
- many fields to set the caption styles
- possibility to set a specific time for each slide
- option to load the images from a folder (with the plugin slideshow params)
- options to open the links in a Lightbox (with the plugin slideshow params)
- compatible with Virtuemart (needs the plugin Slideshow CK Virtuemart)
- autoload images from article categories

It is based on the script Camera from Pixedelic :

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Reviews: 3
I have for a number of years had trouble finding a slideslow module/plugin to use on all of my websites and encountered all sorts of issues. I am a user of the MaxiMenuCK and should of known this would be just as high quality as the menu module they offer. Has everything you could need including the ability to link images, select images using file manager and all manner of transitions and much more.!
Reviews: 5
Very good and flexible. Has got all the functions we need for most of our web projects. thank you!
Reviews: 10
I was looking for a slider to give all those options.

Slideshow CK was easy to install, modify and run. Has many parametres even at the free version, great work !
Reviews: 4
Nice and easy module to set up, straightforward and flexible!

Also great support from the developer who reply and updated the module to support SEF URL in no time!
Reviews: 11
Broken in 2.5.19. We tried everything to get this working even on one of our simplest Joomla sites. If the problem is not specific to 2.5.19 then it's just a bug in the latest release. Also it is NOT really free. If you want any standard functionality (like loading images from a folder like all the other FREE ones do), then you have to cough up some money.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get it working at all.
Owner's reply

Slideshow CK works on joomla! 2.5.19.
I have tested myself and many other users use it without problem.
I have a forum where you can ask for support before telling that something is not working

Reviews: 6
Using Joomla on multiple sites for nearly a decade, I now just accept that any new extension will require lots of fiddling and set-up time. Not so with CK Slideshow. Worked amazingly right out of the box, with tons of options to make your slideshow look great and fit with the rest of your site. I can't believe such a good extension is free... and I plan to donate to support this project. Bravo.
Owner's reply

thank you for your great review :)

Reviews: 8
Very easy to use, intuitive and easy to edit settings, even my most technophobic client has taken to this slider and is able to add links and captions. Seriously if you're getting one image rotator for your site, this should be it.
Reviews: 10
What an easy extension to use! Thank you so much, it is not only easy to use, but also VERY easy to change to the way I want. Great product, and also free.
Reviews: 2
This slideshow is very good for me, because:
1) it is possible to make unlimited number of slides
2) I can manage evevry slide separately in the very easy to understood interface
3) standard template looks good
4) slideshow is scalable when user try to decrease browser window
5) slideshow looks good even in mobile site version
Reviews: 4
Usually I download a module with the thought in mind that I will have to do a lot of adjustments. This comes with everything i could think of out of the box...even an overlay layer. Good job, keep it up.
Reviews: 6
From the modules i have installed, this is so far the best possible Modules i have even seen. Good job guys.
Reviews: 6
This slide show deals super with autoformatting slides when changing the size of the window. Found no other free slide show (tested 10+) who could do better. Unfortunately I ran into some problems with the software, but with instant help from the builder we could find the error (conflicting other modules). Looking for a slide show? Stop searching!
Reviews: 3
I have used several similar modules but this is the best by far!
It has so many options to configure it exactly as I want!
Thank you!
Reviews: 33
After surfing and testing several extensions, this one blended so well with the home page display.

Great tool to show some really nice effects on your Home Page.
Reviews: 5
The extention is very very good. The only thing I couyld not find is a way to stop it from looping, with the choices as # of loops and indefinite... Good work!
Reviews: 1
I have said it before,I am usually judicious with my comments and ratings, but SLIDESHOW CK is one of the best modules in the family. you guys rock. This is really good. I am giving it 5.
Reviews: 31
I've used a lot of Joomla modules and extensions: I am very impressed with the quality of this module. It has many options, is very flexible. Looks beautiful. Works very well. Accepts a lot of slides. Adjusts to different sizes.

I didn't understand why I was getting Buck Bunny in my slideshow, but that is an easy fix... Click on VIDEO button for each slide until you find the one that has an url for the Buck Bunny video. Delete the url and it's all gone. (And now you also know how and where to add a video if you want to.)

Thank you to the developer, this is outstanding work IMO.
Reviews: 1
Excellent module, it works nice and is very easy to use and configure with a lot of options! Thankyou
Reviews: 3
This is an excellent module, i have being using it, it works for me, even the template creator is awesome.
I rate it 5 stars.
Reviews: 6
After messing around with many other abandoned or not so complete extensions which were supposed to do the same as this one, this one really lives up to its promises, easy to install, easy to set up and the options that it gives me are exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks so much for your hard work on this!
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