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Unite Nivo Slider PRO Popular ComponentModule

#1 Responsive Slider for Joomla.
* More than 100 custom graphical arrows
* More than 100 bullets
* Drag & drop control interface
* Dynamic images resizing
* Drag slider to re-size
* What you get is what you see interface
* Very flexible to every change
* Has the all features that Nivo Slider has
* Pure coding, no hidden links, every code is clear well documented
* 16 unique transition effects
* Simple clean & valid markup
* Loads of settings to tweak
* Built in directional and control navigation
* Packed version only weighs 12kb
* Supports linking images
* Keyboard Navigation
* HTML Captions
* Easy live border editing.
* Easy css3 shadow editing.
* Easy live caption editing.

Unite Nivo Slider Pro is an Nivo Slider extension for Joomla.

The Unite CMS team provide full support on every issue you may find,
as well as any update request you may have, so don't hesitate to write your requests in the comments bellow, or send us a message at our website .

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Reviews: 2
This extension is a staple for me easy to use and they have great customer service patient and takes a lot of time to help out their customer these guys are the real deal this is a must have and the rest of their extension also!
Reviews: 1
The slider did everything I expected, and I received good support when I couldn't figure out an option because I was impatient! Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
perfect - it works from the beginning - easy to handle and a perfect support - highly recommended
Reviews: 1
it's wonderful component, i can custom many tool design the slide. They support very well, fast.

I rate 5 star.
Reviews: 1
It's a great component that works like a charm, and the support is lightning fast. My best recommendations..
Reviews: 3
This is the best slider solution for websites! i use this extension for all my sites, its easy and fun! and saving time!
Reviews: 3
The quality of Unite's products is just incredible. And the support that they give is just as great. I got the free version of their slider, and it was superb... but had one small issue with Safari. Even with the problem it was hands down the best slider I'd ever seen. I contacted them and explained the problem. Their response time was within 24 hours. And their solution... a free upgrade! The Pro Slider is not only the best slider I've seen, but simply one of the best Joomla extensions I've seen. I only manage about 4 Joomla sites over the last 6-7 years, but these people have NO COMPETITION. They are THE best. In fact I challenge anyone to show me a free extension as good as this one.
Reviews: 1
Look no further if you want an easy to set up and feature packed slider.
I'm a complete novice when it comes to building websites, but using this slider was easier and less complicated than other ones I've tried in the past.
Well done and thank you for an excellent slider!
Reviews: 1
after looking for days, I have found what I'm looking for. Worth the purchase and nothing to worry about. I didn't even have 1 single problem. very cool slider indeed.
Reviews: 1
I have tried a lot of sliders, but Nivo Slider Pro beats them all. It is user-friendly to install and customize - and it looks great as well.
I send an email to ask a question, and I got the answer within 10 minutes.
It is really worth spending 12 dollars on! Great work!
Reviews: 4
I purchased Nivo Slider Pro as I needed a non-flash gallery viewer for my site. I had no problem installing and setting up and it is very simple to use.

I recently ran into a small problem which was to do with the CSS on my new template but once I contacted support, they were quick to respond and quick to help and got the problem sorted in no time with no fuss (all within 12 hrs)

Anyone looking to purchase a non-flash slideshow viewer will find no better product than Nivo Slider Pro. Simple to use with professional results and support, and all for a fraction of the price than most other commercial alternatives.

Well done on such a fine product guys. 10 out of 10 from me.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this and Unite's 'Revolution' Slider a week or so ago. Both extensions are very well thought out with many features, making them easy to integrate and customise with any website.

I had a few minor installation issues at first - which I think were actually issues with my site/hosting rather than the extensions - so I contacted Unite for support. The support I received was simply unbeatable. Replies to my emails in some cases were so fast that I thought they were automated responses at first! .... arriving just seconds after I sent the support request.

I initially intended purchasing just one image slider extension, but after testing both this (Nivo) and Revolution, I was so impressed with all the features that I decided to keep, and pay for, both of them. Well worth the small fee in my opinion.

Excellent work guys! :)
Reviews: 1
Awesome! like others here had to register to express my amazement at such an elegant solution.
Reviews: 5
It is an easy and intuitive solution. The support is great. Totally recommended. I am very satisfied with the pro version.
Reviews: 3
This is great plugin, easy to customise and has loads of different looks and settings. Also fantastic support - within seconds!
Reviews: 14
Im always looking for new slides for every new project. From now on i will just use Nivo Slider for a couple of projects forward. The reason is that you can customize it very easy so it melts in with the template you have chosen. And also for your own, or your customers liking.

Great extension, good functions and very user friendly.
Reviews: 1
This extension is the best I have found for Joomla! The functionality and usability of it is amazing - use px size or drag for your window size. By using div in your CSS you can also change the caption style and size how you wish. I mailed the staff to thank them for a great product and they are very courteous, humble and very quick to respond. 10/10 recommended!
Reviews: 2
After trying several free and commercial sliders I found the Unite Nivo Slideshow Pro. It is one of the most flexible extensions in this area I have tried. After some initial problems which were quickly solved thanks to the very responsive and fast support by the author, the slideshow is now working perfectly. My only wish would be that there were as many different bullet styles as there are arrwow styles :)
Reviews: 2
Well, this extension finally did it. I registered just to be able to rate and write a comment. If you liked "Nivo Slider Free", you'll love this one. It's not the "Free" version with a couple new features, it seems like a rewrite with a very easy to use drag and drop interface. There are plenty of arrows and bullets to choose from. The layout options (deactivate any unneeded element, move them anywhere you want) make every slider unique. And that's without editing any CSS file (I've no idea about).

I had a small problem getting my slide centered in a certain module position and I was one of the unlucky ones who had the "white flash between transitions" problem (related to webhost, not the extension). Support/knowledge base helped quickly. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla but not web development and I was looking for an easy to use image slider. Well I found it with Nivo Slider Pro.

Had a small issue and contacted support and had a response within minutes and the issue sorted, problem was at my end NOT with the Slider.

Thanks to the Developers, top product guys.
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