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FullScreen Slider Module

Full Screen Slider Joomla image slider module, slides unlimited Images, Content over each Image, Render any Joomla module over each Image by module Id. Image Slice on slide transition and more amazing functionality for Joomla Lovers. This is a Unique Joomla image slider or image slideshow or Image content slider.

full screen or fixed width Joomla image slider provides a great functionality under budget.

Very Easy to use and configure.

Updated on 13/01/2014, Removed some bugs
Updated on april/2014, Removed some bugs
Updated on June/2014, Removed some bugs

Data Orientation will be either "Vertical" or "Horizontal".

Full screen slider is a unique Joomla Image slider module because you can render a module over an Image continuously, you can make awesome image slider, full screen image slider module can be used on full screen or fixed width. you can slide Videos as well Images, content etc..

Many configuration options like:

*Autoplay Animation option
*Animation Speed
*Animation Interval

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Reviews: 1
After a lot of searching i finally found this extension that does exactly what i need. I had some questions regarding it and got reply in less than half an hour... also, they even made some changes to the extension so it would fit even better to my needs :)
All in all, great extension and SUPER service from support! :)
Reviews: 1
Great extension, great customer service. They answered my request on a saturday 10 minutes after I sent it and resolve my limitations in 10 minutes - 2 subsequent emails. Great - way to go
Reviews: 1
I also bought this and it is not working. Support??? Not responding. Sent email true support en the developer of this extension, no response. Money thrown away....
Owner's reply

Dear, Your mail was stored in our 'SPAM' folder so that we could't see. when I saw your mail I found that there was only configuration issue.

Reviews: 1
Does not work in my template, I wrote but received no reply, at the end I had to use another extensions
Owner's reply

I am sorry you faced, But I wonder that I never Received any mail for support, I've provided mail id every where to help, I am selling this module multiple in a day, People are happy with this module and support(provided by my support team.