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Phoca Download Search Plugin

Phoca Download Search Plugin is a Joomla! plugin which allows you to search for files, categories or description of Phoca Download

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Reviews: 3
If you have more than, let's say, 10 files, this plug-in is worthless. It will produce search results from your Phoca Download database, however from there you get dumped into a list of the entire category, it will not point/link to the exact file, so if you have a 100, or 1000's of files, the end-user has to search through each page to find the item they just queried. Worthless to an end-user.

I poured through the forums for a solution, if you can even get access to the forums without some prompt denying entrance because of spam.

When I was able to get into the forums, I discovered there were other forum posters with the same problem, and the moderator provided zero solution. Worthless plug-in, and difficult to get support. Very little documentation.
Owner's reply


1) you should know Phoca Download features, Detail view is not a default view so links cannot be set in open source software to some not default view - this needs to be customized and it is really simple - from: getCategoryRoute to getFileRoute

2) Accessing forum - Phoca works on low cost server, it is a hobby project, if you want to use everything for free made by one developer in his freetime you need to accept that it is really hard to fight spammers on popular forum.

3) Moderator ( I or Benno) allways answer the posts (in our freetime, so sometimes it takes some time we can answer the posts. Anyway I have over 25.000 answered posts in my freetime for free It is hard to find someone with such support.


"Worthless plug-in, and difficult to get support. Very little documentation"

1) Worthless plugin - ??? because there is no link to not default view which needs to be customized for every server ???

2) difficult to get support - just be patient, it takes time to answer all the posts (25.000 per one person, just try to answer 25.000 and you will see that someting what you wrote does not make any sense)

3) Documentation: there are a lot of documents and some extensions are well documented. By plugins where there are no settings, nobody expects some specific documentation because there is nothing to describe. Chaning a feature (link from default view to other not default view) needs to be solved in forum but there you need to be patient:


Anyway, I have only one wish: I really don't like if people who have no ideas about values which they get (e.g. extension which saves you 5 years of your life becuase someone other spent these 5 years with developing it and serving you and you get it for free and then you are not patient to wait for free support and instead of waiting for answer (you know that moderator answers all the questions )you will make a bad review. Instead of waiting for solution which is really very simple ... please use other extension.

Thank you, Jan

Reviews: 6
loving its functionality, i had added all the keywords to the documents but invisible to the search. thanks.!
Reviews: 8
It does what it says, very simple, very efective, excelent job.